LE V1 (Main) C7-1

LE V1 (Main) C7-1

Chapter 7 – No one can stop her. – Part 1

TL: Eevee
Ed: Oer


The situation was instantly overturned.

When people became aware that I was a survivor of what they called the prehistoric times they very quickly turned friendly towards me, and in contrast Morphon was now someone who deserved to die. After all, they’d nearly lost the keys to civilization.

Pyongang’s rage in particular was especially great.

No matter what he’d done, he was still a kid, so I thought she’d settle for life imprisonment but Pyongang was going to bludgeon him to death on the spot. I barely calmed her down, although somewhat reluctantly.

Currently Morphon was under house arrest, and punishment could be meted out whenever I made my decision. Apparently, the law was irrelevant. I could just hand out whatever punishment I wanted.

After mulling over it a bit I thought that my current path was similar to when I’d just enlisted so I didn’t really have the space of mind to think that far. Well, they said ‘whenever’ so I could do it at my convenience.

After the trial, together with Flute, who had been crying with worry for me, we headed to the house that was prepared for us. The house wasn’t in Mapo but the new holy country Seoul’s capital Myongdong.(1)

“It really did end up as Flute said?”

Before Flute was taken away she’d said this. That all nations, all races would act together to embrace me. Did she know that this was going to happen?

Ah, I made sure to keep my promise. To protect Flute with that strength.

I looked up at Flute and smirked.

“What is it?”
“Just that you’re good~ at this.”

By the way, Flute was currently cleaning my ears.

I only learned this later but Flute was actually 25 years old. It’s not like the disclaimer ‘all characters are over 18 years of age’ in games or novels, but when angelkin have their wings torn off they regress like this.

Therefore, legal lo…… Hm, hmm. Er, nope.

‘So if you lose them when you’re old you’ll get younger again.’ was what I’d thought but apparently only their bodies get smaller. You could say that their physical strength gets weaker. If an angelkin lost their wings when they were old it was highly likely that they’d just die from the shock. Even if they survived their bodies would just be small and decrepit so it wouldn’t help at all.

Either way, when my value – that even I wasn’t aware of – was discovered, and feeling that I was now someone with power, the first thing I requested was Flute’s freedom. Due to the religious and political awkwardness involved in that request, it was a difficult one to fulfil, but an exception could be made if I was the one that took her in. After talking it over with Flute, it was decided that she would be my personal maid.

However, only within the boundaries of Seoul.

That meant that if we ever went beyond Seoul then not only would she not be acknowledged, but she’d be no different from any other Aless.

Although I wasn’t completely satisfied, I decided to settle for rescuing Flute for the time being and thought to spread my influence so I could help the other Aless as well. Although I never thought the day would come where I would think of helping people like this, a good thing is a good thing.

Here’s the thing. Even if I’d met an Australopithecus, I don’t think I’d be welcomed to this extent. I might be held under a country’s jurisdiction and do related research, but I don’t think I’d be treated this well.

Even if there was a difference in culture.

In that case, would my role be to decipher the relics of the prehistoric era. As an engineering (soon-to-be) graduate I would like to think that I do know my fair share of knowledge, but I don’t know the details. Modern science had such width and depth to it that simply digging deeply into a single aspect was no easy work. If you take into account the practical application side, my only hands-on experience was as an intern so I could only be at my wit’s end as to the expectations they no doubt had on me.

Knock knock

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the sound of knocking on my door. I could have sworn they’d told me that people would not approach my residence for my peace of mind, so what could it be. Thinking of the strict security that was placed outside, it would be difficult for an ordinary person to come in.

Then it would be someone with authority.

Although I did something mad, at base I am weak to authority. I made Flute stop and got up.

“Who is it?”
“It’s darling’s fiance, Pyongang~”

It hasn’t even been three days since I woke up in this era. I don’t have any memories of getting engaged, nor am I that skilled.

I lay my head back down on Flute’s lap.

“I think you’ve got the wrong room~”
“Eyyy~ So shy~”


Pyongang kicked the door in and entered the room. Looks like the door will need repairs. Then again, not like I was going to be the one fixing it either.

Pyongang’s voice and smile that had definitely been in a good instantly stiffened on seeing me and Flute. A net of veins had appeared on her forehead and her slender eyebrows were twitching.

“What are you doing?”
“Cleaning my ears?”

By the way, from yesterday onward I’d stopped addressing Pyongang with formal language. Pyongang had said if we were using polite language between each other time then ‘it looks like there’s distance between us’ and so she requested (threatened) to stop it. Of course, I didn’t hold my life so cheaply so as to bother asking what we were to each other.

“That should be something that I should be doing as your fiance!”

I’m saying this a second time but I have absolutely no memory of becoming Pyongang’s fiance, nor has anyone ever assigned cleaning ears as the role of a fiance.

“Mm. That’s okay. So what’s up?”
“So it was a mistake to put another girl beside you after all? It was an Aless so I didn’t think much of it at the time.”
“Mm. That’s okay. So what’s up?”
“Let’s go on a date. I’ll show you around town.”
“Mm. That’s okay. So what’s up?”

I’d felt this since the first time we met, but Pyongang is a bit dangerous. Whenever I’m close to her my body continually gives off warning signs. As if wild tiger’s being affectionate right beside me. People who could possibly kill me on a whim are best avoided.

“So that’s alright?”

Plus Pyongang’s ear filters are broken so she only listens to what she wants to hear.

“Let’s go!”

She lifted me up with one hand and linked arms. My face flushed because of the soft and squishy sensations on my arm, but I tried my best to not look at Pyongang.

“Not gonna.”
“Let’s go~”

As for why, she’s really beautiful.

I have never seen a woman as beautiful as Pyongang in my entire life, including on TV and the internet. Plus, she’s looking at me with such a feverish look.

And here’s the dealbreaker. I have no idea why Pyongang likes me so much. I can only deduce that it has something to do with the prehistoric civilisation. In such a situation, if we had any meaningful relationship, what if I couldn’t live up to what Pyongang expected of me?

In that case I’m dead. So I want to treat our relationship as strictly professional or simply as a male friend, but Pyongang was straight ero from the word go. You could say that the phrase ‘sweet and savage’ was a phrase specifically coined for her.

“Then I’m gonna do that for you too.”


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(1) Another district in Seoul


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