LE V1 (Main) C6-2

LE V1 (Main) C6-2

Chapter 6 – Trial – Part 2

TL: Eevee
Ed: Oer


“You know nothing about her.”
“I don’t. But I do know that’s still not how you should be treating her.”
“Flute N Aerophone. At one time she was the commander of the empire’s prided armoured corps.”(1)

What? You sent off that ten-year old-looking girl to the battlefield? You ISIS cunts.(2)

“She went to war, lost her entire army and crawled back by herself, having lost the wings given to us by the Angel God! If she had won that war then the empire would have stood far above the demonkin and beastkin!”
“So what?”

I don’t even feel the need to be polite at this stage.

No matter how he wails on it just sounds like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum. No, actually, more like the sound of trash not burning properly.

They say that victory and defeat in war is merely the difference of stumbling to prevent a fall. There is no such thing as an invincible army, nor will there ever be in the future. But who is he to debate on victory and defeat?

“Did you serve in the war?”
“I was too young and therefore could not participate.”

How amazing. Really.
How the fuck do you have to live to think like that X(3) as easily as he breathes?

“Someone that didn’t participate has no right to say this or that, why can’t you win and other such bullshit. If war as so simple then by all means, start a war and go conquer another country, another race! Then I’ll concede your argument.”
“Regardless as ones who were acknowledged by the Angel God. Those who lost their Al, the proof of that trust, must be grateful that they may live having misplaced that faith!”

Ah, I really want to give this little piece of shit what for. Kids like this will only learn once they are placed in the same situation.

“That Angel God said that?”

I want to call it that ‘shitty angel god’ but I don’t want to add blasphemy to my list of crimes.

“That those who lost the wings are not angelkin. Did he say it like that?”
“The Angel God’s words are written down in the Holy Book of Light! Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 1: the shining wings I give to my children are my blessings and will of intent.”

“So it’s not there then. That those who lose their wings are not angelkin.”
“Someone who has lost the blessing granted by the Angel God has no right to be a child of the Angel God.”
“Even so, you still don’t have a reason to be picking on her?”

What I was thinking went something like this.
If you’re not going to help then you might as well fuck off so I don’t get why you were tormenting her like that. Are angelkin sadists, each and every one of them?

“Having received the Angel God’s blessings yet failed to treat it preciously, then you must repent for however long you enjoyed that blessing!”

Are blessings a loan sharking business or something? Ripping off more than face value.

That said, why is this kid speaking so fluently? Nothing that he’s said made sense at all, but up till now he’s been using the magic words ‘god’s will’ to seem reasonable. Just like the magic words ‘fascshit’ and ‘commiefag'(4) deny all other need for logic.

The problem is if you tell those cultists that they’re being hypocrites or misinterpreting the god they worship, then you’re not stepping on a landmine but setting off a nuke. In response, you need to deny their logic by removing god from the equation.

“Then why did you write those words up there! Are they decorations?”

The words that I pointed out.
‘A soldier’s duty is to dedicate his body for the sake of the country,’ written in hanja.

The final written words of the independence activist and advisory Lieutenant General An Jung-geun.

Meaning ‘a soldier’s duty is to dedicate his body for the sake of the country.’ I saw these words till I hated them in the military, and I don’t agree with it a single iota.

Although I deeply respect General An Jung-geun, my philosophy is that sacrifice and devotion should only be placed where it is meaningful. Of course if North Korea was to invade then I would re-enlist and fight to protect my family, but I have no thoughts to devote myself for the sake of the country.

This is because patriotism is an easy emotion for politicians to make use of.

At my words Morphon quickly shut his mouth.

Not that he was feeling shamed or anything but rather someone who seemed lost as to what to do. Morphon looked up to the judges as if asking how he should react.

“Those letters, do you know them?”

Pyongang sidled up beside me and asked with a smile that men couldn’t avoid falling for. Truly a beauty and smile guaranteed to make me fall if I simply stared at her without thinking. Maybe if I was still a uni student, but since I knew the current situation was a matter of life and death I glanced her way and continued talking. This way at least the opponent feels like eye contact has been made.

“I don’t know all the hanja, but I know the basics.”
“What does it say?”
“Wui guk hyun shin gun in bon boon.(5) A soldier’s duty is to dedicate his body for the sake of the country.”

Morphon glared at me and said,

“Then since that’s a soldier’s duty, the country repays that devotion. You can’t throw that away just because you were injured!”

There is a reason why the United States spends money looking for Korean War remains. There’s a reason why the country welcomes them as patriots. To bury the bodies of their fallen soldiers at home, America negotiated with enemy countries to trade those bodies with over a thousand prisoners of war. That is the depth of the mental strength of the American forces.

Silence fell on the court.

“I knew it.”

Like an excited girl, Pyongang smiled and linked her arm with mine. The judge sitting in the middle smiled at me warmly and broke the silence

“I finally understand Sunang-nim’s words.”

By Sunang you mean the last remaining god?

“Do not let a hair on his be hurt when you escort him and do not leave a single scratch on his possessions, listen attentively to his words during the trial, and do not sentence any punishment, these are Sunang’s words that I have received. At the time I didn’t understand but after I listened to you I would understand… It must be.”

That god called Sunang commanded that?

When did he notice me?

My head wasn’t working right. It was absolutely not because of the girl beside me’s giant breasts pressing against my arm. Why? It was because I had no idea why I’d be treated like so. Pyongang slipped her arm out and faced me.

“You said before, right? That the country in the past was named Goguryoh.”
“Huh? Mm.”
“Then the country you lived in?”
“Uh… …, it was called Korea, South Korea, Republic of Korea, in English it was called South Korea or Republic of Korea…”(6)

But there’s no way you’d know that?

There were no humans that were anything like what I knew of, and this is a place where munchkin run rampant. I know of no place like this. But rather than hesitation, a passing thought sparked one other possibility.
The word that Flute had told me. The name of the age I dismissed without thinking.

“The great scholar with undisputed authority, Danjae Shin Chaeho(7) said this.”

And that gradually became a certainty.

Aah, so that’s how it went.
I don’t know why, or how, but that’s how it happened.

“A thousand years ago, in prehistoric times, the country that prospered using this land as the forefront of development’s name is.”

It’s gone. The world I lived in.

“The Republic of Korea.”

Pyongang said, as if just saying those words brought her ecstasy.




Author’s Note:

The contents were a bit long so I divided the chapter up
But all this is pretty much just the prologue.
From the next chapter the main story begins.

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(1) Word in the raws meant armour as in tanks.
(2) Originally just IS in the raws. Also, now Islamic State to the list of insults. Now, just Stalin left for the trifecta.
(3) Like that in the raws.
(4) Originally 수꼴 and 빨갱이 respectively in the raws, both terms referring to the imbeciles on the extreme ends of the political spectrum. The translation uses words that I just made up to roughly keep the meaning. The actual words are more offensive.
(5) Left as the transliterated pronounciation for reasons that should be fairly obvious.
(6) Originally in English
(7) The name only has been taken for this particular character, but is from a real life person: Shin Chaeho, pen name Danjae. Korean independance activist, historian, anarchist, nationalist, and a founder of Korean ethinic nationalist historiography, whose works are widely respected in both Koreas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shin_Chaeho

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