LE V1 (Main) C6-1

LE V1 (Main) C6-1

Chapter 6 – Trial – Part 1

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I was wondering how to get myself out of this predicament when a someone with the air of a scholar entered.

“It is time for the trial. Could everyone please enter.”

That’s good, extra.(1) Finally, I can escape this uncomfortable scene! Of course, it’s not like I’m heading for heaven once I escape.

To be honest I didn’t really hope for much about the trial.

I’d thought that after my capture I’d be left to rot in a jail or holding cell for 2-3 days. If they had started preparing for a trial as soon as I came in then I would have thought that the judges of this world were very diligent people. But if a trial was already prepared before the criminal had even been caught then you would suspect that this was a farce.

In a world that doesn’t operate normally, there’s no way that there would be anything even resembling a fair trial. This meant that I was in extreme danger right now.

When we entered the room, I saw the sight of a courtroom that looked like it could have been taken from a movie set. While everyone was solemn, the words “A soldier’s duty is to dedicate his body for the sake of the country”(2) in hanja(3) completely killed all my tension. What the hell did they write that on a civilian court for. Is this a court-martial or what.

But thinking that they could be offended I decided not to point it out. If they’re annoyed what could end with a year in prison might end up as a life sentence. This is a crazy place. No matter what happens here, it’s not strange.

But do they use hanja for letters here?

The probability that this was a parallel world rose. I might have accidently slipped by Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters on my way to Wulmido.

Thinking this and that I made my way to the defendant’s seat and sat down. Unfortunately, there was no such thing as lawyers. Thankfully it didn’t seem that there was such things as prosecutors either. If I had been with an oddity-class lawyer then I wouldn’t have been afraid of even gods.

On the opposite side in, the prosecutor’s seat, was the little noble brat, who was glaring at me while gnashing his teeth. I thought that he’d be left with a pretty big burn, but judging by the fact that there wasn’t even a scar left, this truly was a fantasy world.

The seats for the jury were entirely empty. Instead, people that looked like they were members of the Sambulcho were standing behind those seats at ease, with Nakran among them. Nakran was looking at me with an absolutely bewildered face.

But where was Pyongang… …?


I was really surprised, so surprised that I nearly yelled “what the f***” because Pyongang had at some point taken the seat beside me and was staring at me as if she was entranced by something.

“Why are you…?”
“I think something might happen to make me move.”
“I don’t think there would.”

Of course if someone that seems as authoritative as her is siding with me then it could only be a good thing.

“Fufu. Is that so?”

A cough came from the direction of the three judges.
It meant shut up and face trial.

The fact that here was no prosecutor meant that there was no difference between criminal and civil law, and the fact that there were no lawyers meant that everything was up to the judge’s decision, so you could excuse me if I didn’t exactly feel comfortable with this arrangement. Shouldn’t you bring the system over before the furnishings, haaaa……

“The trial shall now commence.”

The middle-aged grandpa signalled the start of the trial with an authoritative voice. Looking up, although their number of pairs differed, all three of the judges had wings. If they had wings then they had to be angelkin, so were the angelkin the ones that oversaw the courts?

Especially that grandpa in the middle, he had a whopping three pairs of wings. I don’t know how exactly the number of wings correspond to strength, but this much is obvious: that he was the strongest, and also the one with most authority.

Phoenix Wright,(4) give me the strength to upset this trial. Although I won’t point fingers in a trial!

“The prosecutor Morphon shall testify against… the defendant. .”

That was completely natural, grandpa.
You’ve managed to completely overshadow the fact that you don’t know my name. But are trials even supposed to be this lax?

“I discovered an Aless that was trying to sneak into the village and was teaching her her place. The life that was spared by the mercy of the empire where the sun never sets, Baekya, to live quietly out of sight. But this nameless halfbreed! He not only interfered with that but also injured this proud noble of the empire with an unknown method! As a noble that knows the honour of the empire I strongly make my case for his punishment.”

Ohhh~ This little elementary school brat really knows what to say in a court of law. I was honestly impressed. You only ever studied the KEM(5) subjects and so you ruined your personality. Well, I have some fault here as well, but there’s definitely problems with society as well.

“The defendant shall offer a counter-argument.”

If I begged forgiveness that I had been drunk at the time and wasn’t in my right state of mind I’d almost certainly be let off lightly, but I had hardened my resolve. Just this once, I wouldn’t overlook injustice. I would match up to the strong with even greater force.

“Honour, nobility, you are an absolute pro at stringing things together.”

Morphon or Xylophone or whatever, your elitism is Nazi-tier.(6)

“If you are someone that knows honour then you offer a hand to the weak, not tread on them further. Even more so if it is because of their own powerlessness.”
“My fault? You’re saying that godless cursed Aless is my fault?”
“As far as I was told her wings were lost during the war, and the taxes that are paid to the country are not for the purpose of filling your own bellies but to make a better country, and so heading the the battlefield would mean that instead of saving your own neck it was to protect the people and country? Having failed to protect and gotten yourself hurt and so get lost are signs of both incompetence and irresponsibility, I would call you shameless human beings.”

At my words both Morphon and the two judges scowled. Oddly enough the grandpa standing in the middle, the one that seemed the highest position of the three didn’t change his expression. I didn’t know whether his poker face was that good or he simply didn’t care for my words at all.

After a short silence Morphon opened his mouth.

“You know nothing about her.”


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(1) As in, extra who’s not part of the main cast, otherwise known as a side character.
(2) One of the last written words by influential independence activist An Jung-geun to his Japanese captors, who showed sympathy for him. An Jung-geun had been sentenced to death for the assassination of Ito Hirobumi, then-Prime Minister of Japan, one of the key figures responsible for the Japanese annexation of Korea..
(3) Korean written in traditional Chinese characters – i.e. Korean kanji.
(4) Originally written in his eastern name Naruhodo Ryuichi
(5) Another untranslatable slang term that refers to the first three syllables for ‘Korean, English, Mathematics’ that make up the core content of Korean middle and high schools.
(6) Has anyone else in WNs outright compared someone else to Nazis before? If there is, by all means please tell me.

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