LE V1 (Main) C5-1

LE V1 (Main) C5-1
Chapter 5 – Pyongang and Nakran – Part 1

TL: Eevee
Ed: Oer


As I was hardening my resolve a woman slowly made her way beside the car.


Her dark blue hair was in a ponytail, and contrary to her healthy radiance her skin was white like a lily’s petals.(1) What set her apart from normal people was that she had a small horn in the middle of her forehead, ears shaped like wings, and a tail like a feather duster.


Her uniform looked something like something straight out of paintings from Goguryeo(2). Although it didn’t have any particular patterns, the combination of the dark blue and white silk looked very well-refined. In her right hand was a claymore(3) that looked as tall as me, and she knocked on the window with it still in its sheath.

I was considering whether to just lower the window but I eventually opened the door and got out.


“What seems to be the problem?”(4)


Lets feign ignorance for now and ask discreetly.


“Yesterday you injured a boy, a noble at that.”

“Ahahaha, is there no such thing as self-defence? I was attacked first. Twice at that.”


I rack my brains with all I had but unfortunately I am weak in front of the law. Because I don’t know it. Especially since I don’t know how the local laws here work. The lack of preparation and revision means there’s no way I wouldn’t feel aggrieved. Having said that, it’s not like I know much about Korean law either.


“I am aware that it was an incident that occurred because you sheltered an Aless.”


Ah, so that takes priority before self-defence.

For a moment I couldn’t say anything.


“I don’t know. My memory is different from what you are describing. Please call a lawyer.”

“Lawyer? What’s that?”


It looks like this damn world doesn’t even have a lawyer system for falsely accused criminals either.


“Can I exercise the right to remain silent?”

“I don’t personally agree with her, but Pyongang has always had this saying.”


Who’s Pyongang.


“What did she say?”

“Everyone can act dignified until they are beaten up.”


In that case I decided to turn shy before I was hit.


“I would like it if you continued to disagree with her.”

“Clear the area and take the Aless away.”


At Nakran’s command a man kicked a log and the stacked tree trunks all few away to a corner, neatly stacked. it looked so easy, I was wondering if those weren’t actually wood but styrofoam shaped like wooden logs.


I wanted to try it out as well, but judging by the sound of the trees hitting earth they didn’t seem fake so I held back.


Flute got out of the car as well, brushed past me and quietly followed behind the Sambulcho. Whether it was due to pride or mercy, the people accompanying her didn’t treat her terribly but I still wanted to say something.


“Flute is hurt so please be gentle.”


At my words the entirety of the Sambulcho turned my way. Their expressions read ‘what do you take me for,’ ‘you should be worrying about yourself?’ and so on, but the fact that I, who is incompetent at reading moods, could pick up on that was kind of surprising in itself.


Flute smiled at me as if she’d be alright before setting off with them with a determined stance.


“So when are we going?”


Surely she wouldn’t say ‘a trial is unnecessary for the likes of you so die on the spot!’ would she?


The claymore in Nakran’s hand looked awfully heavy.


“The rearguard is behind us. We will leave once they have been given orders.”

“Isn’t there an easy way for long-distance communication?”


Telepathy, voice transmission, or communication-type magic tools. Normally settings like that exist in novels for the author’s convenience.


“Those that are capable of that do not number more than ten in the entire continent.”


Stingy. And if you’re among the top three of these munchkins can’t you say something like ‘and I am one of those ten!’ or something?


“Can’t I go with Flute?”

“You are coming with me.”


If such a direct line was a confession of love there would be nothing better, but that side was an FM(5) public authority figure, and I am a clear criminal. Because of that I can only hear it as ‘I’ll take responsibility and beat you up.’ Did I play the fool too much…….?


“Well… It wasn’t a bad thing.”


“I really didn’t like it. The discrimination of the Aless and the Hornless that are the victims of war.”


Are the hornless and homeless similar things?


That’s irrelevant, to think that there was someone with normal common sense here! I could only be extremely touched at that.


You’re thinking similar to me!


“Oh! Then could you please go in and put in a good word for us?”

“But the law must be upheld.”


It’s a pity that our opinions differ there.


“The law is there to uphold the fabric of society, so if the law is too harsh then it’ll lose its meaning and threaten society!”


I had no idea what I was talking about either, but I just picked some usable things I’d heard before.


“Whether the law is too harsh or necessary is not for me to judge.”

“If you who is at the forefront of enforcing the law don’t face reality then the superiors are both deaf and dumb. They can just put forward some empty words and use them for their own purposes, you know?”

“It’s alright.”




I didn’t think that she’d be swayed with just my words, but I’d hoped to prick her conscience even a little bit to at least get us off lightly but that plan came undone from the start.


In that case why did you give me false hope by saying I wasn’t bad!


“It is alright because Sunang-nim is present.”


That god who apparently only cared about prehistoric civilisation and just ignored the rest would really do fuck all for us. Puck(7) or FUCK(8) this!


“Fuck this.”



Ah, my words leaked out of my head by accident.

I’m pretty much confirmed guilty right now, and at this rate aren’t I going to get hauled off for blasphemy as well?


“So fuggy(9) that I’m finding it hard to breathe with how difficult of a position I’m in. I am.”


I had no idea what I was saying either but Nakran didn’t say anything. Surely she wasn’t the type to hold back and spring it all at the end, right?


Although it was rare that I was alone with a beautiful woman, but it was sad that this woman was the envoy of death that would soon be dragging me off to gaol. At moments like this if I had a silver tongue or godly looks I’d try to seduce her but if I did there is no doubt the situation would take a turn for the worse, so I simply shut up.


A little time passed and the people that I’d lost earlier arrived.


“Bring that carriage along.”


Wow, she’s not only cool but ruthless as hell. Does anyone in the back have a driver’s lic… Huk!

Having said her piece, Nakran picked me up in that famous princess carry and started running at an extremely fast speed.


The crisp wind buffeted me. Would you say that it felt like when you hit max speed on a motorbike without a helmet? As we left the area I yelled to the remaining people with a loud voice.


“I haven’t paid that car off yet so don’t kick it and bring it carefully please!”


We moved away too quickly so I couldn’t see them, but I imagine that the people left behind would have had a dumbfounded look left on their faces.


Illustration: Nakran – Source: Author’s blog
Note: Not describing the scene in the above chapter.
Note 2: “No matter how hard you look, you won’t see anything down there” -Author 


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(1) 연분홍꽃잎

(2) Country which occupied southern Manchuria and the northern Korean Peninsula during the Three Kingdom period. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goguryeo

(3) Raws say ‘태도’ which literally means big sword, and a claymore/bastard sword is the only sword that I could think of that could even remotely match up to a person’s height. Might also be a pun given that it shares a spelling with ‘manner.’

(4) Problem, officer?

(5) Field Marshal, apparently

(6) A very multipurpose SFX for emotions associated with shock, such as ‘I can’t believe this shit’ or ‘are you fucking kidding me’ or ‘wtf is going on’

(7) Transliteration of how ‘fuck’ is spelt in Korean

(8) Originally in English

(9) Also originally in English. Yeah, the whole line is literally nonsense.




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