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LE V1 (Main) Chapter 10-1
Chapter 10 – The Road to the Holy Land Namsan – Part 1

TL: Eevee
Ed: Isalee


Long story short, I’m now a man of authority. (1) So from now on there’ll be no more idiots picking fights and ordering people around by the edges of their chins.

One noteworthy concern: the reason as to why the god called Sunang, or Pyongang, thinks so highly of the prehistoric civilisation. Pyongang I can ask later, but for the time being I want to see this god called Sunang.

The house I’m currently living in is in the centre of the capital of the holy city Seoul, ‘Myongdong.’ Namsan is to the south of Myongdong, it is a holy land to all four races, and the sacred mountain where the god Sunang resides.

Namsan. I’d gone to Namsan Tower on a date before, but I never thought I’d go there to meet a god. They say that if you are going to be beaten it is better to be hit first, so there’s no real need for me to hesitate.

The house I’m living in currently is composed of two buildings and a garden. Flute and I live in one giant residence, and the small building on the outskirts of the property (still a two storey house that looked as if it was at least 330m2 floor space) which is currently being used as the Sambulcho security forces’ temporary headquarters.


As I approached, they each raised their right hand on top of their left breast and bowed slightly. It seemed to be their salute. As I looked on, I realised that my status really had changed in a single morning.

“Is Nakran inside?”
“Yes. She’s currently on duty. Please wait a minute.”

Having said so, with a brisk step, Sambulcho A vanished into the interior of the building. Not long after, Nakran came out of the building holding her greatsword. You could visibly see the tiredness on Nakran’s face, who had previously seemed to be a woman of steel.

“A lot of things have happened over the course of a day.”
“You look tired.”
“I’m alright. What do you need?.”

A textbook soldier. She never forgets protocol. But her slightly nervous demeanour in spite of her rigidity was something you could call somewhat cute.

“Nothing much.”
“Would you like a cup of tea?”
“I can’t pull a busy person away for something as trivial as that.”

It is a trait of underlings to always be uncomfortable in the presence of their superior regardless of whether they tell them to relax or not. I’ve dealt with a lot of this in the army and as an intern.

I ‘lightly’ told her my business.

“I want to see Sunang-nim.”

At my words, Nakran and the rest of the Sambulcho stiffened.

“I’m sorry?”

Is this the army? This is the army.

“I want to see Sunang-nim. When would it be possible?”

Why are you giving me those reactions? It was Sunang who said I could come whenever.

“Sunang-nim has told us to bring Jinsu-nim over whenever he wanted to come over.”
“Then let’s go now.”

The Sambulcho all froze again.

Guys. Why.
To the extent that the President only works two days a week, it’s part of the beauty of the Republic of Korea that the higher up you are the less work you do. In that case, if you’re a god then you probably wouldn’t work less than an hour a week. Or would you need time for makeup?

“Yes, understood. We will form a guard detail right away.”
“Is the public order in this area bad?”
“The place with best public order in the world is this place, Myongdong.”
“In that case I don’t need a full guard retinue. Just one person, me and Flute, it’ll be alright with just three.”

It’s not even all that far from Myongdong to Namsan. Maybe if it was a place crawling with bandits, but with the one-man-army(2) Sambulcho, it shouldn’t be a problem. As long as Pyongang doesn’t come crashing in.

“Understood. I will escort you myself.”
“You seem to be quite busy so there’s no need for you to go that far.”
“To me this work takes priority.”
“I feel like I should say I’m sorry.”

I could just stop here, but then all my motivation would just leak. In that case I’d just loaf around some more before heading out again. If you’ve made a decision then you should at least act in order to get anything done.

“I’ll be back after I prepare.”

Well, all I have in terms of preparation is bringing Flute out with me. I reentered the house, brought out a horrified Flute, and headed to the holy land Namsan. Nakran guided the way a step in front of me.

“This reminds me of yesterday. I didn’t think that it would quite turn out like this.”
“I’m sorry for those events as well. I was going to take responsibility and resign……”

In all honesty, what has Nakran done wrong? Heck, she was a person who showed a humane side. Since the situation has turned out like this, rather than holding any grudges, I actually see Nakran in a good light.

“Please don’t. I would like it if someone like Nakran continued to protect me.”

Namely from Pyongang.

Nakran is an extremely upright person. Although she has an inflexible side to her, she’s a kind-hearted person. And she’s strong. Bodyguards like this were rare.

“Yes! I shall guard you with my life.”
“You don’t have to stake your life on it.”
“I cannot. Furthermore, you do not have to speak politely to me. I’m only your bodyguard.”

Even if I told her ‘since I’m not going to, then you don’t have to’, odds are she wouldn’t listen to me.

“Alright then.”

Nakran’s ears and tail are wagging. Is she feeling happy? I want to touch them but it could be sexual harassment. Since sexual harassment starts from power games, it pays to be careful.

“Nakran is a dragonkin, right?”
“Yes. That’s right.”

Pyongang, the other Sambulcho, all have a single horn and no tail. Nakran also has a horn, but in addition she has animal ears and a tail like the beastkin. I want to ask, but I could be touching on a sensitive subject. Minefields are best left avoided. There’s no real need for me to ask.

“You say you’re in the top three in the Sambulcho? That’s really strong, isn’t it?”
“I’m still inexperienced.”
“Do you have anything in particular you want to ask me?”
“How could I dare……”

Then again, back when I was a private, when the sergeant rapped my shoulders telling me to ask him any burning questions, I told him I had none. The only thing I had in my head then was ‘please get lost.’ Then am I bothering Nakran right now?

“You’ll get to know eventually, but I’m not a particularly uptight person. I wasn’t in a high position before either. I’d say it’d be more comfortable if you were more relaxed with me?”

Having said that, if she acted like Pyongang with me then it really would be quite tiring.


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(1) Original word in the raws was 갑, which generally refers to anyone with higher influence and authority than his peers – often used to refer to the rich and powerful.
(2) Lit. One that can face a thousand.

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