LE V1 (Main) C1-2

LE V1 (Main) C1-2

Chapter 1 – Where is this? – Part 2

TL: Eevee
Ed: Isleidir


If I think about this calmly, I should call 119(1) but first I think I need to get out of here. Normally you hear that you should stay put if you get lost, but I don’t think that’s going to be very helpful to me now.

That’s right. You call 119 and they ask ‘Where are you?’ ‘In a cave.’ ‘Which cave?’ and then you have nothing to say. Looking at my smartphone I wasn’t getting a signal so I couldn’t anyway. Lets think about that after I get out of this cave.

I slowly drove the car outside the cave and I could only doubt myself again.

“Where is this?”

A little bit more and I’d start questioning ‘Who am I?’ as well.

Outside the cave was a natural forest. Trees so big that they could only be embraced by several adults linking arms were abundant, and through the dense foliage some light came down, but it still felt quite dim.

As far as I knew these kinds of forest don’t exist in the Republic of Korea. Maybe it was because I was too inexperienced to know better, but even the Seoul forest I’d been to before was a mere plantation compared to here. Each tree was at least a 500-year tier that I’d seen once in the countryside, but after the destruction of the mountainside during the Japanese occupation there is no place like this in the mountains of our country. There’s no way a forest like this wouldn’t be widely known as a tourist attraction.

Hoping otherwise I opened up my smartphone but along with the lack of signal, let alone LTE I couldn’t even get the remotest signs of 4G or 3G. Judging by the fact I couldn’t get the navigation working either this meant that I couldn’t get any signal of any kind whatsoever here and it was frustrating to no end.

I wondered whether I’d been in dire straits as I was now. Even when I was young I was the docile type and always held my mother’s hand so I’d never gone MIA even once. Nor had I caused any big accidents worth remembering.

Maybe I’d missed something. I stopped the car and surveyed the surroundings; it was to see if I could get any more hints about the situation I was in.

Reflecting my normal clean trait there was nothing special in my car, but the trunk was full of all sorts of stuff.

Food, drink, changes of clothes, board games, laptop etc.

As I remembered, I’d been going to go travel with my friends. The problem was what came after. I definitely remember driving away, but beyond that I can’t remember a thing.

I definitely remember getting a call from my friends where they’d all met up, and started driving there to pick them up. But I didn’t remember picking them up, and there certainly wasn’t any incidents of me driving into a cave. Heck, I know for a fact that caves like this don’t exist in Seoul.

Of course, neither would there be forests this large. Not even in Seoul, if you searched the length and breadth of Korea you wouldn’t find forests filled with these giant trees.

Then where exactly is this.

“C, could it be dimensional travel?”

A Korean male high school student’s hobbies were pretty much set in stone, gaming and reading. Of course, reading here means fantasy or martial arts, light novels and so on. Lately you’d need to include web novels as well.

But most world transmigrations are usually due to some unfortunate accident, someone’s summons, or reincarnation after death. If you followed those cliches you’d need a god, dragon or grand sage waiting for you on the other side.

Or hear a ‘kyaah’ or some female elf or noble’s daughter in distress. I don’t care for them either. Even in that situation I’m in no position to save them and it is not my dream nor hope to be in a situation where I’m being chased by monsters.

When I thought about it, I had no physical talent of any kind, so weaponless as I was, I wouldn’t be a match for goblins that those high school kids would treat as after-meal exercise. But I do have a car so I suppose if I run them over things might work out.

Anyways what I wanted to say was getting sent over like this without warning was completely and utterly unexpected. At least give me a sign or something so I can accept reality. Trying to make sense of reality in a fantasy world is admittedly quite pointless but as a self-assigned main character I feel that that much should be a thing at least.

Leaving the world of novels and thinking about reality, this seems like the Bermuda Triangle disappearances……. Does that make sense? No, those make little sense as well from the start.

I put away my concerns for the time being. No matter how many times I run this through my head I’m not getting any answers. Turning your head for a question that cannot be answered is truly a waste. I can only get out of this forest first.

Although the road wasn’t sealed, thankfully the forest road was one that was wide enough for a car to drive through. Although I could get stuck somewhere down the road, unless this forest is an Amazon rainforest-scale giant forest it shouldn’t take too long to exit by car.


The pleasant hum on the engine and the full gas tank felt extremely reliable.

I don’t know where this is but hope that it’s not another world, and even if it is I can only hope that I don’t meet bandits or monsters. If I did, whether someone’s in danger or not I’m just going to hit the accelerator and not look back.


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(1) Equivalent to 111/000/911 emergency numbers

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