LE Illustrations: Nakran

Illustrations for Nakran from The Legendary Engie that the author commissioned. Rehosted with permission.

Illustration source: Author’s Blog

Artist: 싹이



Nakran’s final illustration


No background


Simple background


Full lighting no background


Full lighting simple background




Rough sketch


Was it really necessary for me to make a separate post for what was essentially 6 of the same images + 1 background? Probably not 🙂 .

If you go to the authors blog, you’ve got illustrations for Flute and one other heroine that’s yet to make an appearance in the translation, as well as Pyongang’s rough sketch, but warning: EVERY SINGLE ILLUSTRATION IS A SPOILER. (As of 20/8/17) Heck, this is probably a spoiler-ish illustration at all, but it’s not really all that telling that I shouldn’t post this.


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