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Hey guys, Eevee here. It’s been a while since I posted any TLE stuff. As you can tell by the title, I come with the regretful news that TLE is officially dropped. Reason being is that I got in touch with the author again regarding the future of the translation, and while he was happy to let it continue, the publishers (Naver) were (to be honest, somewhat unsurprisingly) apparently less than pleased about it. So this project is officially dead in the water and the TLE-related pages will turn private effective immediately.

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      Author said he was told to send me a cease and delete notice by the publishers, key word being ‘delete.’ Also, Korean web novels – at least the ones officially taken up by publishers – you have to think of them as something similar to manga as in (some of them) are available for free on the internet, but the author’s being paid by the publisher to post them. Kinda like Chinese web novels and how Qidian and the others operate with their raws. So yes, they are free to read, but due to copyright issues over how IP over translated works work, it’s simply easier for raw publishers to send out a cease and desist notice over translations rather than deal with all the finicky bits. Just remember the fracas over the No Game No Life and Spice and Wolf translations back in the day. Yen Press had to retranslate it all from scratch due to how derivative work (e.g. translation) copyright works.

      tl;dr got cease and delete notice, copyright issues means banhammmer is easier for publishers

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