KotB Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Murloc King, Murdudun (1)

TL: Yoni

Edited: Yoni, Myoni



Fossae were the only cat-type monsters here.

He didn’t know why the fossae were running towards the crater but it probably wasn’t for a good reason.

If the woman died and he lost the marble?

Heidegger’s mind raced.

If they were going to fight, it was best to get permission from the owners of the territory before they started.

If the lich was okay with them, he was able to easily get rid of the cats.

“Let’s kill the cats. Still, the territory will become a bit noisy.”

“I don’t have a lot of patience.”

Muyoung’s emotionless eyes looked towards Heidegger.

As if things would become more difficult as time went on.

Heidegger coolly nodded his head as if things were moving smoothly.

“That’s not a problem. A few tens of fossae are no match for me. Instead, I want you to swear the Oath of Death.”

The Oath of Death.

It was the only promise a living being could use to restrain a person who opposed death.

It was to prepare for the unlikely possibility.

It showed he didn’t trust anyone.

The Oath of Death was normally used by corpse sorcerers but to do this, an item was required.

Heidegger naturally took out two skull rings from his chest.

And he quietly added some words just in case they disturbed the lich’s mood.

“If you just make the oath for me, then I will get rid of all those cats.”

Muyoung laughed inwardly.

Being prepared was good.

You could say that Heidegger was truly a veteran.

As back-stabbing happened quite often in the Underworld.

However, the Oath of Death Ring had no effect.

It was because Muyoung wasn’t a dead person from the start.

Would Heidegger know that extreme precaution could also lead to more danger?

Muyoung wore the skull ring and spoke appropriately.

“If you get rid of all the fossae in my territory, I will spare your life.”

“I will make sure I don’t trespass this area after today.”

Heidegger had no further suspicions and completely believed that this oath was completed.

If Heidegger was really a corpse sorcerer, he would have prepared a few more rings to double check but he either didn’t have the time to do so or he lacked the knowledge.

This was his best and the limit to his capabilities.


He immediately changed his stance and kicked the ground.

Muyoung was able to feel his urgentness.

Heidegger instantly darted pass Muyoung.

The tip of Muyoung’s lips slightly lifted up as he looked back at Heidegger.

‘Things are going smoothly.’

He was planning to slightly urge him as they fought but he didn’t even need to do that.

He never thought Heidegger would take out the Oath of Death Ring that Corpse Sorcerers used but, either way, Muyoung wasn’t a dead man.

And that mistake and off guardedness would later strangle him.

‘You let your guard down the most when you believe it has ended and you have won.’

When would be the best moment to assassinate your opponent?

When they were starving to death?

When they lay on the ground after using all of their strength?

None of the above.

It is when your opponent believed he had achieved his goal.

Heidegger might believe that there were only tens of fossae but their numbers were over a hundred.

It wouldn’t be an easy fight even for Heidegger.

And when he believed everything was over…

“Block the pathways to the crater. Make sure no one leaves alive.”

The undead spread out.

Muyoung moved by himself.


Muyoung became part of the wind as his cape fluttered.




Fossae were enraged as they saw their dead cub.

They showed their teeth and in an instant, they occupied the surroundings.


Zap! Zaaapp!

The fossae didn’t even care about the shield of lighting created by Sorceress of Lightning.

They kept running straight while they burned their skin and fur.

Their sole determination for revenge.

The rage they felt because of their cub awakened their fighting instincts.

10 corpses were already lying on the ground.

The comrades of Heidegger who arrived slightly before them were slashed to death.

“You wild cats! Piss off!”

At that amazing timing, Heidegger appeared.

Fossae changed their attention to him.

Humans were enemies.

It was the same for Heidegger who just appeared.

However, Heidegger’s eyes were focused on something else than the fossae.

“You bitch…!”

His gaze only focused on to the Marble of Territory the woman was holding.

The woman closed her eyes and lifted the marble up high.

Heidegger suddenly became hasty.


A fossa scratched Heidegger’s body with its sharp claws.

Few tentacles were torn but they quickly regenerated and filled the empty space.


Heidegger who had his knees bent punched the fossa’s side as it gnawed on him.

With the sound of air exploding, a hole was made through fossa’s side.

“Wait for me.”

That was when fossae’s target changed.

They realized that Heidegger was the strongest human here.

Clash! Thummp! Clench!

A fossa dropped dead with a single punch.

However, fossae weren’t afraid of death.

This was the reason most monsters avoided them.

You could only be astonished as fossae continued to attack until they all died when they were enraged.

On the other hand, Heidegger was alone.

He couldn’t stop all the fossae that were attacking from every direction.

“Gaaaaaaaah! You annoying bastards!”

Heidegger never thought he would lose.

Just, the amount of damage was greater than he could regenerate.

As the tentacles around him started to get cut off, Heidegger’s strength also was greatly reduced.

There were some that stuck on him and were biting his neck.

However, the final winner was Heidegger.

He stood there alone after a whole hour of struggling.

The fossae that numbered over a hundred were massacred but Heidegger wasn’t in perfect shape either.

“Pant… pant…”

The tentacles no longer regenerated. He lost sight in one of his eyes.

However, the most important thing was that he won.

And what he searched for was more important than one of his eyes.

“You fucking bitch. You dare to take what’s mine?”

“Pl, please, save me.”

The woman, Atasha, dropped to her knees as she was frightened.

The Sorceress of Lightning who was protecting Atasha disappeared all of a sudden.


However, Heidegger who had lost his rationality didn’t care about her disappearance.

Heidegger placed his hand on top of her head.

“I will bark if you tell me to, I will crawl if you tell me to. Please! Please spare my life…”

“A bitch who stole once can do it again.”

He slowly placed more strength in his hand.

The woman twisted her body but Heidegger didn’t loosen his grip.

Blood rush towards her head.


It exploded.

After Heidegger shook off the brain parts from his hand, he picked up the Marble of Territory as it rolled onto the ground.

He completed the marble after taking the other half from his dead comrade.

‘It’s good enough that I found it.’

Heidegger laughed out loud as he looked at the completed marble.

Even if he lost all his companions and lost sight in one of his eyes, compared to them, this marble was priceless.

‘I’m gonna be king.’

An ancient trial he found by coincidence.

Heidegger was planning to build a castle here and become the king.

This marble was going to be a very important item in building the foundation.

‘Strength of a king. If I could make just make it mine…’

He felt thrilled just by thinking about it.

Not just an outlaw but to reign as the king of the outlaws!

As he had finished his work, all that was left for him was to return.

It was when he loosened up his shoulders.


A sudden blow.

He sensed something.

However, it was already too late when he did.

He barely avoided a critical injury but he was able to feel his body being pierced through.

“Yo, you?”

Heidegger could only be very surprised as he quickly turned around to find out who the opponent was.


“I’m not a lich.”

Muyoung told him the truth.


Heidegger was at a loss for words but Muyoung didn’t even give him a chance to get himself together.

‘Shadow Teleportation.’

The ability that allowed you to teleport to a shadow three times a day.

“This, shitty bastard!”


Heidegger smacked away the dagger Muyoung threw.

Heidegger reacted right away as the dagger was thrown high in the air but Muyoung was a bit faster.


Muyoung was able to double his speed for 3 seconds as he used Hermes’s Boots.

Heidegger wouldn’t be able to block Muyoung’s attacks as he was already exhausted to the full and even his defensive ability was greatly reduced.


At the same time, when Heidegger turned around to aim for Muyoung, Muyoung used the Shadow Teleportation once again.

At that moment… Muyoung teleported to the shadow of the dagger Heidegger smacked away.

The shadow of the dagger appeared on Heidegger’s head.

Muyoung was able to teleport to any shadow within his vision.


Anguish accurately stabbed his head.

The tentacles blocked it but Muyoung was able to pierce through all walls of protection as Anguish was already strengthened for quite a lot.


Heidegger’s body dropped to the floor with eyes that couldn’t still grasp what exactly happened.

Muyoung took off his helmet.

After identifying Muyoung’s face, Heidegger’s eyes completely widened.

“You… weren’t a lich…”


Muyoung held Heidegger’s head as it was drooping down.

“Do you want to live?”

Completely emotionless eyes.

A swamp. Heidegger was being swallowed by a swamp.

Heidegger used his last bit of strength to slowly nod his head.

No matter how many people he had killed, he valued his own life.

“Like I promised, I will let you live.”

At the same time, a slight bit of hope appeared in Heidegger’s eyes.


That was right. What if he isn’t a lich?

Heidegger still had the Oath of Death Ring.

The two definitely made an oath on the ring.

That Muyoung would let him live if he got rid of all the cats, the fossae!

It still wasn’t too late!

If Muyoung would just let him survive, Heidegger could live with his fast regenerative abilities.

Heidegger hoped and wished for it to happen.

There was hope and Muyoung was the only one who could give it to him.

Unfortunately, the Oath of Death Ring didn’t work on Muyoung as he wasn’t dead in the first place.

Muyoung took off the ring.

He threw it on the floor and stepped on it.

And quietly whispered.

“As an undead.”

Not really dead or alive, but in the form of an undead.

Could you call it alive?

But, Heidegger couldn’t even refute.

Heidegger lost consciousness as he felt his soul being sucked in.


<The one who didn’t want to be human. The one who wasn’t tied down by laws.>

<‘Heidegger’ will be regenerated as an undead.>

<Art score is 81.>

<Name: Heidegger

Level: 137

Type: Abomination

Strength 140 (131+9)   Agility 121 (112+9)

Stamina 155 (146+9)   Intelligence 109 (100+9)

Wisdom 111 (102+9)   Magic Resistance 97 (88+9)>

+High level of regeneration

+Addition stats following heart (Werewolf’s Heart, all stats +9)

+Dance of Tentacles, a skill to strengthen the muscles is usable


He was much stronger than the Black Sun Warrior which was his best undead he had made so far.

It was an obvious result when you think about how Heidegger overpowered the Black Sun Warrior.

‘There must be a limit as my skill rank is low.’

However, it was much less of a limit then he had expected.

As his Art of Death skill was only a C rank, it seemed like Heidegger’s strong powers weren’t applied properly.

But, this was enough.

Even if the Art of Death skill was close to a universal skill, it could be considered as a god’s authority if he could just reproduce a strong person to an undead as exactly as he was when he was alive.

He didn’t know what would happen if he raised his rank further but he knew he wasn’t at that level yet.

However, it had to mean something as the Black Sun Warrior was the last undead to receive a score over 80.

Above all…

“Where were you planning on using the Marble of Territory?”

Heidegger opened his one eye after he healed his injuries.

“King, Murdudun’s relics. It’s buried.”

Heidegger spoke with a voice that kept cutting off.

Muyoung clenched his fist tightly.

As he expected, Heidegger was completing an important trial.

The relics of King Murdudun!


It was unexpected.

Murdudun was an ancient Murloc King.

Even though the Murlocs were weak low ranked monsters, Murdudun was a very remarkable monster among them.

As he was mentioned in some of the ancient literature that were rare to find in the Underworld.

Even the top ranked monsters avoided King Murdudun.

It was told that when Murdudun was the king of murlocs, the murlocs were much stronger and revealed different kinds of miracles.

Of course, not everything written was true.

However, even if half of what was written were true, then even that was amazing.

He couldn’t find out about any further details but it wouldn’t have been just a normal item if it was the relics Murdudun left behind.

Muyoung could understand why Heidegger decided to enter a Demon God’s territory even if it was dangerous.

To Heidegger, the Marble of Territory was something he had to find.

He probably wanted to call this territory his and stabilize it before he searched for the relics.

It was possible that the relics played a crucial role in Heidegger gaining so much strength 10 years later.

His heartbeat quickly rose.

‘It’s perfect.’

Muyoung switched his gaze.

On Heidegger’s right wrist, the Status Viewer was still working.

It was proof that his achievements still valid as he wasn’t completely dead when he was turned into an undead.

It was a chance to succeed in the trial and gain the relics of King Murdudun.

Make Heidegger into a living undead and earn relics on top of that?

This was truly killing two birds with one stone.

“Lead me. I will continue to find the relics of King Murdudun.

A crisis turned into an opportunity.

And Muyoung wouldn’t let go of this chance.



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