KotB Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Absolute Nothing (3)

Translation: Nadu

Edit: Lesurous



What did this mean?

Muyoung had been able to raise at most 3 horns.

Each allowed him to slow down time by double the speed and this meant he was able to experience a world that was 8 times slower.

However, the duration was overwhelmingly short.

The world visible in Muyoung eyes was like that right now.

’16 times.’

It’s slow. Infinitely slow.

In this slowed down world, Muyoung saw something else.

A wiggle of life. The movement of nature. The flow of air and the inside of the wind.

The problem was 5 seconds.

Not 5 seconds of the original speed from what Muyoung could feel.

If he was to divide it by 16, in real time it was only 0.3 seconds.

However, the ability to stretch 0.3 seconds as 5 implied a lot of things.

At least during the 5 seconds for Muyoung or the 0.3 seconds in real time, there was no one who would win against Muyoung.

Not unless they were transcendental beings.

“Cough! Pua! Pua!”

Muyoung quickly hid his horns. Although it was only for a moment, it’s impact was different. He felt like his eyes were going to pop out. His heart pounded so fast that it felt like it was going to shrink up.

‘I can’t use it often.’

Using all four horns was his last resort.

He needed to hide it until the very end.

A short period of time that even the enemy won’t be able to recognize, as he needed to end everything within 0.3 seconds.

Muyoung took a deep breath in and shook his head.

‘Status Viewer.’

The status window was the best thing to confirm the changes with his eyes.

There was nothing as eye-catching as objective numbers.


Title ->

Darkness and Abyss (All stats +10)

Achievement effect ->

(There are nine achievement effects.)

(All Stats +35, Intelligence and Wisdom +15, Spirit Ability +10)

Class Effect ->  

Death Lord (Lord Class)  

King Slayer (Lord Class)

Archangel (Lord Class)

Stats ->  

Strength 485 (270 + 215)   Agility 477 (288 + 189)

Stamina 450 (280 + 170)   Intelligence 495 (240 + 255)  

Wisdom 410 (275 + 135)   Fighting Aura 330 (170 + 160)  

Magic Resistance 525 (125 + 400)   Spirit Ability 410 (260 + 150)

Evil Tendency 400 (320 + 100)   Divine Powers 300 (200 +100)

Total Level: 475

Special Note: Your pure stats have increased after absorbing weak amounts of Luciferre’s strength. Completed the 4th metamorphosis.

Equipped and Invoked Equipment:

Anguish (All stats +15, Strength +75, Intelligence +45. Fighting Aura +30)

3 out of 12 Zodiac Stars Set (All Stats +30, Magic Resistance +140, Spirit Ability +40, Agility +50)

Immortal King’s Breastplate (Strength +15, Fighting Aura +30, Stamina +50, Magic resistance +80)

Hermes’s Boots (Agility +15)  

Skull Accessory (Strength +19, Agility +4)

Greaves of Destruction – Baron (Agility and Stamina +20, Intelligence +30)

Wilderness Set (Magic Resistance +50, Intelligence and Wisdom +20)

Starlight (Star of the Absolute – All abilities +10)


Even at a glance, Muyoung’s development was extraordinary.

However, his pure stats increased much more than when he fought Moon.

Even if Anguish ate up Diablos, it was mere assisting stats.

There was another reason for this sort of change in pure stats.

‘I completed the 4th metamorphosis?’


Muyoung’s current pure stats were very far from the 4th metamorphosis.

Then, Muyoung looked at the holy energy that formed on one of his hand.

Perhaps the 4th metamorphosis took place when he used Wish.

The body naturally evolved to accept the archangel’s divine powers.

Even though he wasn’t aware of it happening, the fact that he became stronger was a good thing.

Through this, Muyoung was able to be within the top 10 humans by looking at pure stats.

Especially in terms of Magic Resistance, he was over 500.

It was a figure that surpassed the top 10 and was near transcendental beings.

Most skills weren’t even ticklish anymore.

‘Did they call something like this the equipment effect?’

Muyoung couldn’t help but grin.

He did gain a lot from his equipment.

There wouldn’t be any other person who would have been influenced by his equipment as much as Muyoung.

Even the great Alexandro wouldn’t be close to him.

Well. The important thing, in the end, was how strong you were with everything.

Even for the top 10 humans, if they didn’t have that much strength due to their equipment, their level would have dropped drastically.

‘I need to check the archangel’s skills as well.’

It was the new class he had earned.

There were no fools who fought without checking information regarding themselves.

Since it was a class he just earned, the main skills of the Lord Class didn’t get corrected automatically.

It would probably be the lowest rank but there wasn’t anything wrong with checking it out.

Muyoung turned his Status Viewer and the rest of the information popped out.


Skill Name: Gabriel’s Wings (None) Explanation – 7th Archangel Gabriel’s wings is summoned. Gabrial’s Wings has the power to regulate all justice. At most, 7,777 feathers can be thrown to strike the enemy. The destructiveness of the features is proportional to your divine powers.

Skill Name: Execution of Justice (None) Explanation – When you conduct mercy, revenge, or annihilate evil, your pure divine powers increase. This is only Gabriel’s authority and you can never become fallen.

Skill Name: Divine Blessing (F) = It’s a blessing and a recovery skill that all archangels have. It is proportional to your divine powers and the speed and area of recovery changes. However, the power of this blessing is easily comparable to the authority of a sage king.


There were three skills he earned.

However, one by one they were something out of the ordinary.

For him to be able to summon even Gabriel’s wings.

Muyoung used the skill.

Then huge wings soared as it pierced through the skin of his back.


Although there were only two wings that opened up completely, the size was greater than Muyoung’s body.

A subdued amount of divine powers mixed into the wings caused piety to shine even in Muyoung’s eyes.


Muyoung let out a smirk.

For it to be an angel’s wings!

It was hard to believe that not anyone else but he received angel wings.

Wasn’t Muyoung a person who was least compared with the word ‘angel’?

However, it was understandable.

If it was some other angel and not Gabriel, Muyoung would have never earned these sort of wings.

‘Execution of Justice. A power to never be fallen.’

This one justified Muyoung.

Only after reading the skill explanation, he was able to find out why Luciferre wanted it so badly.

In the end, it meant that most of Muyoung’s actions are acknowledged as ‘justice’.

That kind of right was shared.

The most valuable thing was this Execution of Justice.

The divine blessing wasn’t that far either.

‘Healing ability that is comparable to a sage king.’

As its level was low, he couldn’t use it often and the area of effect was small, but  sage kings are the only humans who could be a proxy of a god.

You could consider saints as a god’s apostles but a proxy was a completely different feeling.

Of course, the power of saintesses couldn’t be compared to the power of one sage king.

The person who lived in the deepest parts of Mulalan.

Muyoung had never seen him before.  

He just had heard rumors.

Since they said he rarely showed himself even when the demon gods invaded, he was clearly a person who was extremely cautious.

Either way, if he was to act, they said even the demon kings would back away.

That he had even the amazing ability to even bring back the dead.

If it said the skill was comparable to him…

‘If I was a bit quicker.’

If he had the strength a bit faster, he might have saved Hyacinth.

But, he shook his head.

After all, it was the result.

If he couldn’t earn Diablos, he wouldn’t have been certain he would be able to kill the doppelganger and wouldn’t have used Wish.

There were regrets of what happened.

However, he didn’t regret his decision.

‘Where are you?’

Through this, all his preparations were complete.

Muyoung raised his head.

The twilight sky indicated that the day was slowly ending.

The doppelganger gained a face.

The weak parts had been complimented.

‘I’m still hungry.’

However, it was lacking.

Even though his soul and body had been synced, the doppelganger wanted to gain much more information and strength.

However, the doppelganger was still afraid of Muyoung.

He ate up people while avoiding Muyoung’s eyes.

Their blood and souls became skin to the doppelganger.

Crunch! Crunch!

Chop chop!

He even ate their bones up. He placed everything that made them human in his mouth.


Humans were a delicacy.

Once you’re addicted to it, you couldn’t escape from it.

The doppelganger became increasingly bold.

Either way, most humans were weak.

There weren’t many who could stop him and when he ate up a human, he quickly became stronger.

He was also able to use their skills freely.

If time passed like this, there would be fewer people who could match him.  

No, he felt that his fear against Muyoung would also disappear.

10, 50, 100…

As the number of people the doppelganger ate up increased, the doppelganger’s strength also increased.

The doppelganger didn’t stop here.

‘Even the spirits look quite tasty.’

Ghosts and specters.

Even the guardians of the ancient king.

He was drawn to things that didn’t have form.

Even more, even the spirits didn’t consider the doppelganger as their enemy.



The spirits let out a scream. Their owner was eating them up.

From the beginning, it was the Sky Devil and Alexandro that became the basis of his body.

There was also a mixture of Moon and devils.

It meant that he could be involved in all material and spiritual things.

‘It’s a delicacy but still slightly lacking.’

As he ate up spirits, his body became bigger.

However, compared to humans, they weren’t as that tasty.


The doppelganger smacked his lips.

But, humans were all united. There weren’t many who went around alone.

If he was to target humans, he needed to attack where they were gathered.

And if he was to attacked those places, there was a high chance that Muyoung would show up.

‘No. This is enough to beat him. I’ll make him turn to ashes.’

The doppelganger looked down at his body.

He was overflowing with strength.

He felt like he could do anything.

Thump! Thump!

The doppelganger moved as he snorted strongly.

It wasn’t like all of the humans were gathered at the arena.

He attacked the smallest group first.

But, no one was able to stop the doppelganger.


The doppelganger was excited.

He even absorbed a few strong humans too.

Now, he truly felt that there was no one who could stop him.

‘I’m the best! However, I’m still hungry.’

He wanted to consume even more humans.

He saw the arena.

If it was now, he wasn’t going to lose to anyone.

“He’s here!”

“Close the door!”

“Long-range attack! Magic division, prepare for the next attack!”

The humans didn’t just continue to suffer.

Only those who were thoroughly prepared were at the arena.

However, even then they were unable to stop the doppelganger.

No, they did land hits.

His skin was pierced and his body parts were sliced off…

However, the doppelganger’s recovery ability was beyond one’s imagination.

“Was he truly a monster?!”

Someone shouted.

A despairing voice.

The doppelganger pierced through the door and started to slaughter.

Piuung! Pierce!

At that moment, wings came flying from the sky.


What was one feather, gradually increased.

Soon, thousands of feathers stabbed the doppelganger’s whole body.

‘I can barely… recover?’

The doppelganger widened his eyes.

The places the feathers struck, the recovery was very slow.

This hadn’t happened before.

As he turned his head, he saw a familiar face.

“Oh oh, emissary!”

“The Sun’s emissary has appeared!”

The humans cheered.

Even the doppelganger knew him.


‘You smell incredibly tasty!’


For some reason, there was a scent that stimulated his appetite coming from Muyoung.

He wanted to eat him.


Through whatever means, he needed to eat him.

His instinct was calling out.

That if he was to eat him, he would become stronger incomparable as to how he was now!


The doppelganger jumped up.

To eat Muyoung!

A wing made from bones pierced through his skin.


But, Muyoung was expressionless.

Afterwards, as he took out Anguish while his wings were wide open, as strong dark colored waves raged in his surroundings.



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      Arch Angel got him off the bat: Wing’s that can attack, the ability to increase his holy power through acts of justice that would power up all the other abilities of the Archangel Class, the ability to never become Fallen so he can have and increase his Evil Tendency without worry of conflicts, and the Ability to heal comparable to a God’s Proxy.

      Death Lord got him off the bat: The ability to resurrect at most three undead a day since it cost that much Stamina and those three revives were really crappy undead that can barely fight.

      King Slayer off the bat got him: A quest to kill Kings and a skill stating he can wield swords better that he didn’t use.

      This is the true comparison on the three. Its silly to compare the Archangel’s ‘F’ ranked skill versus the King Slayer and Death Lord’s ‘B’-‘A’ ranked skills to call the Archangel weak. Also we have seen that as Muyoung gets more used to the class he gets more skills for it. That is how Death Lord gave him the ability to see Souls, the Super undead Ghouls, Soul Explotation, and the ability to make Unique undead like the Ogre King with five lives. While King Slayer developed the Dragon and time slowing after Muyoung was taught about them.

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        Now we have the Sun guild, another great build up, but now the escale is even greater than before is the whole biggest guilds on the Great City, there are some interesting Court Problems(intrigue, betrayal brother against brother) within Sun Guild. The foreshadow on the Ancient Spirit Rampage is about to come to fruition. The MC is interaction with someone that he isn’t just ordering around, and show other emotion aside from cold brutality. All going well, but we get a faceless mob, along side faceless mob of undead, fighting Moon faceless cultist, while the mc Said to have used all the other powers that are only good for kill mooks know while where moon alexandro plot is going . If we leave the Lich/Spirt Predator arc point, the fire dragon shinobi mini plot was out of dimension with the situation at hand, clan of assassin that we never heard that had been studied by forest of death before.

        Probably is just as confuse as my last comment, but at least I hope to shed a light on what I said before.

  3. First Summoner/Assassin (Lorr of Death), then Warrior(King Slayer) and now a Priest (Gabriel). Going by that pattern, the next should be Archer/,Long Range/Magician.
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    1. Post
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