KotB Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Absolute Nothing (2)

Translation: Nadu

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She stopped breathing. There were no words.

No words came out.


Death was something that was very familiar to Muyoung.

He had killed few thousands of people emotionlessly.

Among them, there were heroes, villains, ordinary people, elders, and children.

Did he feel guilty when he killed them?

No, he didn’t.

Although it was the effects of brainwashing, it had become Muyoung’s true nature.

However, Hyacinth was a girl who showed genuine interest and goodwill towards Muyoung.

Without any price.

It was a rare scene in the Underworld and the feeling was almost impossible to find.

Suddenly, he thought of the meaning of the flower hyacinth.

‘Modest love.’

She was a girl who embodied the meaning of the flower.

However, the curse of the doppelganger was deeply embedded in her soul.

Even when you die, the soul should be left behind but there was nothing.

His curse was the curse that took away a person and their life itself.

He was someone that destroyed everything regarding humans that were involved with beauty.

Perhaps, he might have taken the soul as well.

Even if he was to turn Hyacinth into an undead, she would be hollow.

By thinking objectively, she wouldn’t be that great of a help.

Ting! Tingggggggg…

Muyoung looked down at the ring that dropped to the ground.

‘Hamel’s Rune Ring.’

The sacrifice needed to make Diablos.

He already had Oris’s Throne Ring and the Lunatic Sovereign’s Ring.

If he had this ring, he could summon Diablos at the altar.

From the beginning, didn’t he approach Hyacinth to get this right?

It would have been so but he felt an array of complicated emotions he couldn’t express with his words.

Hyacinth worried about Muyoung even until the end. If she was a normal girl, she would have shivered her body in pain.

The pain felt by the body dying due to the curse would have been excruciating.

Muyoung carefully picked up the ring.

“Rest in Peace. The doppelganger won’t be able to escape my hand.”

This was all Muyoung could do and was able to do.

A form of memorial that only Muyoung could do.

Muyoung’s expression hardened even further.

‘I just need to make an altar.’

He thought he should commence the summon of Diablos a bit earlier than he planned.

There wasn’t much about making an altar.

Since he just needed to make a similar form and offer the right sacrifices.

However, a Diablo’s devotee needed to wish for it, but Muyoung decided to solve the problem on his own.

‘Luciferre, I’m going to borrow your divine powers.’

He just brought class, not strength. Luciferre had to give permission to use his strength but Muyoung was able to ‘imitate’ class as he absorbed Luciferre’s soul.

Luciferre frowned deeply.

But, Muyoung ignored him.

Right now, Luciferre’s opinions weren’t important.

Then, he set up an altar and placed the three rings one after another.

‘Come out.’


A thunderbolt struck.

Muyoung was imitating Luciferre’s demigod like divine powers.

And like a magnet, something was dragged to the altar.


<Three rings were all gathered.>

<The ceremony of the altar is now starting.>


There wasn’t much to call it a ceremony.

Although they said Diablos and devotees, they were all nothing but part of a system.

Since Diablos wasn’t even a god.

In the past, there was literature that Diablos had been a powerful being, but all that is sealed is just his weapon.

If someone just meets the criteria, it was supposed to summon.

The Sky Library that was half destroyed.

From that place, a dark fog approached.

The fog swallowed the three rings and spat out another.


<’Diablos (S+)’ has been summoned.>


A greatsword with a shape of a red dragon.  

Muyoung grabbed the thing that was slowly coming down from midair with his hand.

And when he looked at it closer, the related information popped up.


Name: Diablos

Rank: S+

Classification: Weapon

Endurance: 350,000 (Unrepairable)

Effect: A weapon that can change its form depending on what the user wants. It destroys and places a curse on everything it touches. In the past, Diablos had used it but because of its strength, it was sealed.

* Legend

* It diffuses the ‘Curse of Dragon Horse’ to every enemy

* Strength +55

* Intelligence +40

* All stats +10

* All barrier type skill is strengthened



It was the same tier as the Immortal King’s Breastplate.

On top, it was a weapon. It was more difficult to obtain a good weapon.

‘I can probably make a mark on the doppelganger’s body.’

Muyoung thought about it.

The reason why the doppelganger was able to turn back the time on his body.

He needed a strong weapon.

It wasn’t enough to have it just cut and slice.

He needed a powerful weapon that would take away everything once it touched.

This might be enough but Muyoung desired more.

‘Eat it.’

He raised Anguish.

Grr! Grrrrr!

Then, a strange sound came out of Anguish.

The moment it looked at Diablos, its greed was triggered.

That it wanted to eat it!

That it wanted to make that sword’s power its own!

Muyoung let it be.

Then, Anguish started to break Diablos down into atomic units and eat it up.


<’Greed’ has been activated. Anguish has absorbed ‘Diablos’.>


Name: Anguish

Rank: S++

Classification: Weapon

Durability: 357,888 (Unrepairable)

Effect: A sword with the anguish of Gremory. A special condition has been activated.

* Myth (unique)

* It diffuses the ‘Curse of the Vampire Lord’ to every enemy

* Ability to steal blood from the opponent and recover the stamina of the user

* Greed (Sword absorption. From the absorbed sword, it brings everything over including its durability.)

* Strength +75

* Fighting Aura +30

* Intelligence +4

* All stats +15

* Cry of Rage

* All attacks and all barrier type skill are strengthened



As if it was satisfied, Anguish quiet down.

‘Power is overflowing.’

There was another surprising fact.

As he absorbed, he was further strengthened.

Basically, it was added to his original stats.

A legend level weapon had transformed into a myth level.

There were only demigod (transcendent) and god level equipment left after this level.

However, even in the past, Muyoung had rarely seen a S++ level equipment.

He was able to count the amount with his fingers.

He had gained one among them.

‘Curse of the Vampire Lord?’

However, there was something significant.

Not a curse of a Dragon Horse but a Vampire Lord.

– A Vampire Lord eats demons that are smaller than itself. It’s a curse that embeds on souls and it is hard to make it into the blessing of a sage king.

After reading the instructions, he nodded.

From Anguish, ominousness flowed out.

Its level was enough to close in on the doppelganger.

He was also a being born from evil.

He wanted to find out who’s curse was stronger.

‘Before that.’

Muyoung also added one more move to surely hunt down the doppelganger.

“Bae Sungmin.”

“Master, did you call?”

From the darkness, Sungmin appeared.

Muyoung looked at the necklace on Sungmin’s neck.

“I’ll use the Talisman.”


And the last Little Wish left.

If he combined the two, he would be able to make a true ‘Wish’.

A fierce power strong enough to even destroy a few demon king legions.

Would the doppelganger be able to withstand the curse of the Vampire Lord and Wish at the same time?

Others might say it would be a waste but Muyoung inwardly shook his head.

He was ominous. And the reward wasn’t given yet.

It meant that everything would be settled when he was killed.

If the doppelganger was that strong, he might receive a reward that was similar or even better than the Wish.

It meant that it was fully worth investing in.

Even more…

‘Your Authority is mine.’

Unlike Anguish, the Authority Predator was still hungry.


* * *


– You bastard, what are you trying to do?

Luciferre spoke for the first time.

It was when he created a real ‘Wish’ with the Talisman and the Little Wish.

– That’s the power of an archangel. How do you possess it?

“Wish is a power of an archangel?”

Luciferre was originally an angel.

When he fell, he lost his holy powers.

But, he would be well aware of the angel’s Lineage better than anyone else.

– Give that strength to me instead. I’ll cooperate with you.

In an instant, Muyoung could feel Luciferre’s greed.

However, he was reluctant to give it to him.

A Wish was holiness itself.

If Luciferre was to absorb this, he might even be able to regain the godliness of his past.

If that was to happen, Muyoung’s soul would quickly disappear.

His words that he would cooperate were no more than sweet talk.

‘An Archangel’s strength he says…’

However, there was something that he gained from that expression of greed.

If Wish was truly that sort of strength, it seemed like he could wish for something more specific.


[What is your wish?]

As the winds blew gently, he was able to hear a voice he didn’t know was a man’s or a woman’s.

Soon, the world changed. The moon was below and his surrounding was the universe.

An unknown planet. Only Muyoung dropped to that place.

– Stop! Are you going to use that precious thing?

– If you give it to me, I’ll fully cooperate in killing him. Wouldn’t that be better?

Luciferre whispered.

Yet, Muyoung didn’t listen.

Luciferre’s strength was like a double edged sword. A sword that could also head towards Muyoung. The thing he needs to fully control Luciferre?

That was….

“Give me the strength of an Archangel.”

– You fool!!

Luciferre shrieked.

The opportunity in front of him had disappeared.

When you use the Wish, you couldn’t take it back.

However, there was a limit to a Wish and you could earn a better effect if you were more specific and close to what could be fulfilled.

Or else, you might receive a random power that wasn’t great.

But, through Luciferre’s hint, Muyoung was able to reach the greatest length of the Wish.

However, he didn’t ask it on Luciferre.  

Only Muyoung himself!


<The 7th Archangel Gabriel’s Blessings are passed onto the user.>

<Gabriel is the archangel of mercy, revenge, and death.>

<‘Divine Powers’ is created.>

<You have inherited the Lord Class, ‘Archangel’.>


It was a class of completely different tendency than those he had earned until now.

But, Muyoung was able to have four classes of completely different tendencies.

Although he never thought it was possible to gain one regarding divine powers.

Maybe because of this, there was no resistance.

He had accepted the strength so naturally.

Lord Class, Archangel.

– Ahhhh!!

Luciferre shuddered.

It seemed like he never thought Muyoung would ever gain Gabriel’s strength.

The powers of an archangel. And if it was the 7th archangel among them, the story was completely different.

Although Luciferre was within the cherubim rank, the 7th archangel had the strength that surpassed simple rankings.

Among them, Gabriel was an angel that wasn’t that far behind Luciferre when compared.

That power. If he could just have that power!

Gabriel’s divine powers were different from the general divine powers.

He was an evil that was closer to a devil than a normal angel.

However, he hadn’t fallen. It was because he received the right to be so.

If Luciferre was to gain that power, he’s fallen status would become nullified.

Luciferre heightened his greed.

However, as divine powers filled Muyoung’s soul, Luciferre was terrified.

– How could a human!

Muyoung actions he had seen so far were quite strange but it wasn’t to this degree.

If Muyoung could fully control even an angel’s powers, his potential would be beyond Luciferre’s imaginations.

He wanted to have it. That was originally his to have.

However, Luciferre couldn’t touch Muyoung.

If he was to touch him, he felt like he would get blown away as is.

The Fallen Luciferre was struck with fear in front of the holy archangel’s powers.

‘A power that even makes Luciferre afraid.’

Muyoung nodded his head.

If it is this powerful, he felt like he could destroy the doppelganger completely.

He didn’t use his strength to destroy an enemy once but made it into an infinite potential.

And, Muyoung touched his forehead.

His horns had increased to four.


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