KotB Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Chaos (1)

TL: Tay

Editor: Lesurous



The size of the Command Clan’s military was discovered to be approximately 3,000 soldiers.

Their numbers couldn’t be compared to the Sun Guild, but they had somehow managed to occupy the Sky Library and make it their base.

Through its geographical position and their modus operandi, they had gained victory over the Sun Guild in the First War.

‘We destroyed five hexagrams. All that remains is the one inside the Sky Library.’

Muyoung’s plan was simple.

Using Hyungbish, he made him infiltrate the Command Clan, discover the location of the last hexagram and destroy it.

The result was successful.

Hyungbish carried out Muyoung’s operation superbly.

However… that was the beginning.


<‘The Sky Devil’s Trial’ has begun.>

<The Great City and ‘The Ancient King’s Castle’ are no longer accessible.>

<The Sky Devil is craving blood. Complete all trials.>

<If you are successful, rewards will be given according to your results.>

<Alternately, if you fail, ‘The Sky Devil’ will be resurrected.>

<Time limit – 1,000 hours>

<Number of Survivors – 875,449 people>


A red comet fell.

The world was filled with the same light, and at the same time, blood-red waves were everywhere.

“Sky Devil’s Trial?”

“What is a Sky Devil?”

“What the heck is this…..”

“I have no idea what is going on.”

The people were taken aback.

The Sun Guild’s elite were no different.

However, it was universally recognized as ‘an extraordinary situation’.

And the world, taking this into consideration, abruptly changed to suit the situation.



The first thing that changed were ‘houses’.

At every house and at the castle, arms and legs sprouted and they became monsters.

As for the people inside?

Even Muyoung had no choice but to search for only the important people and escape.

If the interior of the house was perceived as a model of comfort in the past, it was no different from the stomach of a monster now.

It was because a strong acid that melted and corroded everything was flowing out and into the surroundings.


<‘Family Ordinance’ has appeared.>

<Family Ordinance attacks everything that moves.>

<Overthrow Family Ordinance and gather 20 essences.>


“Mu-Muyoung. What in the world happened?”

Hyacinth was taken aback.

Although her hair was disheveled as if she had just woken up, her eyes were clear.

“It is an urgent situation. You need to pack your seal and escape.”

“Ah, I understand. Just a moment.”

“We’re out of time.”


Muyoung lifted Hyacinth smoothly and carried her on his shoulders, then went to where the seal was hidden close by.

After this, he forcibly cut through the spell on the drawer, withdrew the seal from inside it, and escaped the castle.

The castle had certainly become a huge monster.

But if there was something fortunate about the situation, it was that most of the Sun Guild’s members had succeeded in escaping.

“Lady Hyacinth!”


They approached Muyoung with hurried strides.

Of course, they were a limited number of people who acknowledged Muyoung’s service to a certain degree.

There were few people who followed Muyoung within the Sun Guild.


Muyoung withdrew Anguish.

Pure white ice came out of his whole body.

Seeing that, Hyacinth furrowed her brow.

“Muyoung… No way…”

“From now on, I will destroy the castle.”

Muyoung said coolly.

The danger would diminish only if the Sun Guild’s main castle, that enormous structure, was eliminated.

And maybe they could get something called an ‘essence’.

Smash! Smaaaaash!

Just by walking, it was enough to overwhelm people.

As the message has said, the monster called Family Ordinance attacked everything that moved.

“If you stay still, won’t you be attacked?”

“Well, it did say it attacks ‘moving’ things. It is often true that it’s the right answer to sit still and strike after you see an opportunity.”

“First of all, we need to investigate the situation…”

Each person came up with their own  solution.

Not everyone was willing to move aggressively in a sudden situation.

The first thing was to ‘identify’.

Their words were certainly not wrong, however it was not the right answer either.

‘So this is what the Sky Devil’s Trial was.’

Right. Even Muyoung knew this.

In the past, after the Great Calamity, when Moon had created the Sky Devil Church and started a war with the Holy City of Mulalan, he had personally talked about this.

Only the person who overcame the Sky Devil’s Trial was qualified to face the Sky Devil.

At that time, he did not think it was really a ‘trial’.

Many people interpreted it as only the ups and downs of life.

Muyoung was one of those.

‘However at that time, this kind of thing didn’t happen.’

This was certainly true.

If the Sky Devil’s Trial existed, why did he not do it in the past?

On the other hand, why was it possible now?

Clearly, there was some difference that Muyoung did not know.

If he figured that out, it would even be possible to strike a checkmate move.

‘The Sky Library… the wall has been struck.”

A huge blue wall had developed around the Sky Library.

It seemed that perhaps the Sky Devil would resurrect from it.

The walls of light were so huge he couldn’t even see the grains.

If so, Muyoung decided that he would first start with getting rid of the thing in front of him.



With a huge breath, Muyoung stormed out.

Then, the castle moved its hands to grab Muyoung, but his speed was so great it was impossible for the castle to keep up.


Anguish cut off a leg.

Then, the wound appeared and the spot froze.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Muyoung continued to kick the castle’s frozen legs.

Then, the legs that supported the castle soon shattered.


The rest was only a matter of repetition.

When the arms and legs were removed, the castle surprisingly returned to its original appearance.

It would have been enough to get rid of the newly formed part.


Muyoung dusted off Anguish.

Just over ten thousand guild members saw that image.

When no one was able to easily take the lead, Muyoung demonstrated it personally.

As if they just needed to do the same.

Then, Muyoung turned his attention to Hyacinth.

After realizing what she had to do, Hyacinth hurriedly took out the seal.

“I command you through the Guardian Seal of the Sun Guild. Eliminate the surrounding monsters and as for the essence…”


“This! What is this! Ack!”

“Something is in the ground!”

Suddenly, people started screaming.

Black hands protruded from the earth and took people into the ground.

The people that were dragged beneath didn’t return.

Muyoung seemed to know what that was.



<The specters attack the people who are standing still.>

<Specters do not attack people who are alone.>


It was a phrase he’d seen a lot somewhere before.

He’d experienced trials similar to this before.

No, most people gathered in this place would have.  

‘The Sky Library.’

Among the trials he had experienced in that place, there was one that was similar to this.

Muyoung nodded his head.

If it were specters, it was rather a good thing.

“Fuck! Skills don’t work!”

“If it is a specter-type monster, shouldn’t light-based skills work normally?”

Everyone was flustered.

This was not the usual specter.

The skills that worked were extremely limited.


ㅡLet’s get rid of the intruders…

There was no other choice.

The specters were the original inhabitants of the castle.

So therefore it was correct to think that they were the imbued spirits of the ‘Ancient King’s Castle’.

They were excellent warriors and humans were merely intruders.

It was the job of a warrior to reject an intruder.

A spirit that had been honed and polished for thousands, or tens of thousands of years couldn’t be removed with a common skill.

Those spirits can only be dealt with by spirits.


A black circle formed behind Muyoung’s back.

Asura’s Path opened and thousands of spirits poured out.

It was a skill Asura had handed to Muyoung.

If the Sky Devil merely dealt with evil spirits, you could say Asura was the king of evil spirits.

As they are both similar types of god, they should also be able to inflict a blow directly.

―‘They are great evil spirits. They are very desirable.’

Murdudun drooled.

He was planning to even incorporate them into his army.

Then, Muyoung spoke briefly.

“Swing to your heart’s content.”

Muyoung was also planning to do the same.

No matter how many times he eliminated the Family Ordinance monsters, he couldn’t see any ‘essence’.

However, when he eliminated a newly discovered ‘purple Family Ordinance’, an essence fell off.

‘Ah, so I have to kill the coloured Family Ordinances.’

So to speak, it was an admiral-class monster.

However, the coloured Family Ordinances were much stronger and more agile than the regular ones.

More than 50 elite guild members had died while eliminating a coloured Family Ordinance.

Due to Murdudun, the danger from the specters had lessened to some degree, but as if they had waited, other problems arose.

Winged women.

It was because of the emergence of shapeless ghosts, which  were a little different from succubi.


< ‘Night hags’ delude both men and women.>

<The more you gather, the more the possibility of collective hypnosis increases.>

They drooled. The women stripped naked and the men moved their hips back.

As if they were dreaming, their eyes closed and their bodies trembled.

They enjoyed pleasure with the most blissful expressions in the world.

People with high magic resistance were able to resist, but all of those that didn’t were afflicted by the night hags’ bedazzlement.

Those who were bedazzled did not get up.

Their spirits were sucked up, and their bodies quickly dried up and died.

And those who died in that way became ‘vampires’.

“What… what is this? Weren’t they dead?”



<‘Vampires’ suck the blood of a living person.>

<Those persons whose blood is sucked will be mentally controlled by the vampires.>


It was a feast for all types of ghosts.

And the ghosts wanted one thing.

And that was ‘division’.

Ultimately, what the ghosts targeted were the united people.

When they were alone, they were less of a target.

So it caused people to realize that unity would bring them harm, which resulted in dispersion.

“At this rate it’s better for me to move alone.”

“If we unite, the progress becomes slow. It’s better to separate the strong ones.”

Even the Sun Guild was already beginning to show signs of division.

The situation of other places, then, was obvious.

And when the people separated, a message suddenly floated up.


<Would you like to become a follower of the Sky Devil?>

< You can be safe from the Family Ordinances, specters, night hags, vampires, etc. >

<Furthermore, you can receive the Sky Devil’s blessing.>

<The Sky Devil’s blessing strengthens your body’s ability.>

<The Sky Devil’s blessing gives you new skills.>


The path to becoming the Sky Devil’s devoted follower!

When one became a follower of the Sky Devil, they could free themselves from the wearisome spirits.

Not just that. One could even receive the blessing of the god that made this trial. So there was nothing to lose.

Force. In the Underworld, in order to survive, strength was an indispensable criterion.

A world where the weak died and only the strong survived.

Who would refuse if they said they could make you stronger?!

There was no reason to leave the easy path and choose the difficult path.

Those who pursued immediate gain, and those who were weak chose that route.

They even took matters lightly and thought that nothing would really happen even if they became a devoted follower.

It was just a matter of nodding the head.

The procedure wasn’t complicated, so that was the icing on the cake.

After choosing the path of the devoted follower, a long phrase floated up.


<Congratulations. You have become the Sky Devil’s devoted follower.>

<Kill everyone apart from other devoted followers.>

<After eliminating them, a score will be awarded and you will receive a reward from the Sky Devil.>

<However, if you fail to collect a minimum of 500 points within the time limit, you will become a specter.>

<The score of the eliminated target is based on the ‘influence’, rather than the force.>

<1st priority target for elimination (10,000 points) – Hyacinth>

<2nd priority target (7,000 points) – Bahamude>

<3rd priority target (5,000 points) – Lawless Jin>

<4th priority target (3,000 points) – Ootsuki Yuka>


<10th priority target (500 points) – Muyoung>


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