KotB Chapter 123

Chapter 123: The Duke, Bastro (End)

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The great chieftain, Ogar, and a hundred other fire tars!

It was a smaller number than he had expected but it was enough to overcome this current situation.

“Haha! You are truly one heck of a guy! I never expected you to make it this far!”

Ogar continued to swing his huge spear with a smiling face.

It was a smile that didn’t fit at all on a battlefield where blood and pieces of flesh were splashed across the ground, but it was proof that he was so happy that he couldn’t contain it.

Since even what he was ‘unsure’ about had become reality.

A few hundred fire tars abandoned and left the Poom tree.

A plan to fall back.

Although he comforted himself that he took a step back to move two steps forward, in the end, it was no different than fleeing to avoid the devils.

He looked for an opening and an opportunity to attack but no one knew how long they would need to retreat.


‘The tables have turned.’

Muyoung had turned the tables.

Those devils that were known as nobles were continuously hunted.

It was a move no one had expected.

No one had anticipated for Muyoung.

It was an obvious thing if they thought about the first time Muyoung had appeared.

Even though he did solve the problem regarding the Poom tree, Muyoung’s strength itself was lacking a lot compared to the fire tars.

But now.


Baroness Alluna fluttered as she became ashes.

He killed off devils with noble titles all on his own.

Not just that.

“Oom has killed the leader of the enemy!”

“Push more!”

He also made it possible for the  few ten thousand soldiers to follow him.

This all happened in just 1 year.

‘Even the great chieftain changed his mind because of this. Although, I haven’t seen him yield before.’

If Muyoung didn’t send the arc lich, Bae Sungmin, they wouldn’t have known about the fact that they were struggling.

However, not everyone easily believed him and in the end, only the great chieftain, vice chieftain Ogar, and their tribe members arrived at this place.

But, if he was to obtain the desired results, he believed it could change everyone’s mind.

It wasn’t like they could just leave the devils who burned the Poom tree be.

Even the great chieftain would have allowed them to help Muyoung after seeing how they ‘had a chance’.

In reality, the great chieftain’s eyes constantly looked at Muyoung.

‘He is an amazing person. Please look at his face until you’re satisfied.’

Because Ogar felt that the person he acknowledged was also being acknowledged by the great chieftain, a strange palpitation occurred in his heart.

Someone who wasn’t acknowledged by anyone was acknowledged by the great chieftain.

And Muyoung was worthy to be acknowledged.

Someone who might even surpass the great chieftain before long!

Maybe someone who could change this world like he did right now… that sort of person.

“You’re late.”

It was what Muyoung said as Ogar made his way through numerous devil soldiers and reached the place Muyoung was at.

Ogar smirked.

“You’re cold as always.”

“Let’s talk after we end this fight.”

Muyoung’s face showed how tired he was.

Although they said it was a guerrilla operation, they fought for a total of 14 days endlessly.

They were days when he couldn’t sleep properly as he needed to look over every situation and give orders as a lord, and a commander.

If it wasn’t for his superhuman mentality, he would have already passed out.

This sort of rigorous schedule was possible because the person at the center of all this was Muyoung.

Ogar inwardly clicked his tongue but he still understood.

It was better than being sent away.

It wasn’t as easy by looking at the current situation.

“Okay, I’ll run wild.”


Ogar’s spear slit the ground.


* * *


Harmony’s Crystallization.

It was the item he earned by killing Baroness Alluna.

After the fight ended, Muyoung quickly swallowed it.


< ’Harmony’s Crystallization’ has been ingested.>

<Intelligence and Wisdom’s stats increased by 7 each.>

<Skill ‘Total Combination’ has been added.>

<The blessings of the user, ‘Muyoung’ will upgrade the rank of ‘Total Combination’ skill to ‘B’.>


A combination skill!

Muyoung nodded his head.

If he used a skill related to combination well, it could produce a much greater effect than it states.

Of course, if not used properly, it could also produce no real results but as he didn’t have any skills related to this, it was that much closer to being an advantage to him.

“Aren’t you afraid of turning into a devil?”

The great chieftain who was watching him from a close range spoke.

The great chieftain. It was also the first time Muyoung had seen him this close.

However, unlike before, there was no shiver.

Before when he watched the great chieftain from afar, he instinctively shivered because he felt the difference in their ‘level’.

However, now there was only a small distance between them, he didn’t feel a difference between their level.

It meant that he caught up.

“Even if you take a devil’s strength, you don’t become one.”

Muyoung answered calmly.

In the past, it was a rumor that went around before Muyoung returned in time.

That you might become a devil yourself if you continuously ingest the crystallization you earned by killing devils with a noble title.

There was a story of such.

It wasn’t a conclusion.

It was something the ‘Devil Killer’, the one who killed the most devils and ingested 50 crystallizations, declared.

Of course, 50 crystallizations might not be enough but it was like a miracle itself to collect 50 crystallization.

“You will become something more devilish than a devil. In the past, there was that sort of guy.”

As Muyoung glanced quizzically at the great chieftain, the great chieftain shook his head.

“Anyways, I have watched your active part in this battle. Within this much military power, you successfully fought back against the devils.”

“A battle isn’t simply a fight of strength.”

A battle can be fought by a hundred or a thousand men.

Besides the times when there is overpowering power, the point is tactics and strategies.

How well you manage the colliding strength of numerous troops.

Fortunately, Muyoung didn’t seem like he didn’t have any talent.

“You’re right, strength isn’t everything. However, there are five noble devils that came with Bastro. How many did you fight alone?”


“Two? Amazing.”

However, even the great chieftain wasn’t able to fully grasp the current situation of their battle.

If Muyoung killed two and tens of thousands of soldiers, it was truly possible.

You could say just by that, he did all his work.

However, Muyoung shook his head and stretched two fingers.

“Two are left. Baraon Swing and Count Argon.”

“…I can see why Bastro is in a hurry.”

Regarding this, even the great chieftain seemed a bit surprised.

It couldn’t be helped. Muyoung’s troops that currently surrounded him, the setup itself was shabby, totally beyond description.  

With these troops, how could he kill 3 noble devils?

It wasn’t an easy task for anyone.

“Is this all of the fire tars? I thought at least 500 would gather.”

Muyoung spoke as he knitted his brows.

An extremely rude manner in front of the great chieftain.  

In reality, other fire tars tried to backlash but the great chieftain stopped them as he stretched out his hand.

“Since we figured out the noble devils were continuously killed, everyone would gather.”

“Then it would be fine to continue the battle.”

“Mine and your soldiers need to rest.”

“If not now, it would be many times harder to kill Baron Swing. This is the right time.”

Muyoung urged with perseverance.

Baroness Alluna and Baron Swing had left for battle with 20,000 soldiers each.

Although he had killed Baroness Alluna, guerilla warfare was also applied to Swing as well.

If not now when the devil soldiers were weak, it was possible for all the devils to gather.

The fight would become several times harder.

Muyoung’s eyes faced the great chieftain.

A look without an inch of hesitation.

It might have seemed defiant but you couldn’t say this wasn’t the eyes of a warrior either.

Rather this look actually pleased the great chieftain.

“Good. Our tribe will help.”


Muyoung expressed his gratitude shortly before he quickly started to move.

100 fire tars including the great chieftain and Ogar, it wasn’t impossible to kill 20,000 devil soldiers that lost their strength.

Count Argon spoke to Bastro.

“Bastro, Lady Alluna and Lord Swing aren’t returning.”

Among 40,000 soldiers, not one came to bring any news.

Even if they were in a hurry to reconnoiter, they should have chosen an informant and sent word.

If not, it was normal for them to use magic to communicate.

But, there was nothing.

There was only one reason for this sort of case.


“They said the fire tars have reappeared. Maybe it has something to do with them?”


Bastro ground his teeth.

In total, about half of his troops disappeared without properly fighting.

He couldn’t just watch any longer.


Bastro kicked the side of the unicorn.

“I need to see it with my own eyes who the hell he is.”

Afterwards, with a big frown on his face, Bastro spoke.

“All troops, head to war.”




Muyoung was also reading the movements of the devils that left the Poom tree.

“Muyoung, what are you going to do?”

Ogar asked.

By even getting rid of Swing, Muyoung had become a commander who could be trusted on.

Muyoung turned his head and looked around.

In total, well over 700 fire tars and the 10,000 troops Muyoung had were gathered.

Normally, it was normal to watch the situation but he had a chance for total victory.

‘Spirit’ was something you should never look down on.

Just by being absorbed in the happiness of their successes and charging towards their final victory could produce great strength.

If they were to hold back for a moment, it was possible to lose that spirit.

“Do or die.”

“What does that mean?”

“Stake everything on one fight, since the devils will no longer be fooled by our tactics.”

Bastro would have felt strange.

On top, judging by the path of his movement, it was extremely cautious.

It might seem as Muyoung was at an advantage if he was to battle against time, but that wasn’t really true.  

Burning the forest and removing their food supply was no more than to induce Bastro to be impatient so that he would make mistakes.  

If they were to go for a protracted war, Muyoung and the troops wouldn’t survive.

So, it was Sydney or the bush.

Just, Muyoung had the authority to choose the terrain.

“Ogar, I need your help.”

“Speak, whatever you need. If it is something I can do, I will do it all.”

Ogar was born in this territory.

He should be well aware of the surrounding topography.

On the other hand, there should be a limit with Bastro.

It was the difference between a native and a foreigner who just arrived.

‘I will definitely win.’

Although he said Sydney or the bush, Muyoung wasn’t planning to lose.

Bastro and 50,0000 devil soldiers approached a location where both sides were cliffs.

It was because they found out that the troops of their enemy were gathered somewhere around this place.

‘Needless to say, it probably is a trap.’

He had a strong feeling that he was being induced.

Bastro sent out scouts to look around the place.

And he went back to make a detour towards a path that wasn’t between cliffs.  

It was because he had no reason to fight in a terrain where he was at a disadvantage.

However, Muyoung also knew that Bastro would avoid the location.  

He turned around. But, he was one step behind.

Crank! Crash!

A rift was created on the ground.

Dwarves had dug up the ground and placed explosives in the path where they had to head back.  


At the same place where the explosion occurred, water gushed.

They had disturbed the groundwater.   

‘He got me.’

Bastro frowned deeply.

Even though it hadn’t affected his life, his movements were restricted as the ground was dug up.

As if they were waiting for this moment, fire tars and 10,000 soldiers were approaching from afar.

“You bastard! Do you think you can stop me with this shallow move?!”

Bastro soared up into the air as he rode the unicorn.

Numerous devils also spread their wings.

In reality, only a few devil soldiers died.

However, Muyoung simply made a smile.

“It seems like they can’t see their wings corroding.”


The widely-spread wings slowly burned.

The effects were minimal but it was enough to affect their flight.

And Bae Sungmin, the arc lich, was continuously repeating spells beside Muyoung,

‘Although it isn’t holy water, it is water affected by holy powers. It’s quite effective against low level devils.’

It wasn’t easy to add holy power to the groundwater.

It was only effective against low level devils.

It was also only effective to the weak part of their skin, the wings.

However, considering how most of the devil soldiers were low level devils, he felt that it would produce a result much greater than he expected.


Bastro screamed out loud with his neck veins bulging.


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