KotB Chapter 122

Chapter 121: The Duke, Bastro (4)

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There were five nobles under Duke Bastro’s command.

Baron Alliman, Baron Arthur, Baroness Alluna, Baron Swing, and Count Argon.

“Why isn’t Alliman returning?”

As Alliman, who went to reconnaissance, didn’t return even after a lot of time had passed, Bastro raised a question.

But, no one could answer him.

It was because no one had seen Alliman.

‘Was he killed?’

Bastro felt strange.

Only the fire tars could be their match in this territory.

However, didn’t the fire tars leave even the Poom tree and run away?

There would have been no time for them to get rid of Alliman.

And in reality, the place they were currently occupying was very close to the Poom tree.


The Poom tree was burning.

The tree that was vital in maintaining their life and the one that the fire tars respected as their mother.

It was a story that had nothing to do with Bastro.

They just burned it as it was an eyesore.

“Arthur, take a look around the location where Alliman went to reconnaissance. If there is anything strange, report to me immediately.”

“I’ll leave immediately.”

Baron Arthur went into battle leading five thousand soldiers.

Bastro’s eyes shined as he watched him.

‘I don’t know who is disturbing us…’

The 3rd party Bastro missed.

He didn’t know how big the size was or how strong they were but it was true that he was interested.

It seemed like they wanted the devils to wither away by burning the forest, burying the lake, and taking away all life around them but the uniformed movement was out of the ordinary.

It meant that the actions were through one system of command.

It meant that there was someone who reigned as a king in the fire tar’s territory.

How could he not be interested?!

‘I hope he isn’t a coward like the fire tars.’

Honestly, he couldn’t repress his disappointment for leaving the Poom tree and running away.

However, he hoped that the newly appeared enemy would be different.


Bastro kicked the side of the horse he was riding on.

It looked similar to the hellhorse but was a horned white horse.

The unicorn cried softly.

Baron Arthur started to reconnaissance the area that Alliman disappeared around with his five thousand soldiers.

‘It must be here.’

Not soon after, he found a castle in the outskirts.

And nearby it, the equipment of all kinds of devil soldiers weren’t organized and were all over the place.

It seemed like this was the place where Alliman was killed.


Arthur clicked his tongue. Alliman was the type of guy who rushed headlong without thinking.

As he was influenced by the red moon, it seemed like his actions became more reckless.

‘I will get revenge for you still.’

Arthur was different. However, Arthur was also influenced by the red moon.

Under the pretext of revenge, he gave his order.

“Destroy the castle gate and the castle walls. I will drag out the guys inside.”

A huge 5m tall devil soldier was the first to act and ran his body into the gate.


The gate greatly shook.

A few devils spread their wings wide.



Dozens of arrows flew out from the inside of the castle.

The few devils who were in the sky were shot down by the arrows.

Stone flew from siege equipment towards the devil camp.

However, the numbers were small. It wasn’t greatly effective.

Afterwards, the devil soldiers with their wings spread wide flew over the wall with their spears ready.


Soon, the gate also collapsed.

Arthur took out his sword. Soon, his authority, ‘Pain’s Perspiration’ was activated.


A chill colder than frost circled his sword.

The sword became frozen and even the vapor that touched the sword instantly fell to the ground as ice, an unending drip of cold.

Truly, the ability to freeze everything it touched!

Arthur and his five thousand devil soldiers entered the castle without much resistance.  

‘There is no enemy?’

Arthur tilted his head.

Even the enemies who shot the arrows disappeared without a trace.

Did they run off?

However, if he wasn’t influenced by the red moon, he would have thought something was strange.

It was definitely strange for those enemies who killed Alliman to give away their castle with resisting this much.

However, Arthur was excited.

They entered the castle without any suspicion and that produced an irrevocable mistake.



The explosions occurred from all around.

‘You are trying to bury the whole castle!’

Arthur’s eyes widened.

He then realized what he had done.

However, the devil soldiers and Arthur couldn’t be threatened with just normal explosions.

However, the explosions that were currently happening were out of the ordinary.

Holy power that was extremely hazardous to devils was also included and it had the firepower that could even melt the skin of a dragon.

If they were a bit careful, they wouldn’t have suffered but they were already a step too late.

“Everyone leave the castle!”

Arthur turned his head.

However, it wasn’t easy to once again cross the castle gate.

‘A barricade! Why was the barricade on the opposite side…?’

A barricade that was normally supposed to protect the castle wall was on the opposite side and was inside the castle walls.

For it to be free for them to come in but for it to be impossible for them to leave.

From the beginning, their enemy’s goal was to lure them into the castle.

‘Arrows and siege weapons flew out. That meant that they were inside!’

It wasn’t hard to destroy that invisible barrier. But, in the current situation, it was hard for Arthur, requiring time the explosions weren’t giving them.

Once again, he turned his direction.

By looking near the location where the arrows flew out, there must be at least one path that leads out.



This also betrayed Arthur’s expectations.

There were crossbows and sieges that automatically shot out.

In the end, he wandered back and forth before he lost even his last chance.


As if they waited for him, everything exploded in Arthur’s surroundings.


* * *


<You have killed ‘Baron Arthur’.>

<You have earned 350 lord points.>

<5,124 devils have been killed.>

<The rank of achievement effect ‘Devil Hunter’ has increased. B++ ->A>

<The probability of earning a crystallization is greatly increased and from now on, when you hunt a top rank devil, you can take their title. However, only one title can be equipped.>


Muyoung watched the scene from afar.

Although the castle was buried, he had no signs of regret.

‘Even though it was  lacking compared to the original Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon, it’s effective as it was mixed with holy power.’

They tried to recreate the cannonball of the Demon Dragon Lethal Cannon which killed the dark dragon in one shot, but the firepower itself was a bit lacking.

However, Bae Sungmin’s holy power was added and used as an extreme counter to the devils.

Thanks to it, Muyoung was able to annihilate all five thousand devil soldiers.

“I can just build a new castle.”

Muyoung turned around and spoke to those who looked at the buried castle with sorrow in their eyes.

With the help of the dwarves, they could reconstruct the castle in a few months.

However, he needed to avoid being defeated.

Soon, Muyoung approached the buried castle.

As he looked around, a crystallization that shined brightly caught his eyes.

Unlike Alliman’s crystallization, it was filled with chills.

Although he just grabbed it with his hand, it felt like his fingers were going to freeze.


However, Muyoung gulped it without delay.

Then, his whole body shivered.


<Agility, Intelligence, and Wisdom’s stats increased by 5 each.>

<Skill ‘Pain’s Perspiration’ has been added.>

< The blessings of the user, ‘Muyoung’ will upgrade the rank of ‘Pain’s Perspiration’ skill to ‘B’.>


Name: Pain’s Perspiration

Effect: An extreme chill is placed onto a weapon.

* It freezes everything touched by the weapon.

* Be careful, as it could even freeze you.



Ice covered all around Anguish.

As he lightly shook, the moisture in its surrounding’s froze.

After seeing ice powder fluttering like particles, Muyoung nodded his head.


You might think it was just a freezing skill but it was on another level compared to the ice type skills used by wizards.

Would it be called an ‘authority’ for no reason?

With just this authority, Arthur gained the title of Baron.

Its strength didn’t lack compared to top rank ice type skills like Blizzard or Ice Dragon’s Breath.

‘The crystallizations are appearing more frequently than I expected.’

Two crystallizations appeared after killing two Barons.

It was too lucky even considering the effects of the Devil Hunter title.

Since approximately with calculations, you needed to kill at least twenty nobles to earn just one crystallization.

“I’ll return to the built stronghold.”

After confirming that all of the devils became ashes, he turned his body.

He could only use this move once, not having a spare castle to booby trap..

However, it was certainly effective.

‘The wind has changed.’

If there was no miracle, he was going to create it.

Muyoung thought of numerous ways to overcome the current situation.

Alliman and Arthur were dead.

When Bastro sent more soldiers after feeling strange, there was only a collapsed castle.

“They were killed.”

Indeed, as he lost two in a row, it didn’t feel all that good.

Through this, he was able to confirm that his enemy was formidable but it was the truth that he looked down on his enemy.

“If I was to refuse a provoked fight, I, Bastro, cannot be considered a warrior.”

About 100,000 soldiers were reduced to 90,000 already.

You could say it was only 1/10 of his army, but he gave it up too easily.

“Alluna! Swing! I’ll give you guys 20,000 soldiers each. Find them and kill them cruelly!”

Even if two thousand or five thousand didn’t work, it would be hard with ten thousand.

However, with 40,000 devil soldiers, they could destroy even the huge castle of humans.

He didn’t believe the current apparent enemy could also face 40,000 devil soldiers as well.




Looking at the appearance of the monsters that were part of the fight, they were very lousy.

‘Dokkaebis, dwarves, and elves… they are all insignificant creatures.’

The ones who have a limit from birth.

Unless they were extremely rare species like the high elves or rune dwarves, they couldn’t have dared to fight with the devils.  

If they were to lose now, it would also be a humiliation.

He couldn’t suffer that sort of humiliation.

“I will present you the enemy’s head.”

“For Bastro’s glory!”

Then, the rest of the two Barons left with 40,000 soldiers.

Baroness Alluna and Baron Swing also didn’t think they would ever lose.

Muyoung chose guerrilla.

With speed battle as his lead, he killed off his enemies little by little.

He used the advantage of the topography, made detours, and encamped as he followed ‘the ways for the weak to win against the strong’ like a textbook.

Here, Bae Sungmin made a big impact.

As an arc lich, he was able to use magic and holy powers at the same time and even if it was a lich it was still extremely dangerous to a devil, therefore there were lots of use for him.

“This rat like bastard!”

Those were her last words.


Baroness Alluna’s body was frozen solid.

It was because Muyoung’s sword penetrated Alluna’s center.


<You have defeated ‘Baroness Alluna’.>

<You have earned 5000 lord points.>

<You have earned ‘Harmony’s Crystallization’.>


Three in a row.

As he killed nobles, he continuously earned crystallizations.

Of course, it wasn’t bad to earn them. The crystallization was the devil’s strength itself. As he ate more and more, he got stronger.

Clang! Claaang!

As Alluna was killed, the offshore devil soldiers made a frantic last-ditch effort.

Muyoung also used all his military strength.

The progress of the battle was a tie.

The situation couldn’t be helped. As one low level devil soldier was a match to three dokkaebis.

They were fighting well thanks to them draining the devil soldiers’ strength in advance.

Even if they were to win, they wouldn’t be able to avoid a great loss.

Thump! Thump!

It was at that moment.

From afar, giants of fire approached them.


It was Ogar and about a hundred fire tars.

As Ogar was glad to see him, he called Muyoung’s name as he threw devil soldiers aside.

No matter if they were devil soldiers, unless they were nobles, they couldn’t easily be an opponent to Ogar.

But, he wasn’t the only one.

A big fire tar, the great chieftain stood out among them.

Even the excited devil soldiers couldn’t approach him easily.

It felt like there was an invisible wall that was activated around him.

‘They finally came.’

After looking at them, a small arc was drawn with Muyoung’s lips.


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