KotB Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Disordered Terror (3)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous



Bae Sungmin. Contract of Death?

Muyoung momentarily knitted his brows.

There was a video that passed by his head.

A video of a huge ‘lump of flesh’ that recklessly massacred a city as it became loose.

It was plastered with eyeballs and from its huge mouth, there was an endless division of light.

So, people were unable to easily approach it.

It was truly like a bomb, and if they were to approach it, there was a highly likely chance that it would disappear with the city.

Soon, the lump of flesh spurted feathers of a bird and then flew off far away.

However, for some reason, it was a familiar figure.

‘Bae Suzy’s father.’


Muyoung nodded his head.

If it was Bae Sungmin, there was a time when he made a Contract of Death with Muyoung.

He didn’t want to become Suzy’s baggage and so asked Muyoung to find a way to become stronger.

As in exchange, Muyoung had told him about a skill he could earn from the Sky Library.

But, for him to turn into that form, it felt strange.

‘He probably became a victim of an experiment.’

He probably turned into that form due to reckless experiments performed by eccentrics.

As there were quite a few people who performed cruel experiments with the grounds that it was for a great cause.

However, if he became an undead through the Contract of Death, it would be in an enhanced form.

Originally, he was supposed to become a normal undead but it seemed like its madness and division was preventing it.


However, Muyoung knew what that lump of flesh’s original form was.

The Contract of Death was still fully activated.

Just that although it was activated, due to a lot of things being jumbled up, something weird came.

At the roots of that lump of flesh, there was a ‘lich’.

As a top rank monster, it wasn’t weird at all to call it a one-man army.

But, he couldn’t say it was a normal lich.

Light and darkness coexisted and it was divided infinitely.

It was to a degree where it was understandable for it to pop at any time.

‘Where was it headed?’

The lump of flesh.

The Disordered Terror spread its long wings.

And started to head towards a certain place.

It flew by jumping from space to space.

Even the strong men who followed it didn’t risk it.

It wasn’t in their interest to tragically die with it.

‘Nest. It’s trying to make a nest.’

Muyoung anticipated the Disordered Terror’s next move.

Even if it was mixed, it didn’t seem like the Lich’s trait disappeared.

A lich was a monster that was known as an army unto itself.

If it was to start being active, it would produce numerous problems.

“Can we start now?”

King Slayer asked.

After noticing Muyoung’s change, he had just stood there.

However, he also wasn’t relaxed.

Today was the last day. Afterwards, he had to leave Muyoung to do the things he needed to.


Muyoung took the initiative.

He moved his feet, and following the grains of the wind, he went in towards King Slayer’s chest slowly but accurately.

The time Muyoung had now was more important than anything else.

He was growing every minute, every second.

Muyoung also knew this very well.

It was okay to think about the Disordered Terror afterwards.

King Slayer was surprised. He couldn’t be helped but be surprised.

The speed in which Muyoung learned was beyond one’s imaginations.

Even if you started from scratch, it would still be slower than this.

After realizing his own problems, he had been growing day by day.

He tossed his original swordsmanship and was taking a step forward.

‘Just by watching.’

He could see the grains, feel them, and correctly figure them out.

Was this really possible in a week?

It wasn’t normal.

Even himself, a Master of Darkness, felt this way.

If he was to fight against the Demon Gods, this speed was a must, but, it was a development speed that even freaked out King Slayer.

‘It’s too bad.’

King Slayer smacked his lips.

It wasn’t important to him if Muyoung was evil or good.

What he wished to see was whether or not Muyoung would break after gaining his strength.

However, after teaching him for a week, he felt a bit sad.

It was because if he had a bit more time, he would have shown him more of the skills he had.

It didn’t seem like a bad idea to watch Muyoung quickly learn and get stronger.

‘A master and pupil relationship… am I trying to become a teacher?’

He laughed quietly.

Although it was only one week, that was enough to make his heart flutter for a while.

As if he remembered a memory which he forgot for a very long time, it made him smile.

If he had a pupil like Muyoung, it would be a pain but wouldn’t it be great as it is?

But that would only be possible if he was to overcome the difference in time and world.

It seemed he needed to be satisfied with just the one week.


Late at night.

A day where the moonlight was in the middle of the sky.

The Hellhorse came down and mournfully cried.

He rubbed his face against King Slayer, as if begging King Slayer to take him with him.

However, King Slayer was determined.

“Don’t avoid a fight with him.”

King Slayer was understanding of the relationship between Muyoung and the Hellhorse.

Even what Muyoung was after.

Before his last favor, he was going to overpower the Hellhorse.

And to be at that level, he wasn’t that far.

King Slayer looked up at the sky.

“I need to find out. what this twist will bring. Demon Gods… whatever Baal is planning,here is something that the Masters of Darkness are unaware of.”

It was unusual.

For now, everything seemed to be nothing more than a flap of butterfly wings, but he couldn’t know of what that would lead to in the future.

So before they really start, he needed to know about them.

He couldn’t just stay not knowing anything and get caught off guard.

“It is this world’s, Solomon’s law, that the Masters of Darkness can’t interfere. Have you forgotten?”

That moment, Swell approached with only common courtesy.

Swell was full of pride about his blood line, but a Master of Darkness? His existence alone was sufficient enough to be treated well.

“I know.”

“If you really think about it, it was against the law to teach him yourself for a week. I don’t know why everyone else let that pass but if you go any further it will be dangerous.”

The other Masters of Darkness remained idle at King Slayer’s actions.

It shouldn’t be possible, but it was, as it involved King Slayer.

The noblest one.

Since even the Masters of Darkness respected him.

Swell might not be aware of this but either way, doing more than this was dangerous.

If the laws of the world get tangled, there was a possibility that his existence itself could disappear.

“Oris spoketo me.”


“To be exact, as I traced back the memories of the world tree, there was a message left by him. ‘The world will be twisted once, and that twists will produce illness. Stop the prevalence of illness.’ He must have seen something we didn’t.”


The leading role that led the Twilight Era, when the elves were most powerful.

It was told that he was a strong being who almost reached the level of a half god.

On top, he had the insight to read the stars and see the future.

If he said illness it would mean evil. And only the Demon Gods were pure evil.

It might be linked to the Demon Gods’ movements which King Slayer felt strange about.

“So are you saying you will ignore the law?”

Swell’s hostility towards him was beyond description.

Masters of Darkness needed to be examples, role models of Solomon’s Law.

However, currently, that existence was trying to break the law.

Once again, King Slayer looked towards Muyoung.

After an intense fight, Muyoung passed out. He purposely made him pass out.

It was to quietly leave him.

He spoke quietly.

“Don’t I need to buy time for you to bloom?”

Wouldn’t he need to leave behind hope after the epidemic?


* * *


Twilight village existed on the outskirts of the Great City.

As a small village with a population of about 3,000 people, it was located at the edge of a cliff.

Like all villages and cities, their main source of income was hunting and farming.

They had a bit more affection than the Great City and also strong people frequently visited the Twilight Village to lay low.

“The mountain is dried up.”

“Shit. The Great City will also be chaotic.”

“What should we do? We would die if we stay here like this. There is a limit with just us.”

And to enter the Twilight Village, you needed to pass over a small mountain range.

The problem was the that the entire mountain range was full of monsters.

And it was a problem since they weren’t just normal monsters but undead.

So, everyone gathered in the center of the village and continued to have a furious debate.

“Help from other cities?”

“They are all passive. I think it happened near the Great City… but no one knows of the details.”

“Meaning the shit they made blocked that mountain range.”

Twilight Village was in a remote place.

The mountain range was dangerous and it was an awkward place to enter with mass military forces.

On top, there were no groups that actively tried to get rid of the unknown cause of the undead.

It was because if they weren’t careful and were to bother a lich, they wouldn’t get the chance to  regret their actions.

“So? Are we going to stay here and get attacked?”

“If we get their help, it might be possible to break through and leave this place.”

“But, what of our honor?”

“Don’t. First, let’s try to take care of it on our own.”

The people they talked about were the strong people who were laying low.

However, the strong people who laid low were a help to the city just by staying.

The reason why the Twilight Village could exist without being reliant on another place was all thanks to them.

Even more, like a rite of passage, they spent loads of their wealth while they stayed in the village.

“I was wondering why it was so loud in here, seems like you need some help?”

Unexpectedly, a big figure appeared in the debate room.


“Aman? Aman of Blood and Iron?”

Those who saw him widened their eyes.

Aman of Blood and Iron was a very prideful soldier. A man who was strong enough to be considered as one of the strong people.

He also was laying low in this place.

“I was actually observing the problem in the mountain range. We probably need to do something before the area of undead broadens. A few people, including myself, should be able to handle them.”

Aman was confident.

In reality, there were a few strong people who were willing to help him.

If they were to work together with the village people, it didn’t seem like a bunch of undead would be a problem.

“Ahh, if you would step up for us, there is no more reason to be concerned. However, would it be okay? There wouldn’t be much we could give as payment.”

“I don’t need it. I just want to live a quiet life.”

Aman placed his greatsword over his shoulder.

And his appearance exuded the aura of someone dependable.

“50 strong and quick men. And prepare a week’s worth of food and water. It’s been awhile since I hunted undead.”

Aman smiled.

The next day.

About 60 men left the village.

And they didn’t come back.

A month.

The village was isolated.

Most men who left the village to hunt the undead never came back.

No, there were times when they did come back.

They came back as undead and attacked the village.

It seemed certain that they would be defeated. The once lively village was now full of cries of the dead.

There were times when other villages said they would help but they weren’t able to break through the mountain range.

For Twilight Village,there was… no hope.

It was tough enough to just to stop the undead that attacked every day.

When they hit the walls, they were splintered further,infinitely repeating itself. However, it didn’t seem like it would withstand for long.

Ding- Ding-

The bell rung.

It meant that someone was close to the wall.

Late at night, everyone rubbed their eyes as they got up from their spot.

Since they lacked men, even women had to be on guard at night.

Those who were protecting the wall were all tensed up.

Undead invaded every 2 to 3 days.

Every time they invaded, they ranged from a few dozen to a few hundred..

But, not this time.

There was only one undead that invaded.

However, something was odd.

The undead wore a robe that covered his whole body and brought along a wagon, and it was full of faces of undead.

And they were all faces they were well aware of.

“Aman! It’s Aman’s face!”

“Haas! My son, Hass has….ahhhh!”

Everyone wailed as they focused their arrows towards the undead.

Then, the undead took off his robe.


“It looks like a person. You can feel the liveliness from the face.”

“He went over… the mountain range?”

“Wait, isn’t that a fairy?”

As if they couldn’t believe what they were seeing, they looked at the man.

It was amazing for the man to come over the mountain range but he even had a fairy that flew around him.

“Open it.”

The ultimate expressionless face!

The man spoke with a tone that made them feel chills.


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