KotB Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Disordered Terror (2)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous



“Mister, are you really gonna leave?”

Kim Taehwan.

The young man with a bright future, the one who has the Shield of Eradication and the unique class the Guardian of Eradication.

Most people thought of him that way.

He was at the Blue Temple with Muyoung and accomplished quite a significant number of things following him.

In reality, Kim Taehwan’s results were surprising among the ‘rookies’.

“I must go. I can’t just leave my daughter be.”

Bae Suzy’s father, Bae Sungmin spoke.

Likewise, he was also from the same temple as Muyoung, the Blue Temple, but he lost his both arms and barely survived until now through the support of his daughter, Bae Suzy.

However, his daughter Bae Suzy was kidnapped by the ‘Fighting King’. Right in front of his eyes.

He couldn’t imagine a life without Bae Suzy.

In this world, Bae Suzy was Bae Sungmin’s only family member.

A treasure worth more than anything else!

The apple of his eye?

It wasn’t even at that level.

Just by looking at her, he felt alive.

After Bae Suzy was kidnapped, he felt like the sky fell down.

Even now, he could clearly see the situation at that time when he closed his eyes.

When he dreamt, Suzy reproached him for not being able to save her.

It was a continuation of days of wanting to die.

But, he couldn’t.

At least…Suzy must be saved.

That was why, like Muyoung suggested, he went up the Sky Library and mastered the Study of the Darkness Spirit.

“Are you really alright?”

“I know what you’re worried about. However, I am able to protect my own body. Although I don’t have both arms, I can substitute them.”

As Bae Sungmin smiled, haze appeared on both sides of his empty arms.

“It’s amazing every time I see it. How it’s a darkness spirit but it produces a shining feeling…”

Kim Taehwan glanced at the haze with wonder.

Certainly, the darkness spirits didn’t fit the name.

However, that was because of Bae Suzy’s ‘Lineage of Light’ skill she learned.

Lineage was something passed on by blood.

Even to Suzy’s father, a similar effect would have been left.

Since he was her only family, that effect would have appeared more strongly.

As the two didn’t know of this truth, they couldn’t help but find it odd.

“By the way, are you really thinking of entering that guild?”

“Yes, I’m going to enter the ‘Glow Guild’.”

Like the Sun Guild, the Glow Guild was also one of the 9 Great Guilds.

At that place, they proposed a deal to Taehwan and Taehwan accepted it.

At first, he was planning to start a guild himself but as Muyoung and all other key members left, it was a decision that couldn’t be helped.

Taehwan’s face hardened as he continued to talk.

“I’m going to go in… and change it. From the inside. I’m going to stop the few guilds and clans from dominating and change this selfish humankind. I will make a world where it is no longer strange to combine strength. Didn’t we also accomplish it?”

“True, if it’s you, it can be done. I trust you.”

“Watch me. The current association is too chauvinistic, and so became rotten. Though it wasn’t a long time since we’ve arrived, I understand. That if we go on like this that we will eventually be destroyed. But, within it, there should surely be people with the same thought as me. I will work my way up… and change it.”

It was his promise to himself.

Sungmin nodded his head.

“When we meet again, I hope it does happen.”

“Mister… please come back in good health.”

Their eyes met.

That was how the two promised to meet again in the future before they parted ways.

Sungmin roamed about aimlessly.

As he followed the Fighting King’s footsteps, his skills also improved.

The weak died in this world. Only the strong could achieve what they want.

It was one of Muyoung’s sayings which he heard enough about.

Then, coincidently he entered the City of Elves.

The elves were amazingly kind.

If they were normal darkness spirits, they would have excluded Sungmin, but Sungmin dealt with light type spirits.

Elves welcomed Sungmin, a spirit master who managed that sort of spirits.

And through the help of the elves, Sungmin’s skills improved each day.

It could be said that it was a steep rise.

Since he was able to instantly make both arms and was able to attack and block.

However, he couldn’t just continue to stay with the elves.

With a lot of stories, Sungmin left… and was caught by the Lawless Clan.

He was forced to become the host of the forbidden ancient darkness spirit, ‘Disordered Terror’.

Afterwards, he had no memory.

Just pain and hate.


“Are the Sword Bone Trio not here yet?!”

Lawless Jin angrily yelled.

It had been already 3 months since the Sword Bone Trio left the Lawless Clan.

They should have already entered the Demon God’s Territory and achieved their goal.

However, there was no news of them.


A man beside him wearing a white coat started to speak as he was taken back.

“W-well, we can’t get in touch. It has already been a week.”

“How does that make sense?! Are you saying that something happened to the Sword Bone Trio?!”


It didn’t make sense.

The trio was quite capable of even facing a transcendental being.

Of course, since it was the Demon God’s Territory, no one could be assured of the place, and a transcendental being like monster could be common.

Lawless Jin tapped his chin.

“If the ‘Disordered Terror’ goes wild, the damage would grow out of control. Do you know of this?”

“There…there is a way.”

“There is a way?”

As Lawless Jin looked at him with doubtful eyes, the man with the white coat swallowed his saliva.

“We didn’t just cultivate the Disordered Terror.”

“The host wouldn’t withstand it.”

“That host has a strength to resist the Disordered Terror. If we feed him a spirit that weakens the strength of the Disordered Terror, we could suppress it temporarily.”

“Suppress it. Suppress it…”

Lawless Jin pondered for a moment before he nodded his head.

There were many spirits they were cultivating. Among them, the Disordered Terror was the most superior, but there was something quite useful among the spirits of opposite tendency.

“Give him the ‘Armful’s Cradle’.”

“Isn’t it a spirit that isn’t fully cultivated?”

“Either way, there isn’t another spirit that could suppress the strength of the Disordered Terror. Since it has both Armful and Cradle in its name, it probably could suppress the strength of the Disordered Terror.”

First, weaken its strength before making a new plan.

They needed to first take care of this most urgent problem.

“…I understand.”

The man with the white coat heavily nodded.

The two spirits were too great of an existence for a person totake in.

But, he said to mix the two spirits at once.

No one could predict what would happen next.

King Slayer’s movements were infinitely slowed.

Each move, one by one, Muyoung just watched as if he was dissecting them.

A week had passed.

His sense of time had become weird. Slowly, the world became slower.

It was a slightly different feeling than when he used ‘acceleration’.

He couldn’t explain it in words but it felt like the world that King Slayer saw.

Slowly, more slowly, and more perfectly.

‘At most 128 times.’

King Slayer was able to move in a world at most 128 times slower.

It was the conclusion he made after watching him for a full week.

His eyes couldn’t help but to widen.

Even for acceleration, 2 times was the limit. And even that was usually only available in equipment over A rank.

However, King Slayer ruled over an area.

Within a specific area, he could manage time freely.

Everything was placed below his hands.

The thing that made it possible for him to read the grains of area and time.

And in the center… there was a sword.


<Skill ‘Swordmaster’ rank has increased. B -> A>

<You have learned the main point of ’Sentiment Du Fer Critical (None)’.>

<Being one with a sword and having the sword’s trajectory become the area of your mind. It’s the strength in managing and ruling over a sword.>

<You can awaken a sealed sword.>

<You can become the owner of all swords.>

<You can see and feel ‘grains’.>


He started to see in full detail.

He was understanding King Slayer’s movements.

Why he needed to move slowly.

It was to look at the ‘grains’ of all things in the world.

With only this strength, he didn’t overlook the world.

He tried to kill all the kings and create a new world.

‘I just stepped into the world of swords.’

He was embarrassed of himself for being confident in his swordsmanship.

It was like Muyoung just stepped into the world of swords.

However, he was satisfied with being able to just seethe potential.

He couldn’t see it all but it was important that he could see bits.

It was a small enlightenment.

This also led to changes in Muyoung’s body.

<’Gem of the Sage’ has melted further into your body.>

<All pure stats greatly increased.>

<Achievement, ‘Dragon Hunter’ effect has been affected.>

<Achievement, ‘Gremory’s Anguish’ effect has been affected.>

Muyoung grasped his shaking arm.

His heart beat rapidly and produced strength.

Moment by moment, it was a continuation of development for Muyoung.

That had occurred for a week already.

To check what had changed, he turned to his status viewer.


Achievement Effect –>

Dragon Hunter (A+++, Dragon’s Enemy)

Gremory’s Anguish (A+, +5 to all abilities)

Stats ->   

Strength 255(147+108)   Agility 232(143+89)

Stamina 266(136+130)   Intelligence 230(141+89)

Wisdom 211(142+69)   Fighting Aura 202(102+100)

Magic Resistance 250(90+160)   Spirit Ability 150(90+60)

Besides Spirit Ability, all stats were above 200.


Due to the heart of the Dark Dragon Barca, his pure stats had greatly increased.

If it was like this, he basically had the strength of an elite in a huge guild.

‘I need to get stronger.’

However, Muyoung couldn’t be satisfied.

He faced enemies on the level of King Slayer, a super strong being, how could he be pleased with just this much?

But, he couldn’t hurry.

Following the grains, slowly moving to become the absolute of all things in the world!

“You can now see ‘grains’.”

King Slayer spoke as if he was quite surprised.

It seemed like he wasn’t even certain if Muyoung could learn to see the grains in just a week.


Muyoung slowly took out Anguish.

“Ha! If a person sees the grains for the first time, they would be oppressed by the grand and vast strength. Up for a fight?”

King Slayer willingly started the last fight.

After taking out his greatsword, he continued to talk.

“The sword that you hold. Its strength isn’t fully obtained.”

“You mean there are other functions?”

“Did you find the Star of David?”

As Muyoung nodded, King Slayer continued to talk.

“The Star of David was a place created when the demon gods were born. What that means is that the sword isn’t small. If it was a sword in the place of the core, depending on what you do with it, it could even be a sword that could cut through a demon god.”

Muyoung looked at Anguish.

For it to be able to cut through a demon god.

However, it was now an A+ rank sword.

If it absorbs other swords, it might be possible someday but currently, it was a long way to go.

‘There is that much underlying strength?’

Of course, he couldn’t easily believe it.

Although it could absorb swords, every weapon has its own limit and class.

If it could cut through gods, it must be above S rank.

If it’s an EX rank sword, which was not seen by any human but was used by Demon God Baal who held the 1st seat, it could easily cut through any and all demon gods. But Muyoung was skeptical whether or not Anguish could develop that much.”

However, there was no reason for King Slayer to lie either.

He was truly a master of swords.

He was able to figure out strengths which Muyoung could not see.

And it was at that moment when Muyoung was finding a new aspect of Anguish.


<Bae Sungmin has died.>

<From the authority of the Death Lord, ‘Contract of Death’ has been activated.>

<The ancient darkness spirit ‘Disordered Terror’ goes wild.>

<The activation of ‘Contract of Death’ has been restricted.>


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