KotB Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Disordered Terror (1)

TL: Yoni

Editor: Lesurous



But how?

‘Two different worlds were connected.’

It was because of Muyoung.  

It was because Muyoung himself had heard the sound of the world itself that King Slayer was able to come to the Underworld.  

King Slayer looked at Muyoung.  

And slowly raised his sword.  

“Look carefully. This is a ‘sword’.”


Sword One ran towards him. It was in an instant.  

With movements like flashes of lightning, he aimed for King Slayer’s throat.  

But, he wasn’t holding a sword. In his hand, a condensed energy soared up like a sword.  

Sword Stars!  

A formless sword made by condensed energy.  

A move that is known to be sharper than any sword.  

It was a skill, beyond unique, that only a select few among the Five Great Clans could use.

Whatever touched the Sword Stars, no matter if it was steel, it was sliced like tofu.  

At least from Muyoung’s understanding, it was so.  



It was blocked.  

That wasn’t all.

The Sword Stars were cut off.


Sword One murmured as he looked at his hand, unable to believe that it was sliced off through the Sword Stars.  

It was impossible.  

On top of that, the sword King Slayer used wasn’t even special.  

It was a long greatsword but he couldn’t feel any type of energy.  

It wasn’t even covered by King Slayer’s power.  

It just sliced.

And his hand was sliced off.  

“Grains exist in all the things in the world. Seek slowness and look at the grains. Then, there won’t be anything you can’t slice.”

King Slayer posed for the next movement.   

“I will show you. The strength of those who you need to face.”

In front of the top 10 humans, Muyoung was no different than a young child.

Right away, Muyoung realized what King Slayer was talking about.  

Demon God.

King Slayer was trying to teach him the true power the 72 Demon Gods had.  

It was to show him that the opponent he needed to face wasn’t the humans who were in front of him.  

“My entire life has been about swords. 56 years! I will not acknowledge you!”   

Sword One ground his teeth.  

He seared his wound and with the other hand, he once again extracted Sword Stars!  

Sword Bone. Those who were crazy about swords.  

It was obvious his pride about handling swords would rend the skies.  

That pride, that title as one of the top 10 humans, was being toyed with.

Heat shimmers started to form on Sword One’s whole body.

He was using his life and turning it into his strength.  

It was a desperate determination to kill his opponent and himself.  

‘He’s fast.’

Sword One accelerated at a speed which Muyoung couldn’t catch with his vision.   

It looked like he had one sword. But within it, there were dozens of sword strikes.  

However, King Slayer didn’t move a step.  

Like child’s play, he blocked all of Sword One’s sword strikes and attacked the weak points of all the Sword Star’s attacks.  

All of his attacks weren’t just blocked, they were destroyed.  

“It isn’t possible, this isn’t possible!!”

What was Sword Stars?

It was a move he gathered to be perfect and simplified.  

The one swordsmanship he completed by being the experimental subject of numerous martial experts for many years.  

He had mastered it better than anyone else so there shouldn’t be a gap.  

But, there was.  

As if there was nothing perfect in this world, he pierced it.  

On top of it all, it wasn’t even swordsmanship.  

There was no structure. It ignored all pathways of basic swordsmanship.  

He couldn’t accept it.  

For someone who doesn’t follow the structure of swordsmanship to exist.  

However, on the other hand, Sword One couldn’t stop King Slayer’s attacks.  

Slow sword.  

Sword One also couldn’t stop the sword that attacked Muyoung numerous times.   


Muyoung shuddered.  

King Slayer. It felt like he could also modify time.  

His own world and a completely different time.  

It wasn’t even destructive.  

Normally, attacks from strong people tend to destroy everything in their surroundings.  

However, King Slayer focused everything to a single point.  

With pure swordsmanship, he overturned reason and truth.  

Just calmly stab and destroy the opponent.  

A sky above a sky.  

This was what a sky above a sky would be like.  

Even if Muyoung was at his prime state, he wouldn’t be his opponent.  

Even if it was Muyoung, he couldn’t cut the sky.  

And King Slayer was currently showing Muyoung who he needed to face in the future.  

To cut the sky.

To kill gods.  


Not long after, Sword One’s head soared away into the sky.  

This was an unusual scene but Muyoung found enlightenment every time King Slayer moved.  

<The rank of skill ‘Swordmaster’ has increased. C ->B> <All stats greatly increased.>

His body shivers died down.  

Muyoung sat down and closed his eyes.  

He reviewed King Slayer’s movements and tried to bear a similarity to his slowness.  

Eventually, a change occurred to Muyoung’s body.  

Above his head, a red snake like haze rose.  

The red snake circled around Muyoung before it penetrated his head.  

It was the Gem of the Sage.  

It reacted to the dragon’s heart and changed into that a similar form.  

Also, the red snake was the world which Muyoung saw. It was a form based on the sound he heard from the place and King Slayer’s movements.  

However, it was dangerous.  

Muyoung knitted his brows.  

If he was to overstrain himself and try to accept everything, he could lose it all as a consequence.  

King Slayer approached Muyoung.  

Then, he placed his hand on Muyoung’s forehead.  

Then, slowly Muyoung’s expression brightened.  


King Slayer spoke briefly.  

The red snake became a red dragon and slowly went around Muyoung.  

Once again, his body started to reconstruct.  

When Muyoung opened his eyes, he was inside a cave.  

He felt like he had just dreamt a long dream.  

The destroyed cave was restored and Swell was looking at someone was a very nervous face.  

“You’re up.”

King Slayer!  

It wasn’t a dream. With his silver colored helmet and armor on, he greeted Muyoung.  


Right beside him, the Hellhorse was also with them.  

It was nagging at its owner who it hadn’t met in a while.  

Muyoung tried to get up but placed his hand on the floor.  

His entire body had no strength.  

“Don’t push yourself. You have overcome a great wall. You will need to recuperate a few more days.”

King Slayer advised him.  

A great wall. Muyoung nodded his head. He faintly remembered how he overcame another wall.  

“I saw a red dragon.”

“Swordmaster’s wall starts with you being able to see that snake. If what you saw wasn’t a snake but a dragon, you could become a much stronger being than the Swordmaster.”

“How did it appear?”

It was a short question, but it contained a lot more connotation.  

King Slayer got up and clasped his hands behind his back.  

“I’m the main body but not the main body. To be exact, you could say that I’m a part of a memory from the world tree. Didn’t you call me?”

“I did…?”

Muyoung knitted his brows.  

He instinctively called King Slayer after listening to the sound of the world?

King Slayer spoke.  

“I can’t stay long in this current world. For the next 7 days, I will show you my sword. Your task is to absorb it all.”

It was an announcement.  

For Muyoung to just watch and take in.  

King Slayer spoke as if it couldn’t be helped that Muyoung wouldn’t be able to discern it all.

Muyoung heavily nodded.  

Then, he looked at Swell.  

Swell was strangely keeping in check with King Slayer.  

“My master said that the Masters of Darkness couldn’t come out. If they did, a grave catastrophe would occur. But, as you came out to the Underworld, what are you going to do from now on? Did you come to the Underworld, just to teach that dokkaebi?”

Surprisingly, Swell knew about the Masters of the Darkness.  

Swell who was full of pride spoke politely.  

“Merlin, that half devil?”

“Do not speak of him that way. Master hates evil more than anyone else.”

“I don’t care what happens to the world.”

King Slayer shrugged his shoulders.  

His sword didn’t have any trace of hatred or revenge.  

He had already risen above it all.  

This might not be true for other Masters of the Darkness, but it was true for King Slayer.  

Instead, he just wanted to see the future of Muyoung.  

Muyoung said that he would not break. Truly, up until now, he showed no sign of wavering. That was why he was more interested.  


“Do you know that Merlin tried to make the person in front of you his disciple?”

“Is that true?”

Swell widened his eyes.  

He made a look as if he couldn’t believe it even if he looked at Muyoung.  

“Merlin hated evil. I’m not fond of evil either. However, different from Merlin, I don’t care which path he takes.”

Swell’s eyes were blurred with conflict.  

If a person taught by King Slayer was to follow a truly evil path, it would indeed be nothing different than a catastrophe.  

He started to think about if he needed to stop them from potentially becoming master and pupil.

Of course, he wasn’t certain if King Slayer would remain a spectator.  

At least he couldn’t just stand and watch evil rage before his eyes.  

Then, Muyoung raised his head.  

There was something else that bothered him more than the relationship between Swell and Merlin.  

“Why were they after the world tree?”

The past had changed.

There was no reason for the Sword Bone Trio to look for the world tree now.  

If Muyoung didn’t come looking for it, the world tree would have been robbed.  

The owner of Oris’s Throne would have also changed.  

Swell answered as he clicked his tongue.  

“They were after the spirits of the world tree. There is no way humans would have known about the spirits of the world tree, so they probably awoke the ancient darkness spirits. They had the similar scent as them.”

“The ancient darkness spirits?”

“The darkness spirits were even forbidden in ancient times. And if the ancient darkness spirits were to eat up the spirits of the world tree, they would obtain a power of a half god. However, ancient darkness spirits should all be sealed up… for mere humans to wake them, it isn’t easily believable.”

As if he couldn’t understand, Swell shook his head as his expression hardened.  

Even from his position, something unusual had occurred.  

* * *


From a dark secret room, a man screamed out loud.  

His hair turned white and from his mouth saliva drooled out.  

His whole body was tied up by chains and behind his back, a huge black heart was throbbing.  


Every time the heart pumped, he let out a scream.  

As the heart throbbed, dark powers crazily flooded out.  

Everything in the surroundings encroached with darkness as it showed traces of a curse.  

A man without both of his arms.  

From his body, from all of his holes, black tentacles stretched out.  

Moment by moment, it swallowed up living things and as it did, the black heart moved more rapidly.  

“’Disordered Terror’. Quite a name for a spirit.”

There was a man who looked at it from afar.  

The head of the Lawless Clan, Lawless Jin!  

Few thousands of warriors, among them, the man on top. He was looking at it with interest.  

“Will the Sword Bone Trio really be able to bring the spirits of the world tree?”

And behind Lawless Jin, a man who wore a white coat spoke.   

Lawless Jin answered.  

“If it’s the three, they can even face a transcendental being. If they are able to bring the spirits of the world tree, we gain a weapon that has the power of a half god.”  

A tip of Lawless Jin’s lip went up.  

If they were able to control the power of a half god, they would have a very strong secret weapon.  

“But the host wouldn’t be able to withstand for long.”

“Do everything to keep him alive. Out of a thousand candidates, he was the only one who stayed alive. It would be hard to find a host who is more fit for the ‘Disordered Terror’.”

“I am trying my best.”

“Alright. You must try your best. If we want to become the only clan and not the Five Great Clans.”

Lawless Jin clenched his fist.  

The Disordered Terror will be the cornerstone for them to become the only clan.

It was no different than a nuclear bomb, a weapon none would have an answer to.  

Now, it didn’t seem like that place was far.  


The man without both arms screamed more desperately.  

He was Bae Suzy’s father.  


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  2. History change when he gained the “Star of Absolute” recalled in chapter 85 but Muyoung doesn’t know that what he change of his new current timeline.

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