Chapter 55: The Outlaw (4)

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The woman tightly bit her lips.

Goblins liked to tease their prey.

They would never simply kill their prey.

Instead, it might be better to bite her tongue and die now.

But, she didn’t have the courage.

“Pl, please don’t come closer.”

Those words were all she could mutter.

The scrawny woman took out a marble from her bosom.

The marble was cut in half. It was emitting a purple light and a hidden power could be felt.

Muyoung who saw that half opened his eyes as if it was unexpected.

‘Marble of Territory?’

He finally seemed to understand how she came all the way here after going past the pack of fossae.

Honestly, he was half-doubtful.

The fossae were currently surrounding from afar and were slowly closing their distance. But, unless someone was quite strong, it was impossible for someone to slip through their blockade and approach Muyoung.

So he thought it was ‘fishing’ that wanderers would do but the story changed if she possessed the Marble of Territory.

‘It’s a tool only pioneers use.’

The Marble of Territory was an essential item that would be used to create a village or set up a city.

Those that were known as pioneers would use this item when setting up an area inside an unexplored territory.

It prevented low ranked monsters from approaching and created a land that humans could live on.

The foundation for erecting all cities began by using this marble.

Because she had an item like that, he understood why the fossae didn’t easily approach her.

Muyoung stretched his hand.

And he grabbed the Marble of Territory.

“How could a goblin…!”

The woman was shocked.

It wasn’t possible for a monster to personally touch the Marble of Territory.

It might have been possible if the monster was a high rank or a top rank but wasn’t he a goblin?

Of course, Muyoung wasn’t a goblin.

So there was nothing wrong with grabbing the Marble of Territory but for the lady who didn’t know that, she couldn’t help but misunderstand.

“Is there a village near here?”

“Village… there is something similar.”

She gulped down her saliva and replied.

It meant there was a gathering of people.

Muyoung grinned before saying.

“So you successfully entered the Demon God’s territory.”

“Wh, who are you? Are you really a goblin?”

The woman asked as if she was grasping at straws.

Although the goblin in front of her looked vicious, she didn’t feel any hostility from him.

And there was nothing she could do besides believe.

Muyoung briefly looked at the woman’s eyes.

The woman’s body curled up.

He slowly stretched his hand and touched the naked woman’s body.

Her body would flinch at his touch but she was already as weak as she could be so she was unable to resist.

‘Traces of abuse.’

However, Muyoung didn’t care about the woman’s feelings.

And he was quite a distance away from feeling sexual desire.

Only, he was slightly interested in the wounds on her body.

“So you escaped from your village.”

He said with certainty.

These injuries could only be created from abuse.

Although he didn’t know who that person was, he knew that whoever he was, he was very vicious.

So she eventually couldn’t take it any longer and escaped and stole the Marble of Territory along with her.

As if he had hit the mark, the woman sat down hugging her knees.

“Where is the village?”

“Ov, over there.”

She pointed her finger eastwards.

It was the direction Muyoung was moving towards while avoiding the pack of fossae.

‘I have to change my direction.’

It was actually better.

If he didn’t meet the woman, things would have gotten more difficult.

He was already in a situation where he was having difficulties just dealing with the fossae.

He wanted to worry about other problems after getting rid of the tenacious fossae.


The fossae cried from afar.

They had discovered the deaths of their companions.

Muyoung thought over the woman’s circumstances before coming to a conclusion.

‘There’s a lot I want to ask.’

First, he would take her with him.

“Get on.”

When he showed her his back, the woman only looked at him with a stiff body.

“I won’t stop you if you want to die.”

“N, no. My bo, body is stiff. One second…”

The woman quickly became serious and threw her body over his back.

‘Art of Death.’

Muyoung reanimated the dead fossae.

Because he was in a rush, the scores were low but it was enough if they could just gain a bit of time.

“Block them.”

A single command.

The fossae that have turned undead stood in a line.

Muyoung started to move his feet quickly.


He moved for half a day.

Only then could he escape from the fossae’s blockade.

Still, it was for at most 4 hours.

They would be followed afterwards but it was important that he gained some time to rest.

‘After the Fire Tars moved their village, the territories of other monsters became a mess.’

Muyoung sat near a well and clicked his tongue.

The reason why the fossae could be this active was because the Fire Tars had moved their village.

As a mess was created by monsters invading other territories while avoiding the Fire Tars, the area of activity of the fossae increased.

‘Fossae are monsters that have an incredible thirst for revenge. They won’t let me go.’

Muyoung started to hunt after Ogar left.

And he was briefly fascinated by his quick growth.

His mistake was killing the fossa cubs he came across coincidentally.

Afterwards, he was hunted by the fossae.

This continued for over three days.

‘I can’t keep going south. I have to reduce their numbers somehow.’

He didn’t have detailed information about this area.

It was suicidal to go down recklessly.

Tap. Tap.

Muyoung tapped his knees with his fingers.

Then he grabbed a branch and drew a line on the ground.

The fossae’s blockade, he drew the path and the location of the approaching pack.

“What are you drawing?”

Muyoung slightly lifted his head.

The naked woman approached after washing herself in the water.

A bold appearance unlike her first impression.

It meant she was certain that Muyoung wouldn’t kill her.

“A way.”

“Ahh, so… we are being chased by the fossae?”

“That’s right.”

There wasn’t really a reason to hide it.

The woman gently smiled.

“Then let’s combine our strength. I am also being chased.”

He already expected that.

The hunting party would have probably been formed by now.

However, Muyoung was cold.

“You have to be helpful for us to even combine our strengths.”

“I know the paths in this area. So help me leave the Demon God’s territory. And we will naturally be able to get rid of the fossae as well.”


It didn’t matter if she knew the paths, it was impossible to leave the Demon God’s territory.

It would be difficult unless they had multiple lives.

As if she anticipated Muyoung’s reply, she gave him the next best plan.

“Then ensure my safety. We can’t survive on our own anyways.”

A change in attitude.

She was completely different from when she was filled with fear.

She tried to reveal her worth as she attempted to negotiate.

‘We can’t survive on our own, huh.’

Muyoung was secretly speechless.

He had experienced situations that were multiple times more severe than this.

The current actions of the woman were like holding a candle to the sun.

After carrying her and keeping her alive, it seemed that she believed that it would continue.

She simply regarded herself too highly.

Muyoung got up from his place.

Then he slowly approached the woman and grabbed her neck and lifted her up.

“I think you’re mistaken. We are not equals.”

The woman would die without Muyoung but Muyoung wouldn’t die without her.

So how could they be equal?


As he strengthened his grip, the woman’s face became pale.

“Cough, cough…!”

“You need to cough up everything you know. So your life can extend by even a second.”

The woman must have thought that Muyoung wouldn’t kill her but she must have realized by now that that was a delusion.

Although it would become a bit more difficult, it was a situation that he could definitely handle by himself.

It was good to be bold but that was still something they had to show depending on the situation.

“If you understand, nod your head.”

“I, I under… please…!”


As soon as he loosened his grip, the woman collapsed on the ground and breathed heavily.

Muyoung unconcernedly asked her questions.

“You definitely said there was a village. How many people are there, who are in charge and how is the village run?”

“Cough! A hun… hundred. The one known as Heidegger kidnapped people and created a territory. He treats everyone like slaves.”

Her strong will disappeared.

She had become a rabbit stricken with fear.

She had understood her position.

Muyoung meditated on her reply.

A hundred people. It was more than he expected.

What was more, Muyoung knew the name that came out of the woman’s mouth.

“The Outlaw Heidegger?”

“Tha, that’s right. How did you know?”

The woman was frightened.

Her expression asked how a goblin could possibly know that name.

Muyoung frowned.

The Outlaw Heidegger.

He never imagined he would hear his name here.

He was definitely evil and was not bound to human standards.

Because of his cruel and wicked personality, there was even a time when he was chased by all the guilds and clans.

The word great villain really suited him.

Anyways, how was he currently within the Demon God’s territory?

‘I never heard that they found any signs of humans here.’

That meant, Heidegger’s new plan failed.

Or he moved after succeeding.

However, he couldn’t understand just why he would set up an area in a place crawling with monsters.

‘Heidegger became notorious after the Great Calamity started.’

There wasn’t much information about him before then.

But, Heidegger liked to complete weird trials.

There was a high chance that his actions had something to do with a trial.

‘There’s something here. He’s not the type of bastard who moves without certainty.’

A trial that required him to kidnap more than 100 people and even enter a Demon God’s territory!

His mouth watered.

There were many things still unknown about Heidegger after becoming notorious.

As he had suddenly appeared and disappeared.

There were rumors that he was killed by a Demon God or died in a trial but that was it.

They were all only rumors.

However, Heidegger was a figure that was chased down by all the large groups.

He had that much power.

And the origin of his power could be from this place.

Muyoung organized his thoughts and said.

“Do you know what Heidegger is trying to do?”

“There are words that it has something to do with ancient relics. Besides that, I don’t know.”

Even if she said relics, there were many types.

Anyways, it was definitely something to covet.

This time, he changed his question.

“How many hunters do you think will chase you?”


“I’m talking about Heidegger’s companions that are going to chase you.”

She thought for a moment before opening her mouth.

“Thirteen. If they don’t have the Marble of Territory, they aren’t able to declare their territory. Everyone should be coming after me.”

She was definitely more obedient.

Although she was still somewhat stricken with fear, it was better than taking the lead and getting dragged down.

‘Thirteen people and Heidegger. It’s enough.’

Muyoung nodded his head.

“We need to lure them in and make them fight with the fossae.”

“Sorry…? That, that’s dangerous.”

“I did not ask you for your opinion.”

It was an announcement.

And this was the optimal method to survival.

The woman who only thought to run trembled her body.

It was easy to say that he would lure them in and make them fight but it was like walking a dangerous tightrope.

However, Muyoung was stubborn.

“If you want to live, draw a line. The best location for them to fight each other.”

He handed her the branch.

The Outlaw Heidegger.

He was a highly notorious villain among villains.

But Muyoung was the same as him in terms viciousness.

They would know who the real outlaw was once they fought.



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