Chapter 52: The Outlaw (1)

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He bounced out of the marble.

At the same time, he stumbled as a wave of dizziness came over him.

He had a critical injury that made one wonder how he didn’t die on the spot.

If he didn’t quickly heal himself, it couldn’t be reversed.

“The dokkaebi returned!”

The Fire Tar who stood beside the marble yelled out loud.

Soon, the vice-chieftain came to see Muyoung. He raised his shoulders and murmured to himself.

“18th wave…!”

The number ‘18’ was written on Muyoung’s left shoulder.

A number like this was written on everyone who entered the Endless Battlefield and completed the waves.

The vice-chieftain looked at the number with doubtful eyes.

He never thought a mere dokkaebi would have exceeded beyond the 10th wave.

Even a dokkaebi king would reach his limit on the 15th wave.

But, Muyoung was here and had advanced way past the criteria he provided him.

The mood changed.

Other Fire Tars were no longer able to disregard Muyoung.

“Start the treatment for the dokkaebi, no the warrior!”

They couldn’t allow someone who was recognized as a warrior to die in vain.

Warriors had the right to be properly respected.


The Fire Tars held an emergency meeting.

“The dokkaebi had completed the 18th wave of the warrior’s ceremony?”

“Huh, how unbelievable.”

“He didn’t even faint when he was getting treated.”

“In that condition?”

“Instead, didn’t he threaten the vice-chieftain as he glared at him?”

“I saw it too. He said to keep his promise if vice-chieftain was a Fire Tar of honor. Then, he kept his eyes on the Fire Tars. He seemed like he didn’t trust anyone.”

“Impudent. Did he think one of our Fire Tars was going to hurt him?!”

“Since he has passed the warrior’s ceremony to that extent, he needs to be treated as a warrior.”


A dokkaebi being treated as a warrior?

There was no precedent for it in the past.

And because of what they have already said, they couldn’t take it back now.

They never expected a dokkaebi like him among the dokkaebis they have looked down on and disregarded.

‘The wind has changed.’

The vice-chieftain was pleased as he looked at the scene.

The dokkaebi did well.

He really did stir up the stubborn elders.

“Let’s hear about his suggestion. Since he has proven himself as a warrior, it mustn’t be just a lie that he could fix the problem with the Poom tree.”

“Do you vice-chieftain really believe he can solve this?”

“That it’s right for us to move our village?”

Of course, there were still those who opposed.

There was no way them to easily accept the idea of them moving their village.

However, they weren’t furious like how they were when it was first brought up.

It was a tremendous development.

“As the vice-chieftain, my thoughts are we need to listen to what the warrior has to say. To be honest, it’s not like we can just be laid back about it. At most 10 years from now. After that time, we need to wander around until we find another Poom tree!”

The vice-chieftain stroked the long roots around his waist.

It was the roots of the Poom tree. Without this root, the Fire Tar would not be able to overcome their own flames and in the end, would self-destruct.

They had to periodically replace it but if they couldn’t find the next Poom tree in time, the whole tribe would be wiped out.

It would be a disgrace for the monster of all monsters, the Fire Tars, to die this way.

However, Poom trees were rapidly dying out in the Underworld.

Only God knew when they might be able to find another.

“What if he is wrong? We will be humiliated by the other tribes.”

The vice-chieftain crumbled his expression in frustration.

“On the other hand, if we succeed, the Fire Tars of other tribes will look at us differently. We might be a bit humiliated if we fail, but there is a lot more to gain than lose. On top of that.”

These frustrating people!

The vice-chieftain truly did think that.

They were warriors who thought their honor was more important than their life.

Although he understood them, this problem took priority over their honor.

“The Poom tree. The mother of this land! What conditions are needed to treat our mother?”

“That’s enough.”

The chieftain who quietly watched the whole scene suddenly spoke.

Everyone, including the vice-chieftain, became quiet.

Then, the chieftain nodded.

“I will listen to what the dokkaebi has to say. If he is telling the truth, we will treat him as a warrior and our savior but if he is lying… I will personally punish him.”


There was tension in everyone’s expressions.

When the chieftain said that he would personally punish someone, it meant that he would end them with a duel.

It had been ages since he last dueled anyone. However, everyone knew of the chieftain’s power.

The absolute Fire Tar who couldn’t be beaten even against 10 regular Fire Tars.

If he was to come forward, there was no hope for even a great dokkaebi.

The only way for the dokkaebi to live was to prove that he was right.


After the treatment was complete, Muyoung got up from his spot right away.

He was given a bit of free time but he wasn’t really tense.

Instead, he was organizing the things he earned from the Endless Battlefield with his mind at ease.

‘Little Wish, Fairy’s blessing, Hermes’s Boots and the Talisman of Ogre’s Strength.’

Four in total.

From the random A ranked talismans, he received the talisman of ‘Ogre’s Strength’.

It was quite a rare talisman that allowed you to strengthen an equipment.

‘Hermes’s Boots.’

Little Wish and the talisman were things he was somewhat familiar with but the other two were things even Muyoung hadn’t seen before.

Hermes’s Boots were jet-black.

As he looked carefully at the boots to confirm it, information regarding the boots popped up.


Name: Hermes’s Boots

Rank: A+

Classification: Equipable type

Durability: 24,000

Effect: Shadow Lord’s present. It was one of the shoes Hermes wore.

*Agility +15

* Able to use ‘acceleration’ for 3 seconds.


The information shown was simple.

A+ rank.

It was the highest ranked equipment Muyoung currently possessed.

On top of that, Muyoung became slightly more surprised reading the last message.


Muyoung knew about acceleration more than anyone else.

It was because it was an ability that allowed you to move your body twice as fast.

In the past, Muyoung had used an equipment with acceleration to assassinate the Dragon Lord.

Wung Chunglin had lent it to Muyoung and its effects were amazing.

It was only 3 seconds but 3 seconds were enough to turn the tables around.

‘+15 in Agility can’t be ignored either.’

Like the word itself, it was the number that showed the body’s agility but if you thought one step further, it placed high importance in increasing the scope of a person’s senses.

Most would call it the five senses.

The senses that allow you to detect danger and notice an enemy approaching from behind.

Agility was an important stat, especially for Muyoung.

He wore the Hermes’s Boots right away.

‘I should check out what Fairy’s Blessing is.’

It was the blessing that appeared as Woohee kissed his cheek.

It was the first time he had seen it, so he was more curious.

He turned the Status Viewer and opened it right away.


Achievement Effect –>

Gremory’s Anguish (A, +3 to all abilities)

Soulmate (B+, From now on, if you commune with an undead, the undead’s stats will slightly increase permanently.)

Asura’s Vassal (A, The strength to deal with spirit’s and devil’s power, Spirit Ability increased by ’10’.)

Fairy’s Blessing (B, Allows fairies to feel familiar with the user.)

Class Effect ->

Death Lord (Lord Class, Ruler of Death)

Stats ->

Strength 90 (67 + 23)   Agility 104 (71 + 33)

Stamina 96 (68 + 28)   Intelligence 56 (34 + 22)

Wisdom 60 (38 + 22)   Fighting Aura 60 (42 + 18)

Magic Resistance 30 (12 + 18) Spirit Ability 38 (10 + 28)

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened.

Equipped and Invoked Equipment: Anguish (Strength +5), Lunatic Sovereign’s Set (All Stats +15, Stamina +10), Shadow Armor (It allows you to teleport to a shadow within your vision 3 times a day), Wicked Belt (Intelligence&Wisdom +4, all undead are strengthened by 5%) and Hermes’s Boots (Agility +15, 3 seconds of acceleration)


Allows fairies to feel familiar with the user…

‘I need to meet one to know what kind of blessing it is.’

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders.

He felt like he could only know its effects only when he met one.

And, his agility stats passed 100 as he wore the Hermes’s Boots.

It was the same as him passing through 1 out of 5 walls.

Of course, his pure stats were far away but if you just simply looked at it, it did pass 100.

Also, if his main stats all passed 500, they say that he could become a ‘Transcendent Being’.

Even in his past, Muyoung wasn’t able to enter the area of Transcendent Beings.

To say it correctly, he was half of a Transcendent Being. Since his agility did pass 500.

Thanks to this, he succeeded in assassinating the Dragon Lord.

Although, it took him few years to find that one chance.

“Dokkaebi, the time is up.”

Vice-chieftain came into the room Muyoung was in.

Muyoung nodded and raised his body.

“But dokkaebi, what’s your name?”


“Muyoung, I’m Ogar.”

The vice-chieftain, Ogar, lightly introduced himself.

It was a simple exchange but the meaning wasn’t as simple.

At least, it meant that Ogar was considering Muyoung as a true warrior.

“If you solve the problem of the Poom Tree, we will consider you as our savior.”

Muyoung chuckled after listening to his words.

The savior of a monster!

‘It’s interesting.’

But, even that didn’t seem bad at all.
Muyoung restated what he had told Ogar.

He brought the bugs and provided evidence in a blunt manner.


There was no way Muyoung would have such a thing.

He just spoke the truth.

However, that truth and the small evidence created an unexpected change.

With a fierce look in his eyes, the Fire Tar Chieftain declared that he would ‘move the village’.

And after exactly 10 days, visible improvements had appeared.

The Plutonian Beetle hatched its eggs and hundreds of its babies were eating up the aphids.

Not only that but birds started to fly in to eat up the giant aphids which grew without any natural predators.

Of course, they would need more time but in just 10 days the Poom Tree became more lustrous.

The dying leaves gave out a green color and the surrounding ground became more fertile.

Looking at the amazing result, the Fire Tars were happy on one side but couldn’t help but taste bitter emotions on the other.

As it was proof that their existence was killing the Poom Tree.

They never expected Muyoung to use natural predators to solve the problem.

No, it was never thought of.

From the beginning, the Fire Tars never had any natural predators. There was no way that they would think about using that relationship.

A dokkaebi who came out of nowhere suddenly became their savior.

“Do you have anything you want?”

Now, all the Fire Tars couldn’t help but acknowledge him.

As the noises settled down, the chieftain personally came to Muyoung.

“This land has been very unkind to me. I want to hunt a prey that’s suited for me and become stronger.”

Muyoung restated what he had said in the past.

‘First, I need to hunt a bit.’This was the territory of the Demon God. There was no way for Fire Tars to keep an eye on him all the time.

He needed to get stronger by himself to survive in this dangerous land.

However, the levels of all the monsters in the Demon God’s territory were high.

It wasn’t an unexplored region for nothing.

Humans had pushed exploring this area aside because they would have to endure a considerable amount of losses if they were to enter it.

Therefore, he had to search for prey that was suited for him.

To become even a bit stronger.

It was the first problem Muyoung had to solve.


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