Chapter 27: Underworld (2)

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“Ha, ha, ha!”

“This, is, Crazy!”

They finally realized something was wrong after a whole day had passed.

They continued on their forced march reducing the time to eat, rest and even piss.

On the other hand, Muyoung didn’t show any apparent change.

Like always, he had the same expressionless look as he engaged himself in the fight.


There really wasn’t a need for a different word.

But, it wasn’t like they could stop.

Everyone knew that he wasn’t the type to help others who fell behind.

Being left alone in the forest meant death.

Those that valued their own lives would follow Muyoung and hold their dissatisfaction inside.

“Here it is.”

Muyoung was able to find different items in caves and forests as if he was drawn to them like a magnet, he acted as if he knew the locations of where everything was.

Muyoung really did know the locations of items, but people, including Taehwan, just looked at him with amazement.

As time passed, one by one, people started to get geared.

‘The territory of Jumbo Ant-lions’ pits.’

This was the location where Muyoung and his group were currently at.

Although they would die if they accidentally stumbled and fell into the ant-lions’ pits, Muyoung could sense their presence underneath the sand pit.

They were able to walk the path where Jumbo Ant-lions weren’t present and take what they came here for.

Muyoung nodded as he looked at the equipment stored in talismans.

‘Horn Helmet and Chain Armor.’

C Rank equipment.

It was too heavy and too low ranking of an item for Muyoung to use.

But, compared to the regular items they could earn in the Temple, they were quite decent.

“You can use it.”

Whoosh! As Muyoung threw the items, a well-built man who was nearby caught it.

Muyoung turned around.

He tried to use his knowledge to the best of his abilities.

However, even Muyoung couldn’t know everything.

Although he could remember the overall picture, he couldn’t remember all the fine details of where trivial equipment was located.

That was why Muyoung decided to go around the whole place.

The forest wasn’t as large as it seemed to be. It was because the topography changed every midnight that it seemed large, but if you just knew the way, you could go around the whole forest in 5 days.

Of course, it was too much to go all the way around the forest with only a day remaining, however, if they followed a decent path, he could gear up fifteen people with the bits of information he had.

‘You could earn an information distortion talisman by killing the most diverse number of species.’

Also, he had another intention.

It was one of the methods he thought of when he was trying to think of a way to roam around the Underworld.

Information distortion talisman!

There were some people in the Underworld who specialized in finding out information of others. Even if Muyoung tried to hide his identity, they could read his information just by looking at him.

He realized that if he avoided their eyes, he could gain more time and thought that the information distortion talisman was the way to go.

The information distortion talisman was a type of trick item, where only the information Muyoung set beforehand would be readable.

Since it was very rare, not many people knew of this item.

It was common sense that it would be impossible for a beginner to possess such an item.

‘They weren’t able to openly show that they were looking for him.’

There were people who would try to find him.

However, all the guilds and clans all kept each other in check.

If a large group showed signs that they were trying to find Muyoung, even if they didn’t know the reason, other groups would hold them back.

The Underworld was that kind of place.

There were many who couldn’t bear to see others do well.

It was obvious that they could only move secretly in a small group and it would be most effective if they used individuals who had abilities in information gathering.

As they could find out just by looking.

They would try to find out who No-Name was among the strong.

The information distortion talisman was his hidden card to avoid their eyes.

On top of that, he would increase others’ appeal so that they get more confused.

Muyoung was aiming to buy more time than to deceive others.

He didn’t think he could completely deceive everyone.

What Muyoung wanted was to just buy enough time to get what he wanted and leave the Great City while they wasted their time looking for him.

‘I need to enter the Sky Library.’

Sky Library.

It was the place with plentiful amounts of knowledge.

The place where beginners could gain knowledge after they arrived in the Underworld.

Nowadays, the meaning had changed, but either way, because of its importance, it was within bounds to say that the Great City was built on the site where the Sky Library was located.

However, there was a daily limit on the number of people who could enter the library. That was why, for beginners, they needed to have a good score from the ‘Pruning’ trial.

‘Eye of the Sky.’

It was the name of the skill that could greatly help Muyoung as he moved forward.

Its value was incomparable to a generic skill in information gathering.

The Eye of the Sky helped the user read and know all the knowledge that existed in the Sky Library.

Of course, it could only be earned in the Sky Library.

“I need to move right away.”


Everyone started to move as they grabbed hold of their legs that felt like they were going to break.





Muyoung quietly moved his index finger to the tip of his nose.

Then, everyone held their breath and looked towards the front.

A Giant Leo was sitting on top of a rock, enjoying his nap.

‘He left his group since he was too old.”

His age could be estimated by the color and thickness of his mane.

Normally, Giant Leos lived as a group. However, when they aged, they usually left their group to live alone.

Of course, Muyoung couldn’t disregard him.

Giant Leo was the king of the forest.

The one on the very top of the food chain, the monster who ate up the other monsters in the forest.

From the second boss fight, one could know how much of a diabolical monster it was when even the Shambas hesitated because of his scent.

‘I could do it alone.’

However, he was no match for Muyoung in his current state.

He concluded that he could easily hunt the beast using the Lunatic Sovereign’s set and the undead.

However, Muyoung wasn’t planning on approaching him first.

‘A way of fighting against a strong opponent.’

Normally, they had to learn this by taking part in the boss battles, but didn’t Muyoung always finished them by himself?

Because of this, they never really learned to fight against a strong opponent.

Muyoung lightly tapped Taehwan’s shoulders and pointed toward the Giant Leo.

And then, quietly spoke.

For him to go first.


Taehwan nervously grabbed hold of his Shield of Eradication.

Then, Muyoung gestured the rest to spread apart.

By following his gestures, everyone started to move and eventually, the hunt began.


Taehwan got the Leo’s attention by screaming.


The Giant Leo, who was woken from a nap, let out a horrible roar and jumped down from the rock.

The rest of the close range soldiers waited for an opportunity as they closed in from behind.

“Scream from every direction.”

Giant Leos had large territories.

Since he already figured out that he was not in a group, but alone, there was no need to worry.

Soon, by Muyoung’s orders, everyone started to scream.


“Heha! Huuhaa!”


As if he was unable to think straight, he let out another loud roar.

“Don’t stop.”

People were taken back by his vigor, but Muyoung kept inciting them to continue.

If they were intimidated by just one monster, they couldn’t survive the Underworld.


Of course, the first to move was Taehwan.

However, the one that moved right after him was Suzy.

Suzy was holding the Sword and Shield of Dawn.

There was no need for her to join the rest to find equipment because her secret class was good. But, she decided to join the others for her own development.

‘Not bad.’

The splendors of the secret class were certainly being revealed.

She has passed the level where she could be disregarded for being young.

Overall, in terms of fighting power, she was better than the average adult.

If she gained more experience and became a bit harsher, a great soldier would be born.

“Damn it!”

Taehwan swore.

It was because his nape was injured by the Giant Leo’s claws.

However, he calmly defended his place. Thanks to him, other people were able to attack the Leo much easier.

“Ha! Gasp!”

“Stupid, monster! Ha!”

And after 20 minutes of a long fight, there were able to succeed in killing the Giant Leo.

When everyone thought that the hunt was over, they all sat down where they were standing.

As their minds and bodies were relaxing.


The Giant Leo, who everyone thought was dead, targeted and jumped towards Taehwan’s back.


Taehwan also felt him approaching, but didn’t have any time to react.

Was he just going to die like this?

Taehwan tightly closed his eyes.



Muyoung spoke along with the sound of something being stabbed.

“An old Giant Leo is skilled. They even know how to play dead.”

Afterwards, he pulled out the dagger which pierced through the middle of the Giant Leo’s forehead.

“Th-thank you.”

“Just because a fight has ended, it doesn’t mean that that’s the end. Don’t relax until the very end.”

“I’ll bear that in mind.”

Taehwan nodded heavily.

Although they made the mistake of loosening up at the end, but it wasn’t bad overall.

If it was two days ago, this would have been impossible.

They were able to hunt the Giant Leo without much difficulty because they had all geared up.

‘They should be able to get a good result from the Pruning trial.’

It seemed like he would be able to climb the Sky Library.

They were stronger than the average beginner.

Finally, messages appeared in the air.


<Phenomenal. You have broken a new record.>

<You have refused to leave your name in Solomon’s Hall of Fame.>

< 1st No-name – 121 Species>

< 2nd Kim Ahin – 120 Species>

< 3rd Lucien – 98 Species>


‘Kim Ahin, the monster scholar.’

There was no need to say anything about Lucien, but a new name appeared from the temple.

However, Muyoung was well aware of this woman.

It was only through the assassination of Ahin that he was able to obtain information about the information distortion talisman.

She was a strange woman who studied monsters and wanted to find a way to be on friendly terms with them.


<‘Blue Temple: Much More Monsters ’ had been recorded in your history>

<You may choose one of the following: Battle Roar, Poison Smeared Sword, The Rude Fellow’s Gloves, Rapier of Honor and Camouflage Talisman.>


Without a hesitation, Muyoung chose the Camouflage Talisman.

On the spot, Muyoung used the yellow talisman that appeared on top of his hand.


<You have used the Camouflage Talisman.>

<Usable only 5 times.>

<You can hide an item or reset the stats shown on the Status Viewer. But, no matter what, it is only a ‘disguise’, therefore, there is no change to the actual stats.>

<The effect lasts until you remove the effect.>


Lunatic Sovereign’s set could just be made into a talisman and placed inside the Infinity Pouch. Then, if he disguised the Infinity Pouch, no one would notice.

All that was left was resetting his stats.

‘Not too strong, but not too weak.’

As he rubbed his chin, he inputted reasonable numbers.

After all, it was only a disguise, Muyoung didn’t actually become any weaker.


<The reset has been completed.>


Muyoung nodded after he verified the short message.

The preparations were finished.

He couldn’t be 100% certain, but it was enough to buy him some time.

It wasn’t like any of the people around him knew exactly what Muyoung did or what he had earned.

Besides that, he was planning on taking further measures.

For the rest, he thought to take care of them when the opportunity arises.

He didn’t really worry too much. Even if an unlikely situation occurred, there were still many ways to escape.

By using the Hellhorse, or the Long-distance Teleportation Magical Item, he could avert a crisis.

After collecting the equipment from the Giant Leo’s territory, Muyoung spoke.

“Let’s return.”



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