Chapter 20: Blood-Red Tower (2)

TL by Myoni

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He sat with his legs crossed and meditated.

Silently reevaluating himself, Muyoung would always meditate like this when he wanted to contemplate on his life and the mistakes he had made.

And this time, he closed his eyes to plan something.

He was conceptualizing the figure and the use of the undead he would create from the corpses of the goblin couple.

To Muyoung, this sort of effort itself was new to him.

The pondering Muyoung opened his eyes.

“The goblins look too pitiful.”

Suzy, who was silently playing with the Emperor of Shrewmice, Kking Kking, said directly.

The only one who would walk into Muyoung’s home with no hesitation was Suzy.

The Suzy, who was stricken with fear, watching Muyoung cut off Juyoung’s head, seemed like she had changed, as she would come whenever she wanted to play with Kking Kking.

Muyoung didn’t refuse her.

However, it was rare for one to let another enter their personal space. Muyoung, himself, thought it was strange and came to one conclusion.

‘It must be a specific trait of the Valkyrie of Dawn.’

Suzy would receive some care from everyone at the temple.

If it was like before, this would have been unimaginable.

Everyone would have chosen to ignore the young Suzy for their own survival.

Perhaps… the Valkyrie of Dawn had an effect that would make surrounding humans more friendly to one another.

Its effect was similar to the one the saint, ‘Snow’, had in the past.

“The goblins are pitiful?”

As long as she wasn’t hostile, there was no reason for Muyoung to chase her out.

If she was a disturbance, it may be different, but whenever he was doing something, Suzy would even go as far as slowing her breathing to stay silent.

After asking her again, Suzy answered.

“The couple wanted to stay together.”

She pointed to the corpses of the couple.

The blaze goblin definitely wanted to be with the head of the female goblin until the very dead.

“Aren’t they together?”

“Not that… A bit more closer… ummm.”

It seemed like she was having a hard time thinking of the right words.

However, he understood the gist of her intention.

Muyoung motionlessly stared at the two goblins.

‘There are trees that fuse to form a single tree as their branches tangle together.’

People called this phenomenon, inosculation.

‘Fuse them together?’

Combining the structures of similar goblins didn’t seem like it would result in a more special undead.

However, instead of replacing certain parts of the body, if he was to connect them, would it yield a better result?

He had to make it so that the two bodies moved like one.

He thought that this was a challenge worth challenging.




The exposed skeletons of the goblins had their backs facing each other.

After burrowing grooves in their spines, he interlinked them like a jigsaw.

If, by any chance, two individuals were combined into this form, they wouldn’t even be able to walk properly.

Only after they knew each other’s tempo and were considerate enough, would they be able to move.

However, these two were a couple.

Even in death, the blaze goblin didn’t hesitate to throw his body to protect the corpse of his mate.

Although goblins were aggressive and cruel, their loyalty towards their mate was better than humans. Until they died, they would only care for a single goblin.

‘I’ll do as you wish.’

Although it was a simple job, he was satisfied.

According to the blaze goblin’s wishes, Muyoung placed them as close together as possible.

The head of the female was embedded in her chest.

Soon after, Muyoung raised his hands and casted the ‘Art of Death’ skill.


<The material is good.>

<Your skill rank is very low.>

<The two goblins have completely different attributes. However, their combination is perfect.>


Finally, a short scene played in Muyoung’s head.

The story of the two goblins unfolded like a movie.

A battlefield.

Hundreds of blaze goblins and the ice-attributed frost goblins were gruesomely fighting against each other.

The two met each other as enemies.

Eventually, the blaze goblins lost and everyone died. However, for some reason, the female goblin hid the dying male.

She cared for him devotedly for a long time. The male was touched by her sincerity and proposed to her. Even facing opposition from their tribes, they promised to care for each other for their whole lives.

However, they could only run and escape from pursuit of their tribes.

Perhaps it was inevitable that they ended up at the Blue Temple.

Although they did die by Muyoung’s hands, they were at peace.

Their love for each other would continue on in death.


<Love completed through death! The Death Lord is very pleased.>

<Art Score 71! A surprising work of art has been made!>

<Name: Skeleton of Fire and Ice

Level: 47

Type: Skeleton

Strength 45  Agility 36  Stamina 51  Intelligence 21  Wisdom 34>


+Can cast a Mantle of Fire and Ice in a radius of 5m

+Can use the skills, Flame Cannon and Ice Pillar

+Very slow


<Your skill rank has increased from F to E rank.>


Muyoung read and reread the words for a long time.

This work was incomparable to the previous works he had made.


Soon, the moving Skeleton of Fire and Ice began to undergo a transformation.

The empty sockets of the blaze goblin were filled with flames while frost began to settle on the whole body of the ice goblin.


Honestly, Muyoung’s thoughts on the undead were simple.

Quantity over quality!

Anyone would be pressured from the increasing amount of undead during war.

However, the undead in front of his eyes was enough to smash Muyoung’s understanding.

Using only an F ranked skill and some decent materials, he was able to create something beyond his imagination,

‘The story is important.’

Unlike the other undead, there was a story to the two goblins.

That story was reflected in the art score.

The combinations of undead he had seen in his dream seemed to have been a trap.

‘If I get a high score, does my skill rank up?’

It seemed that no matter how many of those undead he makes; it wouldn’t be very effective.

He thought it was hard, but now he realized he was thinking inside the box.

Undead were monsters that shined depending on the death of the living.

Obviously, the focus should be placed on the stories of when they were living.

‘It looks like it will be of some help.’

Muyoung looked at the Skeleton of Fire and Ice and nodded in satisfaction.

Its stats weren’t very different from his own.

He felt that it could be of vital importance in the tower.

Although its flaw was that it was slow, it wasn’t a big concern.

As he could just make it into a talisman and use it when he needed it.

‘Talisman Creation.’

Muyoung placed his hand on the Skeleton of Fire and Ice and activated the skill.

The Skeleton of Fire and Ice quickly shrunk and soon became a single talisman.

Now, whenever he wanted, he could summon the Skeleton of Fire and Ice with this talisman.




Soon, the 25th day, since they arrived, had arrived.

And at the same time the Sun was rising, the ground shook as a giant tower emerged.

The tower was odd.

Its red sheen made one image blood and an unknown moan sounded out.

A sign made of rock was erected at the entrance of the tower.


  • Only those who have murdered may enter.
  • You are unable to leave unless you survive for 5 days or kill 5 people.
  • A reward will be handed out depending on the number of people you have killed.


They were simple rules.

Unless one was obsessed with murder, they would not enter.

In reality, everyone was just staring at the tower.

Only Muyoung was entering that place.

“If you don’t want to die, don’t come.”

This was the only warning Muyoung could give.




Muyoung completely erased his expressionless expression.

Abyss like eyes and the murderous intent hidden within!

He was the one who killed countless people for 40 years.

Although he resolved to live a different life, the past wasn’t something that could fade.

The blood of the Forest of Death still flowed in him. Cold and heartless.

He was a monster who would kill others without a moment’s hesitation.

What’s more, as his targets were all murderers, and those that willingly entered the tower to kill, there was nothing to hide.

The tower was like a first round interview venue.

They would meet after transferring into the Underworld.

If it was like any other day, Muyoung would have worn a mask to hide his identity.

However, Muyoung simply unsheathed Anguish and walked forward.

There was no need for a mask if he killed everyone he saw.



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    1. It’s just a side quest, the only reason he is doing this is A) that’s all he knows how to do so 200+ people being killed is no problem and B) he gets a new ring.

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      Yup, it is a bit like LMS, but it’s a bit different from Weed who takes the context of the present to sculpt, while Muyoung has no choice, but to create something with a story of the corpse(s) as a focus if he wants a high grade and it looks like he needs to please the Death Lord with the story. I mean the goblin story was really straight forward, but idk next time? Overall, I think Muyoung’s skill is more limiting than Weed’s. q.q And Avangantimos is right, the Blood-Red Tower is just optional. Only murderers can choose to enter the tower.

      1. >but it’s a bit different from Weed who takes the context of the present to sculpt, while Muyoung has no choice

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        Are you also referring to future chapters or is it your conclusion based on just what we all have read so far? If it’s the later, I’d have to say this was only Muyoung’s first breakthrough in comprehension. Weed had to revise his understanding several times. As such the victim’s life story might just the most superficial part of the possible expressions of the art. It depends on how far the author wants to go in that direction. Even with multiple classes and multiple subclasses but the main focus of LMS remained on sculpting for obvious reasons, while in KotB this might be just one of many references.

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          Yes, Weed has to take the context of everything to create a sculpture while Muyoung has to consider the story of the dead. It is quite different since Weed’s criteria is much broader than Muyoung’s. So basically what I wanted to say is Muyoung’s focus is already picked for him while Weed has more freedom most the time.
          For the Death Lord part, I am assuming this because it said before that the Death Lord was watching him and also in this chapter, it stated that the Death Lord was pleased with Muyoung’s creation. So I am speculating that Muyoung has to take into account that the Death Lord is a factor in determining his final Art Score. I hope we see Muyoung branch out into other classes soon, but it doesn’t look like he has all his classes in the raws yet. (just my guess based only on the chapter titles)
          BTW, I translate KotB as I read since I like discussing and speculating along with you guys!

          1. I’ve said this earlier about some idiot complaining about the art score. The death Lord in his vision is probably the darkness that noticed him so the art score is the death Lord grading his work for instance the skills the goblins have was givin to them by the death Lord you can’t create skills with bones after all.

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