TaMa Prologue


TL: Haku

Edited: Myoni



Ian opened his inventory.


Elixir of Reincarnation

Category: Miscellaneous

Rank: Heroic

  • This elixir was created through ancient alchemy.
  • Drinking this elixir will reset your character.
  • All your stats, including your level, will be reset.


The item information box was filled with frightful words for Ian, the highest level player on the South Korean Kailan server, to read!

As if it was a deadly poison, Ian grabbed the sooty hourglass bottle with a serious expression.


And surprisingly, after exhaling a deep breath, he lifted the gourd and, in one shot, poured all of the content into his mouth. At the same time, a white light engulfed Ian’s mind.


  • You drank the Elixir of Reincarnation.
  • Your character’s stats, including your level, will be reset.



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    1. Its some weird asian thing, the dude in god of alchemy did the same thing, he entered his account and specifically deleted skills one after another because he was gonna quit
      Its really weird
      Its like throwing away all you cooking ware because you dont feel like cooking

      1. It’s really not that weird. People form emotional links to objects all the time, and a game account, specially one where you only play ONE character for THOUSANDS hours will feel extremely personal.
        Imagine a girl’s favorite underweare, and multiply by a hundred.
        Is it any wonder (at least some) people will not want to give/sell it ?

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