TaMa Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Hidden Class (2)

TL: Haku

Edited: Obelisk


“Whatever you want, just tell me.”

At Ian’s confident response Cain gave a satisfied expression before continuing his words.

“A ‘Blue-Eyed Wolf’ appeared somewhere in Lamoude Plains. My son recently changed his class to a Summoner, and he said he wanted to get the Blue-Eyed Wolf as a pet. I’d like to catch it and give it to him…”


Ian retorted without even realizing himself.

The Blue-Eyed Wolf was a strong Rare rank monster that was over lv 40. He remembered it because it was a monster that he had trouble catching as a beginner before resetting.

‘I don’t remember it being a beginner-level monster?’

Why was such an outrageous monster’s name being said in a class-changing quest for a beginner who just recently hit lv 10? On top of that, he didn’t even change his class yet. He didn’t have any skills to tame a monster.

Indifferent to whether Ian was shocked or not, Cain’s words continued.

“I am tied down here, so I cannot go, and although it is a bit embarrassing, my son is still lacking in skill to take on such an opponent.”

Cain pulled out an item that resembled a scroll from his chest and then handed it to Ian.

“There are five sealing grimoires here. After tiring out the wolf as much as you can, you just need to use the grimoire and seal it. The wolf wandering Laude Plains is still young, so it shouldn’t be that strong.”

Along with his words, a system message resonated.


Capture the Blue-Eyed Wolf in Lamoude Plains!

The Summoner’s guild master Cain’s son wanted the Blue-Eyed Wolf. Since they say that a young Blue-Eyed Wolf that wasn’t fully grown appeared just in time in Lamoude Plains, seal it and bring it to Cain.

Quest Difficulty Level: E

Reward: Class-change to Summoner (Monster Trainer)


  • Will you accept this quest?


Ian’s two eyes sparkled.

The level of difficulty of the quest made no sense even when roughly heard, but that wasn’t the reason why. The first word that caught his eyes was ‘Monster Trainer’.

‘The hidden class!’

Without any thought, Ian took the sealing grimoires and responded.

“Yes, I will catch the dog for sure.”

Cain had a satisfied expression.

“Thank you. Then, I’ll wait for the good news. To use the sealing grimoires, think of the target you want to seal and just shout ‘seal’.”


As Cain watched Ian head out of the building, he added to his sentence.

“Ah, also if it doesn’t work out, come find me again. I can help you out one more time.”

At those words, Ian felt a bit of reassurance.

‘Even if I fail once, it’s not like the quest will disappear.’

However, Ian was planning on succeeding no matter what on the first try. There was no time for anything such as failure.

Shortly after leaving the Summoner’s guild, Ian headed towards Lamoude Plains.

He was slightly taken aback by the word ‘Blue-Eyed Wolf’, but he was confident in succeeding somehow.

‘The monsters that appear in Lamoude Plains were around lv 10. Even though it is a Blue-Eyed Wolf, he said it was a young one. And since he said it’s in Lamoude Plains… It shouldn’t be that strong.’

Ian, who had not slept for 2 days and grinded training, now had stats higher than the average lv 30. He fully had the rights to be that confident.

‘Well, shall we find the thing?’

After quickly arriving in Lamoude Plains, Ian began to thoroughly search through the map.

Although the named plains were attached, the map was not that large. On top of that, there were not a lot of original monsters, so there was no reason to be bothered by other users since the map wasn’t a hunting ground.

After combing through the map for an hour, Ian was able to find the Blue-Eyed Wolf. And he was shocked.

‘What the hell, that dog is lv 20!’

It was a good thing that it was Ian with monstrous stats, for if it was a normal user, they would have had to deal with something like this at lv 10.

Ian was stared blankly.

‘Were hidden class quests usually this hard?’

He felt a bit of doubt, but Ian positioned himself to deal with it. And with his bow, he took aim towards the wolf.

‘Since I don’t have to worry about one-hitting it, do I have to say I’m lucky…?’

With Ian’s current offensive power, he could shoot down a lv 10 monster with one hit of his arrow. For Ian, who needed to catch the wolf rather than kill it, he actually thought of it as a relief.


Ian’s arrow ripped through the air and flew towards the Blue-Eyed Wolf. And without a doubt, it hit the body of the wolf. In case it would have died, he didn’t even use Weak Point Capturing.


After getting hit by the arrow, the Blue-Eyed Wolf discovered Ian and started to violently running towards him.

As it was a young wolf that wasn’t fully grown, it was only about half the size of a mature wolf’s body, but it was still much bigger than the average wolf.

Ian lightly dodged the attack, turning his body and kicked up into the wolf’s abdomen.


Along with a dull sound, the wolf fell and rolled on the ground.


Whether it was because it realized that it was facing an opponent stronger than them, the wolf’s spirits were subsided.

‘It’s a lot weaker than I thought….? Is it really lv 20?’

Ian hooked the arrows onto his back. He felt as though the wolf would die with just a couple more shots. Then the situation would become more complicated.

‘Once I’ve worn the wolf down as much as possible, he told me to use the sealing grimoires, right?’

It seemed like he meant that he was supposed to reduce its vitality just enough so that it doesn’t die and then use the grimoire.

Ian slowly approached the wolf.


Whether it was because it still had some strength left in it, the wolf charged towards Ian first.

Incredibly sharp and swift movements.


Letting the charging wolf’s attack slide by, Ian’s fist again struck its face.


The wolf and Ian’s match continued.

By stats alone, Ian was much higher, but since his goal wasn’t to kill, rather his goal was to capture it, so he had to face it with bare fists. Therefore, it took quite a long time.

The Blue-Eyed Wolf that was beaten by Ian without a moment of rest finally sprawled on the ground.


However, Ian wasn’t unscathed either.

“Hoo-oo, Hoo.”

Heavily breathing, Ian, who approached the collapsed wolf, opened his inventory and pulled out the grimoire.


As soon as he finished saying the word, the grimoire that Ian was clutching turned into a white light that shot out towards the wolf.


Ian watched the scene with excitement.

‘Oh-ho, is this how you capture?’

Just when he thought everything was completed, the white light wrapped around the wolf dispersed into the air and a system message popped up.

  • You have failed to Seal.

Ian was taken aback.

“What, what the hell? I still have to beat it up?”

As Ian lifted his fists along with his words, the wolf sprawled on the ground flinched.

At that, Ian lowered his fist.

“It looks like it will die if I just hit it once more… So then why exactly is it not working?”

However aside from a fistfight, he couldn’t really think of an answer. At the end of his deep-thinking, Ian thought of a clever scheme.

‘I’ll just replenish a little of its strength, then beat it up again.’

Ian was happy with the thought, which was so cruel that if the wolf had known it would have peed itself in fear, and he pulled out meat from his inventory before lifting it up.

It was the Red Fox meat that he hunted not long ago.

As Ian held out the meat, the wolf warily watched him, guarded, before he started ripping the meat and eating it hastily. And shortly after, the wolf, who felt satisfied, gently wagged its tail before standing up. It had developed a bit of closeness towards Ian.

However, Ian, unfortunately, didn’t notice the wolf’s changed attitude. And Ian’s beatings started again.

Puck-. Puh-puck-!

The wolf, which already lost its fighting spirit, was beaten mercilessly.

Shortly after, the wolf was once again sprawled on the ground, while Ian again held out a piece of fox meat to the wolf.

The faces of the beginner users, who happened to just pass by coincidentally, turned pale as they watched the figure and ran away from the scene hurriedly.

‘That dude, there’s no mistake that he’s a psychopath! We have to get away fast!’

‘This is the first time I feel pity towards a mo-monster. How can he do that without a blink of an eye?’

Of course, the wolf growled and didn’t eat the meat that Ian was giving. However, despite that, Ian had no intention of giving up.

‘If it doesn’t want to die, it will have to eat, yet it won’t eat and just endure?’

No matter how others may have thought of him, Ian waited until the wolf got tired from its hunger and ate the meat, before going ahead and beating it up again.

And as the wolf collapsed…


Once again, he used the grimoire, but this time, the wolf was not sealed as well.

To be honest, if he attempted to seal after feeding it fox meat the first time, his chances of succeeding would have been high. However, through the beatings that happened right after, the hostility that the wolf had towards Ian peaked then.

Ian, who had no chance to know about that truth, glared angrily.

“Are you saying you want to fight until one of us wins?”

Ian, who had no time to spare, could no longer forgive the wolf that was wasting his time.

Ian began to act violently, and one to two spectators gathered around him. They developed a curiosity while watching Ian use the sealing grimoire.

“Look at that person, he must be a Summoner!”

“Is there a person that changed his class to a Summoner already?”

The spectators began to whisper.

“But was the Summoner that cruel of a class?”

There was also a disappointed beginner user.

“I was planning on changing my class to Summoner, but I might consider changing to a different class.”

Ian, who had behaved violently towards the wolf for over 1 hour and used up all the sealing grimoires, was finally able to seal the wolf. Closeness and regulations had nothing next to violence.


The expression of the wolf, which was being sucked into the sheets along with the white light, was incredibly pitiable.

  • You have succeeded in sealing the ‘Blue-Eyed Wolf’.

Holding the grimoire with the wolf sealed inside, Ian began to move his feet quickly.

‘The time has been very delayed. There are probably a lot of users that succeeded in changing their class to Summoner.’

He didn’t care whether other users were spectating or not. His interest was only on changing his class.




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