TaMa Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Large Update (6)

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“W-what? You want me to be the sub-guild master?”

Fiolan’s two eyes rounded at Herz’s words.

“Yes, starting from today, I’m hoping that you’ll take charge as sub-guild master.”

Lotus guild’s sub-guild master was Ian. Since Herz was the founder of the guild, it was only obvious he was master, and Ian was in charge as the sub-guild master because he was the strongest and of the highest level, so there were no disagreements. However, at the sudden request to take over sub-guild master position, Fiolan couldn’t help but be bewildered at the situation.

“Ian is in a situation where he can no longer take charge as a sub-guild master.”

To join a guild in Kailan, you needed to be at least lv 20. As soon as Ian reset his character, he was immediately withdrawn from the guild list.

At Herz’s bitter expression, Fiolan became even more bewildered.

“This sudden… Did Ian say that he would leave the guild?”

Herz shook his head.

“No, that’s not it…”

He let out a deep sigh before continuing his words.

“He drank an Elixir of Reincarnation.”


There were situations where one becomes so bewildered they panic temporarily. That was currently Fiolan’s situation.

A moment later, Fiolan collected herself and continued.

“No, why, though?”

“Exactly, why would he have done that?”


Herz felt a hesitant feeling from Fiolan, who was at a loss for words.

“Well, even though the circumstances, the choice is up to you.”

“That’s right.”

“That’s why, don’t ask why the dude reset his character and please take charge as sub-guild master.”

Fiolan was a lv 89 magician. Before Ian reset his character, she was the next highest-leveled user in the guild, which is why Ian was asking her to be a sub-guild master.

“Ha… Ha… It’s a little, no, quite bewildering.”

“It’s the same for me.”

After the awkward silence passed by, Fiolan accepted Herz’s offer.

“Well, then first give me the position of sub-guild master. Once Ian hits lv 20 and joins again, do I just have to pass it back to him?”

Herz shook his head.

“No, even if he returns, to be a sub-guild master at lv 20 would be a bit weird to see.”

“It would… Wouldn’t it?”

“Yes. That’s why for a while… No, you might have to be sub-guild master forever… Haha.”

Shortly after, a system message popped up in Fiolan’s view.


  • You have been promoted to ‘Sub-Guild Master’ of ‘Lotus Guild’.

“Well, since I have been given the position of sub-guild master, I will do my best.”

“Thank you.”

“Ian… will return, though, right?”

Herz nodded.

“Certainly. That dude will easily hit lv 20.”

“Well, if it’s Ian’s skills, no matter what, he would brilliantly do one man’s worth within the guild quickly.”

“… I’m hoping that’s the case.”

And as if he remembered something else, Herz added another word.

“Oh, and Fiolan.”


“For a while, Ian having reset his character… is a secret.”

“Won’t people find out after opening the guild information once?”

“No, the guild members will find out soon enough. I’m talking about externally. If they find out that Ian is not here, several guilds may try and start a guild war with us.”

Herz’s words were not just elderly grandma’s talk. Ian’s role in the Lotus Guild was that important that it took that big of a proportion.

Fiolan smiled bitterly and nodded.





While Herz and Fiolan were sighing constantly, Ian, who successfully (?) reset his character, was moving his body around.

“This somehow drains your power in many ways.”

Once he drank the Elixir of Reincarnation, Ian felt his body physically become suddenly heavier.

“It’s probably because all my stats were removed, right?”

It was only understandable, as he went from lv 93 to lv 1.

“Shall we check my condition?”

As Ian opened his condition window, he couldn’t help but feel his pulse rise.

‘Since I was already going to reset anyways, I just chose the most expensive one… At least let there be a lot of bonus stats!’



Lv 1: 0/15 (0%)

Race: Human

Class: N/A (Beginner)

Nickname: None

Fame: 0 (if your fame drops below 0, it changes into Infamy)

Power: 25 (+0)

Agility: 49 (+0)

Intellect: 20 (+0)

Health: 23 (+0)

Vitality: 230 (+0)

Mana: 150 (+0)


After checking the condition window, Ian’s jaw dropped.

“What, what is this?”

Ian was incredibly bewildered.

The reason was because generally when you create a new character, a lv 1 user’s stats are all 10. In other words, Ian received 77 bonus points from the Elixir of Reincarnation.

“Let’s see… 15 on Strength, 39 on Agility, 10 on Intellect, 13 on Health… Altogether 77?”

Ian was shocked. From what he knew, so far, the highest amount of bonus stats received after resetting their character through the Elixir of Reincarnation was around 40. Even that was considered a miracle. But 77.

“As expected… I was destined to do well no matter what!”

Ian felt his strength rise.

77 stat points was not a small amount. When a user levels up in Kailan, they increase about a total of 5-6 points. And they’re automatically distributed, but it was well-known that they were influenced by how the user hunted in order to level.

Assuming you received 5.5 points per level up, Ian was only a lv 1 on the outside but when you looked at his stats, he was equal to a lv 15.

If you thought about how hellishly difficult it was to level up as a high level, these 77 stat points were honey-like stats.

“Even so, to do a second reset….”

There were many other ways to raise your stats aside from resetting, so unless it was a special case like Ian’s, resetting was definitely inefficient.

‘Should I have panhandled a bit more before resetting…? If only I knew my stats would go up this much….’

For Ian, who was starting the game as a lv 1 with lv 15 stats, getting to lv 10 was not a task. On top of that, Ian, who had a great battle instinct, it was possible for him to hunt as a lv 1 in a hunting ground with lv 20 monsters.

“1-2 hours? No, even about 1 hour… is enough for 10 levels.”

If he chose not to change his class, he wouldn’t have been able to level up passed lv 10 anyways. Unless there was a sudden update, for 2-3 days he had nothing to do.

“First, let’s get to lv 10 and think about it.”

Ian began to walk.

The place he arrived was none other than the auction. Ian was planning on plastering on the best items he could wear now before starting to hunt.

In Kailan, there was a wide variety of limits to equipping items. There was a level limit to equipping items but there was also a stat limit on almost all equipment.

Bows, a weapon used by Archers, usually had a limit like ‘Agility over __ can equip’, while Axes and Broadswords, which were weapons that Warriors mainly used, had a limit like ‘Strength over __ can equip’.

‘The best weapon I can equip at the moment would probably be bow.’

Whether it was because of the influence of his stats before resetting, around half of the bonus points Ian gained were focused on Agility. And the most proficient battle method for Ian still was long-distant hunting with a bow.

Ian began to search for a bow at the auction.

‘To have equip-limit relieved option as my top option would be good.’

The lower the level, the more efficient it was to have an item that had the equip-limit relieved option on it. This was because the best options of the equip-limit relieved option relieved items enough for someone 10 levels below to use.

Ian was lv 1 but his Agility stat was 49.

His stats were similar to lv 15 Archers but if he found good items with the equip-limit relieved option on, he could possibly equip a weapon used by Archers that were close to lv 30.

Excluding the other parts, he was planning on investing in the best weapon he could equip at the moment.

And soon enough a decently good item appeared through his eyes.


Light Lizard Archer’s Bow

Classification: Longbow

Rank: Heroic

Equip Limit: Agility over 45, Strength over 20

Offensive Power: 53-175

Durability: 105/105

Option: Agility +25 / Health +20 / Critical Strike Chance +6%

A luxurious bow used by a Lizard Archer.

It’s clear it was produced by a high-level lizard blacksmith.


The cost of the item was 70,000 gold.

Because it was an item that was equip-able for a level 10-20 user, no matter how good the item was, the price could only be low. Rather, 70,000 gold was quite an investment for users of that level.

However, for Ian it was equivalent to the price of a pack of gum, so he immediately bought it.

‘Its flaw is that the minimum damage is quite low, but it can be covered with accuracy.’

Bows had the lowest minimum damage compared to other types of weapons, but it also had the highest maximum damage. However, the bow that Ian bought had a minimum damage that was much worse than other normal bows.

However, that wasn’t a big problem for Ian. This was because Kailan had a system where the more accurate an attack was, the higher the chance to gain maximum damage.

And if it was Ian’s accuracy, this damage configuration was rather more welcomed.

Ian ended up buying a150,000 gold bow that was similar to the one he bought for when he hit lv 10, then he roughly finished setting up the rest of his armor and accessories.

‘The first hunting ground is…”

Ian quickly decided after momentarily thinking.

“Kalymputh Hill.”

Kalymputh Hill was a hunting ground nicknamed the ‘Fox Den’. This was because the monsters that appeared were mostly foxes.

The average level for the foxes that appeared at Kalymputh Hill were about lv 25, so after thoroughly analyzing, Ian chose a hunting ground that was slightly difficult with his current stats.

Ian began to walk. Kalymputh Hill was not far from where he was in Trombone City.




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  1. If he’s choosing to be a summoner.. why would he choose a bow to level up.. I thought the way you play influences your stats when you level.. why would he want more agi.. he has the time and a big head start with stats.. should be fighting in a way to get his int up

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    2. Honestly, he shouldn’t be playing at all. Now that he has such a massive head start on stats, and can easily level up to 10 in an hour, he should stop playing and go study bestiaries until the patch comes out.

  2. “As expected… I was destined to do well no matter what!”
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