TaMa Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Goblin Camping Ground (2)

TL: Haku

Editor: adkji

Bang-! Baang-!

The clubs of the attacking Goblins bounced off along with swooshing sounds of splitting air. This was because the Shield of Brilliance had surrounded Harin, not leaving a single gap.

“Harin, how much divine magic do you have left?”

Ian asked as he blocked the incoming Goblins that attacked without rest.

“I think I can still last 10 more minutes! Don’t worry about me!”

Ian’s plan was quite successful since Harin held out longer than he thought she would.

‘She’s doing better than I thought? Though she is a user that is over lv 40, so did I just worry too much?’

Truthfully, it wasn’t that Ian had been needlessly worried, but rather, her role was simply too easy.

Aside from the buff that she put on Ian and Ly every so often, it was a situation where she just needed to check her Health and focus everything on healing or shielding. However, this kind of control was something that even a person playing Priest for the first time could do.

Originally, Priests were well-known to boast their level of difficulty, which was the highest among the Combat Classes.

It wasn’t like it needed detailed control, but it was a position that needed an eye that knew how to see the whole battlefield or else they wouldn’t be able to do their job properly if their range was small.

‘It seems like Harin has room to relax.’

After Ian killed the Goblin he was facing, he glanced over at Ly.

Of course, Ly was flying around like crazy.

Grrr-. Grr-.

The Goblin Warriors had a stronger fighting power than the Goblin Scouts, but if Ly bit them a few times, they turned into a grey light without question and disappeared. Although Ly’s Defensive Power and Health were weak and Ly’s Health went up and down as if it was performing an acrobatic feat, Harin had a blocking buff, so it wasn’t as dangerous of a situation.

  • You have killed a Goblin Warrior. You have obtained 910 EXP.


  • You have killed a Goblin Warrior. You have obtained 925 EXP.

Despite Harin obviously dividing the EXP with Ly, an unbelievable amount of EXP poured in.

  • You have leveled up. You are now lv 27.

Only about 3 hours had passed since they started fighting, but they leveled up again.

‘This is what I’m talking about!’

Ian felt his exhaustion relieve through the repeated hunting.

The Goblin Camping Ground Quest could be divided into three parts.

The first part was a violent collision between the swarming Goblin Warriors and the vigilantes. This part took about 5 hours to complete if he was fast, 7 hours if he took long.

If it took longer than that, it was normal to say that you failed. Because of this first part, despite the Goblin Camping Ground Quest giving a huge amount of EXP, it was not popular.

Combat without rest for almost a quarter of the day!

Unless you were a grinder like Ian or a pervert that found entertainment in hunting, it was a quest that you could only avoid.

After finishing the first part, the second part was a little easier.

While the vigilantes are fighting the Goblin Chief, if you found and caught all the Goblin Rangers that hid and shot arrows, then you cleared that part.

And lastly, if you helped the vigilantes kill the Goblin Chief, all the quests would be completed.

Depending on how many Goblin Warriors you caught in the first part, you could say that the level of difficulty would be decided for the second part and third part.

Ian clenched his fist.

“We’ll hit at least 30 here and leave.”

A determination towards fast growth.

And based on Ly’s action state, it looked as if Ian’s plan could be fulfilled sufficiently.

However, even in this situation where it looked as if there was nothing that could be better, Ian felt unsatisfied. He felt that it was a pity that the EXP of the Goblin Warriors, that were being hunted by the vigilantes, were going to waste.

‘If Ly had something like an AoE attack, it would be better…’

The advantage of an AoE attack was that even if you dealt a little damage on them, you gained a little bit of EXP.

Suddenly, there was a monster that flashed across Ian’s mind.

‘Oh, why didn’t I think of that sooner!’

It wasn’t a hunting ground, but there was a location that Magicians needed to pass through to learn freezing magic before they turned lv 40.

Abysmal Lake.

The Abysmal Lake was a huge lake that you could see the horizon from. And in the middle of that lake, there was an island made of ice. It was well-known because there was a quest there that allowed you to get freezing magic.

The monsters that appeared on the island were Ice Golems that were similar in level to the Half-Moon Bear, but there weren’t many of them and they were quite picky to hunt compared to their level; so, it was a location that nobody used as a hunting ground.

‘Once I finish this Goblin Quest, I’m going to go catch an Ice Golem.’

The thing that Ian remembered was the Ice Golems inherent skill.

‘Ice Wave.’

It was a magic AoE attack with quite a large range.

It was a skill in the form of a shock wave, and its damage wasn’t that strong. However, he was for sure that its usefulness will be incredible because it can inflict damage with an ice attribute over a wide range and could leave a slowing effect.

On top of that, Ice Golems’ Health were high, so if you were just careful about magic affiliated with fire, he felt that it could take on the role of a great tanker.

After deciding the new Familiar he would recruit, Ian felt stronger.

In that manner, most likely indebted to Ian and Ly’s active part, the first part of the Camping Ground Quest was completed in a short duration of 4 hours.




Rukin was going through an incredibly bewildering experience.

‘What the hell is with that guy? His Familiar shouldn’t be at a level where it could come here already…?’

He had forgotten to fight and just stared at the red wolf absent-mindedly.

For the purpose of leveling up today, he came to Saumur Canyons with the thought of monopolizing the Goblin Camping Ground Quest, even paying two of his guild members for their efforts. However, a 2-people party was catching Goblin Warriors at a fast rate that could be comparable his party that included two early lv 50s.

Rukin was infuriated.

‘Based on that wolf’s fighting power, it looks as if it’s at least lv 60… What the hell is this…’

And conclusively, he came up with his own results.

‘I’m positive he has an artifact that allows him to summon a special Familiar!’

Rukin’s assumption was reasonable.

In Kailan, there were artifacts that had a sealing magic that allowed you to call out a monster here and there. That’s why, before the Summoner class appeared, there were cases where users here and there could call out a Familiar.

However, even if it was an artifact that had a low-level monster sealed into it, because it was so rare, its price was unbelievable. Therefore, it was common for a normal player to have not had even seen it.

Going crazy at the thought, Rukin developed a greed.

As the first part’s combat started to finish up, Rukin called his two colleagues over.

“Falcon, Millun. Come over here for a second.”

“Why, Rukin, what’s up?”

At Millun’s response, Rukin continued his words with a polite voice.

“You saw the monster that the user over there is using, right?”

“I saw. You’re talking about the red wolf, right?”

“Yeah, what do you think about it.”

At Rukin’s words, Millun asked back with a puzzled expression.

“Think about what? He must be a Summoner.”

Rukin shook his head, frustrated at Millun, and spoke again.

“No, you saw how that thing fought, right? If it’s a Summoner that can hunt here, then that means that he’s at least lv 40… but looking at just the wolf’s fighting power, doesn’t it look like it could be over lv 60?”

Falcon and Millun listened without a word and Rukin continued his words.

“How long has it been since the Summoner class was opened for him to already reach lv 40? No matter how hard he tried, at least lv 20, anything higher would be difficult.”

As Rukin’s words finished, Falcon and Millun’s eyes grew slightly. This was because, different from Rukin, they were catching Goblins without much thought.

“Oh! Now that I think about it, you’re right!”

“No kidding. That’s right, I saw in the community, but I think the highest-level person confirmed on the Summoner bulletin board was lv 17 or 18!”

Rukin’s eyes shone.

“Then in that case, what could the identity of the red wolf that the user is handling be?”

Falcon spoke cautiously.

“By any chance… an artifact that has monster summoning magic…?”

Millun had an expression of surprise and Rukin nodded.

“That’s right, those are my thoughts, too.”

Rukin glanced around at the surrounding for a moment.

Now that the first part was finishing up and based on the Goblin Archers running in all directions, the second part was about to begin.

“Roughly looking at the way they fight, the Priest is a girl who doesn’t really know what to do properly and, if it wasn’t for the wolf, that staff-holding guy is nothing much, either. His weapon is a staff, but he does close combat. It looks as if he doesn’t have any threatening magic, either.”

Falcon and Millun accurately understood Rukin’s meaning.


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