TaMa Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Very First Evolution (4)

TL: Haku

Editor: Stealth

Just like how the cooking process was realistic in Kailan, the flavour of the food you tasted was also incredibly realistic. Ian’s words of wanting to try her food were not empty words. The barley bread he ate on a fixed schedule that was meant to fill his stomach was really tasteless.

The two slowly got closer while talking about this and that and shortly after they were able to arrive at the place where Lapierre was.

The two people received the quest immediately.

“Oh, you’ve found a party member and came back. I think it won’t be enough with two people… but since I know well of Ian’s skill, I’ll believe and leave it to you. The advance party just headed out but if you move fast, you’ll catch up to them in no time. Go and help them.”



Saumur Canyon’s Goblin Camping Ground Suppression

Lucain Town’s vigilante leader Lapierre requested that you follow the Goblin Camping Ground punitive force and support them.

Quest Difficulty Level: E

Quest Condition: A party of 2+ people

Reward: You will gain gold proportional to your level of contribution. During the quest, you will be able to gain double the EXP when you kill a Goblin.


  • Will you accept this quest?


At the fault of arriving a little late, the quest content had changed a little possibly because the punitive force had headed out first but the reward had not changed.

‘That’s a relief.’

Ian inwardly let out a sigh of relief then questioned Harin, who was standing beside him.

“Harin, did you receive the quest well?”

“Yes, I checked.”

“Then shall we go?”

Along with his words, Ian made a hand gesture towards somewhere. Then Ly, who was wandering on the outskirts of the castle, ran towards him at lightning speed.

As Lucain Town was a small town on the border, so there weren’t a lot of people but the attention towards Ly was burdensome. But even so, Ian didn’t want to leave the Intermediate-level Training skill unused, so he went with the most convenient method.

Grr-. Grrr-.

Harin, who saw that figure, backed up in surprise.


“It’s alright, he’s not a monster, he’s my Familiar.”

However, at Ian’s words, Harin was more shocked.

“Huh? Familiar?”

“Yes, what’s the problem…?”

If he thought about it a little, he would have easily known the reason for Harin’s surprise but Ian repeated his question without much thought.

“Based on how you handle your Familiar, you do seem like a Summoner… but how are you able to already do the Goblin ‘Camping Ground Quest’ when it’s only been a couple days since the New Classes opened?”

Ian instantly went ‘crap’. His level was only now 25 but if he said the truth as was, no one would party with him.

‘Should I say that I got a Summoning Magic Artifact? But to say a lie that would immediately get caught by Carwin is a little…’

Ian, who thought about it momentarily, used the same words that he said to his guild members. It was an excuse with a little bit(?) of exaggeration mixed in.

“Oh, I had a bit of luck. This Wolf here is a bit of a cheat… Leveling up is fast and I realized he was able to catch Goblins easily.”

No matter who saw it, his excuse was full of holes.

It was easy to see these words were said with the intention of glossing over the question rather than an excuse.

However, Harin was easily convinced, to the point Ian was taken aback.

“Ah, I see. I’m jealous. I’m lv 45 but I still run away whenever I encounter a Goblin Scout…”

Ian felt one sweat drop that didn’t even run down when he hunted without rest roll down.

‘What, what the hell, this girl… Why does it seem like she actually believes me…? Is she just forcing herself to believe?’

On top of that, even though it was a character that you raised focusing on the production class, to not be able to catch a Goblin Scout at lv 45, it made him curious as to how she even got to lv 45.

Ian laughed forcibly.

“Well, it’s probably because you fostered your character with its main force being its production skill, haha… There for sure must be a lot of use for cooking but as it hasn’t been long since the game’s been out, that’s probably why.”

“Thank you for thinking of it that way. Well, since cooking is more fun than fighting for me, it’s alright.”

Harin was thankful for Ian, who spoke of cooking in a positive way.

However, just then, Ly approached Harin’s side slowly.

“Wow but this Wolf is really cool. I think this is my first time seeing this Wolf.”

Harin’s compliments on Ly put Ian in a good mood.

“Ho-ho, there’s still probably only one of him on the server.”

Ly didn’t seem to hate Harin’s hand, as he stood still.

Grr-. Grrr-.

“Does he have a name?”

Ian nodded his head.

“Yes. You can just call him ‘Ly’.”

“Ah-ha, his name is really cute. Hello, Ly?”

At Harin’s incredibly bright image, Ian’s expression also brightened.

“Is it possible for me to give him something to eat?”

“Yes, well, Ly probably likes all meat.”

Harin pulled something out of her chest. Seeing that, Ian’s eyes widened.

‘What the hell, that’s a cooked steak with even sauce spread on it?’

As it was a dish that was pulled out of the inventory, tons of steam rose and more than anything, the smell was no joke.


His mouth watered.

Suddenly, he remembered the barley bread he ate 1 hour ago.

‘Even so, I can’t ask her to give me the food that she pulled out to give to Ly…’

As soon as Harin tossed it to him, Ly ate the steak in one mouthful and cleared it away.

Just then, a system message that Ian wasn’t expecting popped up.

  • Familiar ‘Ly’ ate the ‘Smoked Steak’. For 20 minutes, his Health increased by 200.


At Ian’s bewildered expression, Harin asked him.

“Ian, what’s wrong?”

“Ly’s stats went up right now. Is it the effect of the dish?”

At those words, Harin nodded her head.

“That’s right. After my cooking skill became high-class, depending on the rank of the dish made, a buff activates for a set duration.”

Ly’s total Health right now was a little less than 1400. To get 200 Health points on top of this was a quite big help for fighting.

‘If I get close with Harin, it might be helpful in various ways.’

Ian thought that there was no class that was useless in Kailan. Currently, production classes were nonmainstream classes that received a lot of contempt but Ian thought it won’t be long before their potential would be discovered.

Ian, who thought of Harin as luggage, changed his perception a bit.

On the other hand, as if Ly had a lingering image of the steak’s flavour still left behind, he kept on smacking his lips together. Shortly after that, he approached Harin and rubbed his head against her.

“Was it tasty?”

Ian asked Ly about the taste of the steak before he realized himself.


As if that image was funny, Harin laughed out loud and Ian grumbled.

“Is there none for me…”

“Not at the moment.”


Harin spoke as she smiled.

“For you, Ian, I’ll make you something even more delicious after the quest, don’t get jealous.”

Ian had an expression that was more serious than ever.

“… That’s a promise.”


[1] A sound made when someone is trying to hold back their laughter at you.


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  1. I wonder if she will become a long term party member?

    A summoner and a cook going around completing raid specific quests, perhaps with a few other oddballs added on.

    A pixie barbarian standing three inches tall but still building toward front line fighter with a two handed weapon (a human dagger).

    A mage who decided to build toward offensive magic with water element, splashing people to little effect.

    An archer who carries around a ballista and stacks strength?

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  2. It’s kinda funny how he thought she could beat goblins at level 45, when you take into consideration her class is meant for support, and she spec’ed to a support production. — Then again, she probably could, if she used the food and skills well, her stats would be pretty high, albeit temporary.

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  3. Ian felt one sweat drop that didn’t even run down when he hunted without rest roll down. > This sentence oozes with redundancy but since I don’t know how to read Korean, I don’t know how to help with that.

    since cooking more fun than fighting for me > since cooking is more fun than fighting for me

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    Thanks for the chapter.

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  4. Meatbun delivery~
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  5. Honestly, I think she should reset and become a Summoner. Ian can train a pet up for her to act as a bus for her and she can buff it with the Summoner spells and her cooking. Plus, when they party together, their leveling speed will be the same.

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