TaMa Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Very First Evolution (2)

TL: Haku

Editor: Stealth


The gloomy cries of crows rang out.

The moment he entered Saumur Canyon, a dreary chill flowed through Ian’s body.

“Kailan made such pointless things like this so realistically.”

Ian grumbled but he knew that it was because of such detailed elements that people were so enthusiastic about Kailan.

‘Was the quest content to kill ten Goblin Scouts?’

Ian was originally planning to dispose of 10 scouts cleanly and return to the town but he changed his mind.

‘Ly even evolved splendidly, so there’s no way I could do that.’

Just at the thought of only catching ten and returning made him feel unsatisfied.

“Ly, let’s have some fun.”

Ian murmured as he petted Ly’s head.

Ian’s excitement right now was comparable to a driver who, after only driving an economy car with 1500cc engine, had saved up for years and finally bought a ‘supercar’ with a 4000cc engine and was about to turn it on for the first time.

Firstly, Ian got down from Ly’s back and used his buff skills.

  • You have used ‘Blessings of the Wind’. Your Agility will increase by 37%. Familiar ‘Ly’s Agility will increase by 37%.
  • You have used ‘Barbaric Warrior’s Blessing’. Your Offensive Power will increase by 33%. Familiar ‘Ly’s Offensive Power will increase by 66%.


As his proficiency went up, the buff skill’s stat increase went up by small increments.

Especially in the case of Barbaric Warrior’s Blessing, its effect doubled on Familiars, so Ly’s Offensive Power increased to an incredible  390 from 155.

‘On top of that, because of the effect of the Mother Nature’s items, there are stat increases that aren’t visible.’

Ian raised his staff and, in an awkward position, gave Ly a command.

“Ly, you see those three Goblins loitering around over there? Go and attack them first, I’ll follow behind you.”

Grr-. Grr-!

Ly expressed his understanding with a low growl before running towards the Goblins without hesitation.

Ian momentarily watched that figure from behind.

‘Right now, it’s a situation where none of Ly’s buffed stats are lower than the Goblins. On top of that, he developed two new inherent abilities… Since his fighting AI is incomparably stronger than a normal field monster…’

With his precise analytical skill, he concluded Ly currently was at the point where he could face three Goblin Scouts on his own.

However, out of concern, he activated the Weak Point Capturing skill and extended the notification range of the system messages. Now, notification messages related to Ly’s fight would ring.

  • ‘Weak Point Capturing’ skill has been triggered. The weak point of the target will be indicated with the accuracy rate rising 14.5% and the chance to critical hit increasing 22%. If the weak point is hit, an additional 91% of damage will be dealt.

Ian, who would help if Ly was in a pinch, kept an eye on Ly and the Goblins’ movements. While currently holding a staff, he tried to ignore the thought that he would only be a burden for Ly if he butted into the fight.


With a howl, Ly ran towards the Goblin Scouts at an incredible speed.

“Keu-reu-reuk, Wolf, it’s a Red Wolf! »

“Chweeeek- Chweek- the Wolf is going to attack!”

The Goblins raised their clubs when they discovered the Blood-Red Wolf running towards them.

However, by the time they discovered Ly, Ly had already shoved his teeth into the nape of one of the Goblin Scout’s neck.

  • Familiar ‘Ly’ dealt critical damage to a Goblin Scout!
  • The Goblin Scout’s Vitality decreased by 1075 (89% of its total Health).
  • The Goblin Scout has gone into ‘Bleeding’ state, so 215 damage will be dealt per second for 10 seconds.

At the continuous messages that popped up, before Ian could be surprised again, another message rang.

  • The Goblin Scout died through ‘Bleeding’.
  • You have killed a Goblin Scout. You have obtained 1210 EXP.

As the Goblin Scout only had 11 percent of its Vitality left, after 1 second, it had died from the Bleeding damage.

Since Bleeding original damage dealt 20% damage every second as an extra effect, it was obvious that it would die immediately.

‘What, what is this? How can a lv 40 monster disappear with one hit?’


This time, a Goblin’s club beat Ly’s back. If it was a one-on-one situation, he wouldn’t have easily taken an attack from a not-so-agile Goblin but since several were attacking at the same time, it was hard even for Ly to avoid all the attacks.

  • Familiar ‘Ly’ received 294 damage from a Goblin Scout.

His Offensive Power was incredible but on top of his Defensive Power being weak, he had no buff relating to blocking, so the damage received was incredible as well. If it was the same damage as now, Ly would die after several hits as well.

However, Ly had another Inherent Ability.

  • Familiar ‘Ly’ dealt 495 damage to a Goblin Scout!
  • 75 Health points were recovered from 15% of the damage dealt.

“There we go!”

Ian let out a response without even realizing it.

And along with the continuous attacks, Ly had almost completely recovered the health he had lost in an instant.

  • 73 Health points were recovered from 15% of the damage dealt.
  • 76 Health points were recovered from 15% of the damage dealt.

Indeed, in a blink of an eye, two out of three of the Goblin Scouts turned into a grey light and were sprawled on the ground.

Ian couldn’t close his open mouth and watched the fight absent-mindedly.

Since then, Ly took another blow from the one remaining Goblin.


  • 523 Health points were recovered from 50% of the damage dealt.

Along with the critical attack that burst out immediately after, the highest Health completely recovered from Ly!

On top of dealing over two times the damage through the critical attack, the recovery amount increased to 50% and in one blow, he recovered a huge amount of almost 70% of his Health.

Ly, who carried out the command in an instant, returned, wagging his tail at Ian as if asking for a compliment.

“… Ly, you…!”

Ian was deeply moved.

“Thanks for the bus[1], you little!”

Since then, Ian’s hunting went very fast.

As the Goblin Scouts went around in groups of 4-5 at most, Ly literally flew around.

All Ian did was stand by absent-mindedly like an outcast and when the cooldown time was almost over, you could say re-applying the buff skills was Ian’s only job.

It was a situation where the ‘First Aid’ skill was useless thanks to Ly’s health absorption ability.

His only complaint(?) was that Ian himself was too bored. Even though it was satisfying just watching.

‘Everything’s good if this is the case but I can’t raise the proficiency of First Aid?’

Although it was a situation where everything looked perfect, an obsessive man who couldn’t be satisfied, Ian!

In order to raise the proficiency of First Aid, Ian ended up deciding to stand in himself as a meat shield(?).

“Ly, from now on, I’ll go in first and lure them, so come in a little later.”


Ly momentarily revealed an expression that made Ian think he didn’t understand why, but he tried his best to ignore it and rushed towards the Goblins.

Fortunately, Familiar Ly followed Ian’s command well. Through that, hunting that Ian thought was perfect(?) progressed smoothly.

Afterwards, Ian fell into a trance, continuing his hunting until he received a whisper for Carwin.




[1] Bus = Carrying

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  1. maybe he need bought a Shield and held 1 handed staff and shield in the other hand :D, like that he can become a tanker and use staff related skill at the same time ahahaha 😀 maybe in the process he will get passive skill for shield wielder, like,Foot work, Shield Bash, Bash Explosion, Grand Cross, Provoke, Steel Body, Full Adrenaline Rush, Fortress, Cover, Shield Mastery, Block, Auto Block, Shield Parry, Illusion/Mirage/Phantom Shield, Shield Barrier, Shield Trap, Absolute Defence, Impact resistant, Damage resistant, magic resistant, Stunt Resistant, Abnormal Resistant, Reflect Shield, Absorb and Reflect Damage, Damage Sharing, Damage Nullify, Spirit Shield, Spirit Possession, Angelic Shield, Angel Possession, Satanic Shield, Supreme Devil Possession, Godly Shield, Primordial God Possession, Shield Blessing, Glorious/Holy Shield, Aura Shield, Shield Law, Shield Rule, Shield Realm, Shield Field, Shield Zone, Shield Domain, Shield Territory, Shield Kingdom, Shield Empire, Shield Empyrean, Shield Intent, Shield Force, Shield Domination, Shield Lord, Shield King, Shield Emperor, Shield Apostle, Shield Sage, Shield Saint, Shield Immortal, Shield Demi-God, Shield True God, Shield immolation, Sacrifice! Ragnarok!, etc.

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  2. I think the term fatal attack is misplaced here, for an attack to be fatal it would have to kill something and as it’s described here that’s not the case.. I think if we are speaking in game terms ‘critical attack’ of ‘critical hit’ would be better.

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  3. i wonder why the author decided to get rid of the bow… alot of games these days that have a summoner usually are a ranged weapon class with a pet that can be used as a front liner… then again it could be taking pwi’s venomancer into account and playing off that

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  4. ” incredible 390 from 155.” This is wrong. 1.66*155 is not 390. Not even close.

    “he activated the Weak Point Capturing skill” Its impossible to activate passive skills manually. Its why they’re called passive skills.

    I wonder if he can buy some sort of low level offensive or control spell. It would make the battles less boring for him, without forcing him into the fray with his soon to be sub-standard combat stats. If not, then he should just go back to using the bow and try to get one that applies status effects. That way, when his damage is no longer helpful, he’ll still be contributing to the fight. This isn’t optimal of course, but it would definitely be less boring, which I think he cares about more.

    1. He meant it increased to 390 from 155 pre-evolution. His offensive power after evolution became 235 as mentioned last chapter, so with the 66% buff it became 390.

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