TaMa Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Ly’s Growth (3)

TL: Haku

Edited: Stealth


Through the training skill, Ly’s Potential increased little by little. And whenever his Potential’s digit changed by 10, the growth range of Ly’s stats increased whenever Ly leveled up.

‘As expected, Beginner-level Training skill was a fraud skill!’

In the Kailan community, instead of seeing the hidden classes as a better class than the normal class, they saw it more strongly as a slightly different and rare class. This was because the users with the hidden classes weren’t particularly stronger than the users with the normal classes.

However, Ian thought that wasn’t correct all the time. When a hidden class is received, appropriate experimentation and thinking were needed according to the class and optimized nurturing is needed, but he thought that because people raise their hidden class just as they would a normal one, which is why it becomes average.

And while raising a hidden class himself, Ian was realizing that his assumption was right.

‘All monsters have a distinct Potential and depending on this Potential, the stat range increased per level up is decided.’

Increasing Potential meant that the Monster’s class itself was rising. And the skill that was able to raise that Potential was precisely ‘Training’.

Ian, who received that enlightenment, immediately opened the skill window. And he invested all the skill points that he hadn’t used since the beginning and saved up onto ‘Beginner-level Training’.

He was tempted for a moment to maybe invest into ‘Beginner-level Tactics’ as he was low on Leadership and couldn’t catch the bear, but he automatically thought that he did a good job holding back.

  • You have invested all of your skill points towards ‘Beginner-level Training’.
  • As ‘Beginner-level Training’ skill has reached lv 5, it has been reinforced to ‘Intermediate-level Training’.

Ian checked the skill window with a satisfied expression.


Intermediate-level Training

Classification: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv 0

Proficiency: 0%

Cooldown Time: 25 minutes

  • For 15 minutes, the appointed Familiar will be put into ‘Training’ status.
  • The Familiar in the ‘Training’ status will have a higher understanding towards commands than usual and will learn the commands.
  • The more ‘Training’ is repeated, the Familiar’s ‘Potential’ increases.
  • The higher ‘Intermediate-level Training’s skill level, the bigger the range to increase Potential.


Ian brightened up. It didn’t show up in the information window, but the range to increase Potential per training time would have for sure increased as well. And above all, the cooldown time had reduced 10 minutes.

With the application of the option to reduce the cooldown time that was attached to the ‘Necklace of Pitch Darkness’ that he just obtained, he was able to use it every 20 minutes.

Ian, who solved a big curiosity, put his notebook back into his chest with a satisfied smile.

‘Now I feel much better.’

Like a person who had just solved their constipation, Ian’s expression was incredibly bright.

Before he began to hunt again, Ian checked Ly’s Potential once again.

‘His Potential is at 94. We’ll be able to hit 100 soon enough.’

Since the growth range changed every 10 digits, Ian felt incredible anticipation wondering what change there would be when there was an increase in digits themselves.

“Damn it, I’ve wasted almost 1 hr.”

Ian, who checked the time, grumbled to himself as he lifted his bow again. If limitless training without getting tired was a talent, Ian had an incredible talent. And shortly after, he reached lv 20.




Jinsung logged off according to the lunch time he had decided and consumed a simple meal of bread and milk.

Click-. Click-.

Of course, even at this time, he was diligently searching for information about Kailan with one hand holding the mouse.

“If I studied like this, I would probably be a judge or a doctor by now, right?”

Jinsung, who mumbled out meaningless words, watched a video while taking a bite of his bread. It was a combat video on one of the new classes that were released along with the update, the Black Magician.

It was the lv 18 user that was the highest-level Black Magician currently up in the community.

“Ooh, the skulls are cuter than I thought.”

Jinsung, who was diligently clicking his mouse, finished his milk and without hesitation, he stood up from his spot. It was time to sit back inside the capsule.

“Shall I log in now?”

However, just then, Jinsung’s smartphone started ringing.

Ring-. Ring-.

‘What the hell? There’s nowhere to be getting a call from…’

It was a situation just as rare as the chance of getting dragon armor from catching slime.

Jinsung, who slightly flinched at the unexpected situation, checked the calling number.

‘This is an unknown number… I’ve paid off all my school loans, maintenance fees I paid last time… where exactly am I getting a call from?’

Ian considered just ending the call but because it was a call in such a long time, he decided to pick up the phone.


  • Yes, this is the number of student Jinsung, right?

It was even a thin and beautiful voice of a woman. Jinsung felt his heart throb a little.

“Yes, I am?”

  • I am Lee Jihyun, the teaching assistant of Korea University’s Virtual Reality major department.

“Ah, yes, TA, hello.”

The heart throbbing was only a moment and as soon as Jinsung heard that it was a TA, he was nervous. This was because Jinsung had a lot of parts where he felt guilty because of his lack of responsibility towards his school life, to the point none of his professors thought that he was a current student throughout the whole semester.

  • Yes, it’s nothing else. You know Lee Jinook Professor, right?

If it was Lee Jinook Professor, Jinsung knew him. This was because he was also the head of the department.

“Yes, I know him.”

  • The Professor asks that you call him.

“Call… him?”

He began to be seized by unknown anxiety.

  • Yes.

“Can I… know the reason why?”

  • It’s most likely because of student Jinsung’s mark…

Jinsung’s hands started to shake.

‘What the hell? I was thinking that it wasn’t an academic warning, no way that its probation? No, I’ve attended all classes of The Understanding of Virtual Reality, so they should have given me a D.’

Jinsung, who collected his unsteady heart, opened his mouth.

“Excuse me… TA. ”

  • Yes?

“What would happen if I don’t call the Professor?”

  • Ah, right. If student Jinsung doesn’t call the Professor, he said he’ll send your report card home… Of course, you know that home doesn’t mean your rented room here, right?

Jinsung’s pupil began to shake again.

He couldn’t let that happen. Jinsung had no confidence in controlling his father’s wrath that would explode out as soon as the report card went home.

‘At the sweet age of 20, I may be forced to return to farming.’

The scarier thing than returning to farming was the chance that he might had to sell his capsule away.


Jinsung had no other choice.

“Looks… like I’ll have to give him a call.”

  • Oh-ho, good thinking. Let’s meet next semester, student Jinsung.


As the call ended, Jinsung had an expression as if he had lived his whole life. He didn’t know that the phone call he hadn’t had in a long time would leave this much mental damage.

“Ha… right, I need… to call. Do I have Lee Jinook Professor’s number?”

Fortunately, he had the number. He believed he saved the number at the Freshman Orientation.


Jinsung, who calmed his anxious heart with deep breaths, called the Professor shortly after.

  • Yes, this is Lee Jinook.

“Hello, Professor. This is Park Jinsung. I heard you were looking for me…”

A dry voice rang through the phone.

It was like the voice of a middle-aged delivery man of a Chinese restaurant that had an overload of orders on a rainy day.

  • Park Jinsung? Ah, right, the freshman. That’s right, I did tell you to call me.

“Yes, for what reason you were looking for me….”

  • Are you asking that right now because you don’t know?

Jinsung opened his mouth again after suppressing the desire to say ‘I don’t know.’

“By any chance, is it because of my marks?”

  • That’s right. Is there some bad situation in your home? Or did you get dumped by your girlfriend… Why exactly have you not done anything in your major and get an academic warning in your first semester?

Jinsung flinched again at the word academic warning.

“Academic… warning? Don’t I have… two Fs?”

At Korea University where Jinsung was attending, it was an academic warning if you got 3 Fs in one semester. If it was two academic warnings, then it was expulsion. For someone who was not very afraid of getting a low grade, Jinsung’s reason for being afraid of getting an academic warning was here.

  • That’s right, you have two Fs so far. That’s why I’m thinking about giving you your third F.

An obvious threat!

Jinsung’s two hands shook.

He wanted to say ‘What do you exactly want from me, Professor’, but Jinsung wasn’t that fearless of a student.

“What do I need to do then, Professor…”

  • Firstly, let’s hear the reason why you’re neglecting your major.

Truthfully, there was never a case where in university, not even high school, a Professor personally called saying that you weren’t studying hard.

However, the Virtual Reality department was a new department newly created at Korea University. Especially Lee Jinook Professor’s passion and pride towards the department was on a different level from others, so Jinsung’s negligence was unacceptable.

Meanwhile, Jinsung was thinking about how to respond and thought hard of a stunt that he could pull.

‘I had no choice because I was gaming… would make me sound like I’ve gone crazy, wouldn’t it?’

Firstly, Jinsung slightly tested Lee Jinook Professor.

“Professor, the reason why I came into the Virtual Reality department.”

  • Tell me.

“I had a not-so-small interest in ‘Virtual Reality’ ever since, and it was because I felt a longing towards the infinite possibilities.”

  • … So?

“There are many reasons why ‘Virtual Reality’ is currently getting so much attention right now, but one of the biggest reasons is because of the game ‘Kailan’, right?”

  • That’s true.

Jinsung swallowed his dry saliva.

From now on was important.

“If you want to catch a tiger, don’t you have to go into the tiger’s den?”

Lee Jinook Professor’s sense was fast. He figured out what Jinsung was trying to say instantly.

  • So you’re saying you’ve been playing a game all day, so you couldn’t do well in your studies…?

“It’s not for the purpose of just playing games all day, Professor. It was to more closely research about the Virtual Reality world implemented in Kailan that is surprisingly realistic…”

At Jinsung’s lame excuse, Lee Jinook sent off a reproach.

  • So then, what level are you?


  • I’m asking what level are you? If you’ve worked so hard, you must be ranked in the Korean server ranking, no?

For a second, Jinsung felt his body stiffen as if it was hit by lightning. He thought even a tear would drop at his sadness.

‘If only I didn’t reset…!’

For the first time, he regretted resetting his character. If it wasn’t for resetting, he could have confidently said ‘I am ranked’ here.

“I… That is… Professor.”

  • Why can’t you say it?

However, he couldn’t think of an excuse to say.

He wanted to ask himself.

‘Jinsung, why can’t you say it…’

That’s why he could only say the truth that sounded more like a lie than an actual lie.

“I was originally a lv 93… but I reset just a while ago… So I’m lv 20… right now…”

The more he said, Jinsung’s words became muddled.

At those words, the Professor couldn’t help but feel ridiculed.

  • What? Are you kidding me…

However, Jinsung had little words that he could say.

“But it’s the truth, Professor…”




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