TaMa Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Ly’s Growth (1)

TL: Haku

Edited: Stealth


Jinsung, who logged off and came out of a refreshing shower, sat in front of the computer before he went to sleep. As expected, it was to search up information related to Kailan.

Jinsung was curious about the information on not the hidden class part but the normal Summoner class. He wanted to know the difference between him and a normal Summoner.

‘I’m pretty sure there will be a ‘loser’ that wanted to brag on the community…’

Jinsung thoroughly looked through the newly made Summoner class’s bulletin board from the beginning to the end. And he clucked his tongue while looking at the bulletin board plastered with negative stories.

‘That’s right, Summoner’s are definitely on the side where it’s a pain to level… Despite that, though, there’s an incredible amount of whining posts.’

Ian was looking for a user over lv 15 that had posted a review on the class play.

However, no matter how hard he looked, he couldn’t find one.

‘What the hell? Did no one upload because they didn’t want to share information? Since I’m at lv 19, there should already be users that had reached over lv 15, no…?’

The reason he was looking for a lv 15 specifically was because they needed to be around there to have raised the proficiency of ‘Summoning’ enough to have it leveled up and that way he could check more of the skills of a normal Summoner.

Looking at the other bulletin boards of the new classes, even on the Assassin’s bulletin board, posts bragging about how they had reached lv 15 popped up quite often and on the Black Magician’s bulletin board, there was a user that had even reached lv 18, it was only on the Summoner’s bulletin board that you couldn’t find it.

Lacking in anything better, Jinsung clicked on the review of a Summoner user that had reached lv 13. And he began to carefully check the information.

“Firstly, ‘Capture’ or ‘Blessings of the Wind’, ‘First Aid’ are all the same skills as mine…”

Just then, a light shone from Jinsung’s two eyes.

‘There’s a skill that I’ve never seen before?’

Just as he said, there was a skill he hadn’t seen on the screen Jinsung was looking at.



Classification: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv 1

Proficiency: 55%

You possess the soul of one of the monsters that you can summon to your body. 30% of the stats that the possessed soul had get added to the stat of the Summoner. You cannot summon a possessed monster for combat.


The user who uploaded the bulletin board message gave the skill ‘Possession’ high praise, calling it a Summoner’s ‘bread and butter’.

However, Jinsung shook his head.

“Why possess a Familiar that fights well on its own? It’s not like you get 100% of the stats… Well, if you raise the skill level, will it get close to 100%?”

That user felt that the most ideal advantage of the skill ‘Possession’ was that you didn’t have to share your Exp with your Familiar but Jinsung couldn’t fully agree with that either.

‘Then that means that you can’t raise the level of your Familiar… It’s so pleasing to watch the fun in raising Ly’s level, yet they’re calling that an advantage…’

He was thinking like this but he did acknowledge that it was an alright advantage to a certain degree. This was because if you didn’t have much of an attachment towards the Familiar you were raising, whenever there was a level gap, you could release the Familiars you had and capture new Familiars at that level and possess them.

Jinsung was still relieved that he wasn’t too jealous of the skills that he didn’t have.

‘Then what are the skills that I have that a normal Summoner doesn’t?’

Jinsung, who thought about it momentarily, clapped his hands shortly after.

‘Oh, Beginner-level Training!’

Jinsung nodded his head.

In his opinion, Beginner-level Training was more worthy than ‘Possession’. This was because the more training was repeated, Ly’s actual fighting power noticeably increased.

Jinsung continuously used Beginner-level Training on a regular basis once the 35 minute cooldown time was over.

‘There wasn’t as much information as I was expecting but by combining the information available, generally predicting… Taming Master’s direct combat skills are lacking compared to a normal Summoner but does that mean it has a merit of being able to raise your Familiar to become much stronger instead?’

He was only generally predicting, but whether it was because of Jinsung’s incredible game sense, his inference was quite accurate.

‘That means that I’m raising my character in the right direction right now.’

Jinsung, who was personally pleased with his play so far, turned off the stand lights on top of his desk and went and lied down on his bed. He didn’t forget to set the alarm that would ring exactly 5 hours from now.

‘It might be good to try and capture a Rare-ranking or Unique-ranking monster.’

Jinsung was curious as to how Ly’s stats compared to a Rare-ranking or Unique-ranking monster. However, even though he searched through the bulletin board, there were a couple users that had captured Rare-ranking monsters, but there was no one who had captured a Unique-ranking monster.

If it was as Jinsung’s calculations, ‘Ly’s stats would be equal to a ‘Rare’-ranking or ‘Heroic’-ranking monster of the same level.

Whether it was because he was tired, Jinsung, who was organizing tomorrow’s plans in his head, fell asleep shortly after.




Jinsung, who woke up exactly with the set alarm time, roughly ate cereal as breakfast and quickly logged into the game.

‘Lv 20 before dawn!’

It was Jinsung’s ambitious goal.

The time he had logged into Kailan was at a shocking 4 AM!

He had gone to sleep at 11 o’clock, the time where there were the most users and limited mobs and had logged in at the golden time where there was the least amount of users, 4 AM.

From the average user’s perspective, it was an obsessive and detailed planning that was astonishing.

Ian, who had logged in, wore a broad grin as he watched the hunting grounds filled with Half-Moon Bears.

“Hu-hu-hu… Keu-keu-keuk….”

Ian spilled out a dark laughter.

The Half-Moon Bears all looked like Exp to Ian. The hunting ground he had established himself in was already on the low side on humans and because of the golden time(?), there wasn’t a user in sight yet a ton of prey, so this place was heaven.

“Ly, Summon!”

Ian summoned Ly without delay.


Ian petted Ly, who howled as if he was bragging his presence as soon as he was summoned.

“Let’s charge forward today, too!”

Ly responded to Ian’s words by growling and raising his claws sharply. It felt as if Ian’s combatting and hunting with no rest matched well with Ly’s nature.

Ian, who gave a satisfied smile at that image, used all the buff skills, even invoking the Beginner-level Training skill as well.

Ian aimed his bow at the closest Half-Moon Bear nearby.

  • ‘Weak Point Capturing’ skill will be triggered. The weak point of the target will be indicated with the accuracy rate rising 13.5% and the chance to critical hit increasing 20%. If the weak point is hit, an additional 85% of damage will be dealt.

The Weak Point Capturing skill has been triggered.

Compared to the first time he received the skill, its proficiency has gone up quite a bit, so the percent coefficients were quite useful.


Ian’s arrow rushed towards its destination quickly and hit the target exactly. And shortly after, Ly, who quickly ran towards the bear, bit off a different weak point that was highlighted. This was because Ian, who discovered that the red part that is marked by Weak Point Capturing is also visible to the Familiar, trained him to attack the weak points preferentially.

Ping-! Pi-ping-!

The Half-Moon Bear, who received an art-like Ian and Ly’s combined attack, turned into a grey light in an instant and disappeared. It was a hunting speed that was fearsome.

‘When I was a lv 35 Archer, I’m pretty sure I hunted here… My hunting speed is much faster compared to then, too.’

Ian and Ly began to wipe out the field of Half-Moon Bears like a machine.

Ly’s Affinity and Loyalty towards Ian was already at its max. This was through their maximum efficiency when hunting and system messages popped up without rest.

  • You have killed the Half-Moon Bear. You have gained 545 Experience Points.
  • You have killed the Half-Moon Bear. You have gained 583 Experience Points.

Ian, who only hunted for the longest time as if he was crazy, aimed his arrow towards his next prey when he felt something weird.

‘What the hell? Why does that bear’s size seem bigger?’

After focusing his vision, he looked at it again before seeing the words ‘Jet-Black Half-Moon Bear’.


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