TaMa Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Monster Researcher (1)

TL: Haku

Edited: Obelisk


Ian began to catch wolves to the point he fell into a trance. However, just as he thought, a wolf better than the one ‘Agile Wolf’ from the first eight he caught didn’t appear so easily.

  • Through repeated successful captures, your Affinity stat has increased by 1.

He had grinded so much to the point that his Affinity stat rose.

Around five hours of just wolf capturing had passed by, and perhaps it was because Ian’s efforts were recognized, a new stat messaged popped into his view.

  • Through a large number of wolves having been captured, you have obtained the nickname ‘Wolf Expert’.
  • As you obtained the nickname ‘Wolf Expert’, from now on when you try to capture a wolf, it will be easier to gain Affinity.
  • As you obtained the nickname ‘Wolf Expert’, from now on, you can differentiate the best wolves without capturing them.

Ian’s expression brightened up. To have the skill to differentiate the best wolves without capturing them was a big help to his grinding.

‘While they’re at it, can’t they just apply that to every monster?’

Ian grumbled internally, but he knew well that that was a robber’s devilish mind.

“Let’s see…”

Ian examined the wolves that were wandering the field. And among them, he discovered a wolf that had a name faintly shining gold.

‘Is it this one?’

He approached the wolf without hesitation. And just like he had done until now, after he easily captured it, he opened the stat window.


Tough Wolf

Lv: 13

Classification: Wild Animal

Rank: Common

Personality: Courageous

Evolution impossible

Offensive Power: 30

Defensive Power: 12

Agility: 20

Intellect: 10

Vitality: 82/82

It’s a normal wolf that inhabits grasslands. It has fast feet and sharp teeth.


As expected, he had caught one with outstanding stats from a modifier attached to its name.

Ian’s smile deepened.

“The wolf’s offensive power is at 30, huh?”

Compared to the ones with ‘Weak’ or ‘Mean’ or other inferior modifiers, it was a difference of almost 1.5 times.

However, several wolves around this level were already caught through his grinding. He had no intention of quitting his grinding until he caught one that was significantly greater.

Right then, a wolf that was a little far away with a name that was distinctly shining gold caught Ian’s eyes.


Without even realizing, an exclamation broke out from Ian. And before anybody else could discover it, he hurriedly ran towards the wolf. This was because if someone killed it before Ian caught it, it would become a big problem.


The wolf growled as it saw Ian approach it.

“This little, what are you going to do if you stare?”

Whether it was because Ian’s smirk disgusted it, the wolf charged towards him instantly. The difference in its swiftness and movements could be felt when compared to the wolves that he had caught already.

Puck-. Pu-puck-!

However, despite that, the wolf couldn’t do anything else but submit to Ian’s incredible stats.


  • You have succeeded in capturing the ‘Wolf’.

Ian gulped before opening the Wolf’s stat window.

He was just as nervous as when a rare item dropped.



Lv: 11

Classification: Wild Animal

Rank: Common

Personality: Valiant

Evolution possible

Offensive Power: 37

Defensive Power: 15

Agility: 31

Intellect: 19

Vitality: 90/90

It’s a normal wolf that inhabits grasslands. It has fast feet and sharp teeth.


After checking the stat window, Ian’s two eyes widened.

The stats that were incomparably different were shocking enough, but there was something else that really shocked him.

‘Evolution possible? You’re saying evolution is possible?’

Ian couldn’t believe his eyes, so he checked multiple times. However, the words ‘Evolution possible’ were distinctly written.


There was a strange point, though.

‘How come this one doesn’t have a modifier attached? Is it because its stats are all good?’

Ian immediately stopped grinding and released all the other wolves. Of course, there could be a wolf with better stats, but the one that was just captured looked like it was worth raising.

Ian was all smiles.

“Alright, now to hunt!”

Ian was originally going to start hunting after he maxed out his Leadership once he captured several different monsters, but he changed his mind. This was because he heard from Cain that the more monsters you had that were participating in hunting, the more your Experience points would be divided amongst them. It was the same concept as when you went with a hunting party.

Ian, who wanted to quickly grow the wolf, immediately moved to hunt. The place that Ian was headed towards was where he hunted last time, ‘Fox Den’ Kalymputh Hill. In his heart, he wanted to go to a higher level hunting ground, but as the wolf’s level was too low, he decided on Kalymputh Hill for now.

With light footsteps, Ian left Kairon Basin.




Ian, who arrived at Kalymputh Hill, didn’t immediately summon his wolf. This was because on top of there not being a lot of users that class-changed to Summoner yet, if news surfaced that there was a Summoner that was already able to hunt in the lv 25 hunting grounds, the Fox Den, then it would become too troublesome.

From the outside, Ian was currently a perfect Archer user.

When Ian was about to go into the hunting grounds, one guy approached him and asked.

“Excuse me, if you don’t have a party, would you like to hunt with us? We’re lacking a long-distance damage dealer.”

However, because Ian had absolutely no desire to hunt in a party, he declined politely.

“No, I’m sorry. I personally need to do a quest.”

“Ah, I see.”

Ian, who declined the party, quickly moved and entered the hunting grounds. And when he positioned himself in a place deep within the woods, he summoned his wolf.


Finally, along with a white light, the wolf appeared in front of Ian.

  • This is the first time you have summoned the ‘Wolf’. You can give it a name.

‘Name? It’s too troublesome, so should I Just call it wolf?’

Ian, who thought about it for a moment, decided to name the wolf ‘Ly’. There was no big meaning, but it was a name using the first two letters of Lycanthrope, meaning man-wolf.

“Ly, your name is now Ly.”

Whether it was because it liked the name that Ian gave it, the wolf growled and rubbed its head against Ian’s leg.

  • Ly like its own name.
  • Your affinity with Ly increased. Ly’s loyalty rose by 5.

Ian had a doubtful expression when he saw the system message.

‘Was there a Loyalty stat?’

And after checking the wolf’s stat window, Ian nodded his head.

‘It’s visible when you open up the detailed stat window.’

There was a concept called ‘Detailed Stat Window’ even for a character’s stat window. It was a part where you could see detailed stats like specific offensive and defensive power, critical hit chance, and different attributes and resistances as well as others. The Familiar’s stat window was similar.

‘Its loyalty is 70%. As expected, the max is probably 100%, right?’

Firstly, Ian used the only active skill for combat he had for hunting.

“Blessings of the Wind!”

  • You have used ‘Blessings of the Wind’. Your agility will increase by 37%. The agility of Familiar ‘Ly’ will increase by 37%.

Definitely Ian, but the agility of Familiar ‘Ly’ increased as well.

‘This is a good buff skill.’

Ian lifted his bow and took aim at the Red Fox that was visible.


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  1. Thanks for the chapters! It reminds me of my time playing Ultima Online, when I played Tamer/Mage; I remember taming monsters and checking their stats, then maxx them to the limit using them to hunt or support me. Nice.

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  2. He should aim to get the “Expert” title for every species in the game. It’ll definitely be helpful going forward.

    He should consider selling monsters once he gets to a high enough level to capture ones that are strong enough to bring in enough money make it worth his time.

    I wonder if his summons can die permanently.

    He should also try to find an evolvable flying monster of some kind. The usefulness of a good scout is hard to overstate. They can also be good for retrieving items from high places like cliff faces or cloud cities. Plus, if it evolves into a Roc or something, he’d have a flying mount, and who doesn’t want a flying mount?

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