TaMa Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Hidden Class (3)

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“Oh, Ian, have you returned?”

Cain welcomed back Ian, who returned to the guild to change his class.

“As expected, the request wasn’t easy, was it? Kkul-kkul…”

Cain was not at all expecting Ian to have succeeded the quest and returned. It was a part of the quest’s progress to return to the guild after failing to catch the wolf from the start.

However, Ian was not a user belonging to the normal category.

“Yes, it wasn’t easy. The wolf was being incredibly stubborn…”

Ian was being honest. This was because it took him over 1 hour to assault the wolf.

“However, I have caught him and returned.”

Ian pulled out the grimoire that the Blue-Eyed Wolf was sealed in from his inventory and gave it to Cain.

“What? Did you really catch the wolf!”

“Yes, what’s the issue…?”

Cain hurriedly checked the seal. The grimoire really had the Blue-Eyed Wolf sealed inside.

Cain’s gaze changed.

“You weren’t a beginner, were you?”


Ian vaguely understood the reason for Cain’s strange reaction.

‘The quest was certainly not an easy quest for normal lv 10 beginners unlike me.’

However, he thought it was just surprising over how quickly he solved it, he never thought that he had destroyed(?) the original quest’s route.

“You are really a…amazing!”

There was a bit of respect in Cain’s gaze.

Whether Cain was like this or not, Ian’s focus was only on class-changing.

“So, does that mean I can change my class to Monster Trainer now?”

However, when he thought that the answer was going to yes for sure, Cain shook his head.

“No, Monster Trainer doesn’t suit you.”


Putting aside the visit of Ian’s fluster, Cain continued his words.

“Do you, by any chance, want to walk the path of a master?”

Along with that, a new system message popped up in Ian’s view.



The Path of a Master

The Summoner guild’s guild master Cain is impressed by your talent. He is wanting for you to go the path of a master. If you accept his proposal, you can class-change to ‘Taming Master’.

Difficulty Level: –

Reward: Class-change to Summoner (Taming Master)


  • Will you accept?


Ian shuddered after checking the content.

‘This…! I’ve never heard of a class quest that connected like this…?’

Even by just looking at the name, ‘Taming Master’ felt like it was of a higher class than ‘Monster Trainer’.

There was no reason to hesitate.

“I want to become a master.”

At Ian’s response, Cain was very happy.

“Oh, as expected! I was thinking if it was you, you would accept.”

Along with Cain’s words, a white light wrapped around Ian’s body. And a new system message was plastered over Ian’s view.

  • You have class-changed to ‘Summoner (Taming Master)’
  • The new skill ‘Affinity’ has been formed.
  • The new skill ‘Taming Ability’ has been formed.
  • The new skill ‘Leadership’ has been formed.
  • ‘Beginner-Level Summoning lv 1 (proficiency 0%)’ has been formed in the Skill Window.
  • You have learned the basic active skill ‘Summon (Unsummon)’.
  • You have learned the active skill ‘Capture’.
  • You have learned the active skill ‘The Blessings of the Wind’.
  • You have learned the active skill ‘First Aid’.
  • You have learned the active skill ‘Beginner-level Training’.
  • You have become the very first ‘Taming Master’. You have obtained 500 fame.
  • From discovering the hidden class ‘Taming Master, Affinity and Taming Ability, Leadership has increased by 30 each.

Soon the white light disappeared and he felt bliss. He had taken the first step towards a new path.

“The path to becoming a Taming Master is incredibly difficult. However, I believe if it’s you, then you will succeed. I hope that you will rebuild that legend!”


Ian checked his condition.



Lv 10: 0/3200 (0%)

Race: Human

Class: Summoner (Taming Master)

Nickname: Master of Hunting

Fame: 500 (if your fame drops below 0, it changes into Infamy)

Power: 45 (+0)

Agility: 77 (+0)

Intellect: 30 (+0)

Health: 35 (+0)

Affinity: 40

Taming Ability: 75

Leadership: 40

Vitality: 750 (+0)

Mana: 350 (+0)


Ian’s body heated up. Ian wanted to quickly go and capture monsters.

However, before that, there was a need to gather as much information as possible from Cain.

“I just need to catch monsters with the skill ‘Capture’, right?”

Cain responded kindly.

“That’s right. For someone like you who didn’t have any Affinity when capturing the Blue-Eyed Wolf means that you certainly were born with talent in capturing, but I’ll teach you some tips.”

“Thank you.”

Cain’s words continued.

“The chance for you to succeed in capturing a monster increases the lower its vitality is. This you know, right?”


“However, there is an element more important than lowering a monster’s vitality.”

Ian listened courteously without a word.

“It’s ‘Affinity’.”

“Are you talking about the ‘Affinity’ between the monsters you are catching?”

Cain nodded.

“That’s right.”

However, Ian thought something was odd.

“Then, in order to raise the affinity between the monster and you, should you not fight them from the beginning?”

Ian’s question was natural. This was because the act of attacking a monster commonsensically would negatively influence the affinity when you thought about it.

“That’s a good question.”

Shortly after letting it settle, Cain continued his words.

“The basic method of capturing is different for each monster. However, the standard procedure to capturing a general monster is by gaining its respect by showing the Summoner’s strength through fighting and then raising its affinity through food or care. It is even harder to try and raise its affinity without gaining the monster’s respect towards the Summoner.”

It was an explanation that made total sense.

“Ah, however, there is an exception.”

“An exception?”

“In the case of a young monster that isn’t fully grown, it is comparatively easier to raise its affinity without fighting. Of course, this is different for each monster.”

Ian tried to remember what Cain was telling him without an exception.

The ‘Summoner’ class was indeed undeveloped. The one who had the most information about Summoners was this NPC, Cain.

“And naturally, the higher the affinity of the monster that you are trying to capture is, the higher the chance to succeed in capturing.”

“Raising its affinity seems to be incredibly important.”


Ian had more things that he was curious about.

“Then is it possible to endlessly capture monsters?”

“As expected, a keen question.”

Cain continued his explanation.

“Firstly, when talking about the conclusion, it’s possible to endlessly capture monsters. However, the monster that you can carry around with you is limited.”

Ian, who didn’t understand, vacantly stood there as Cain smirked before opening his mouth again.

“When a Summoner captures a monster, a small tattoo forms on their forearm. The monster seals to that tattoo. And the Summoner can summon or unsummon the captured monster whenever.”

Ian, who heard the explanation, grumbled to himself.

‘There are a lot of things you need to know from the beginning as a Summoner.’

Whether it was because he gained the hidden class, there was an incomparably large amount of information that he needed to know, different to when he first class-changed to Archer.

However, he only grumbled with his words, as Ian was incredibly satisfied right now. The complicated ‘Summoner’ class that required a lot of attention perfectly matched Ian’s ideal type of gameplay. The word complicated had something in common with ‘there is a lot to experiment with’.

“However, if your Leadership is low, you will not be able to capture any more monsters. For those times, you would use the ‘Sealing Grimoire’ that I had given you earlier.”

Ian, who knew the game very well, understood those words very quickly.

“So what you’re saying is, is that the higher the Leadership, the more monsters that you can have sealed?”


“And for situations where you’ve reached the limit of your Leadership when a monster you like appeared, you have to keep sealing grimoires with you in case.”

Cain clapped.

“That’s exactly it. As expected, Summoner is definitely your calling.”

Ian asked Cain about a couple more points he was curious of.

‘There’s still a lot that I’m curious about, but I’ll have to bump into them myself.’

Ian left the Summoner guild.

The corners of his mouth went slightly up.

“Now then, shall I go make my first subordinate?”




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