Taming Master

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Taming Master (테이밍마스터) is a Korean novel on Munpia and Ridibooks, Korean novel websites. It is written by the author, Park Taesuk (박태석).

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Author Synopsis (From Ridibooks):

The world’s largest scale virtual reality game, ‘Kailran’.

A well-known gamer in the virtual reality game community, Ian.

He deleted his lv 93 character to obtain a hidden class… but the class he chose was the most useless class in Kailran, the summoner? On top of that, a call from his professor leads to a mental breakdown! To avoid academic probation, he must level up the same level as his deleted character in two months!

Table of Contents:

Chapters 0-51

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  1. That’s not too bad i guess…around the same level of Top Management
    Less interesting than similar novel like Emperor of Solo Play but that have his good points:)

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