SMM Chapter 8

Chapter 8: I Said You’re Pretty

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Editor: Isalee


“My car is over there. Let’s go.”

His soft voice entered her ears but her fast beating heart kept on beating faster.

Manager Moon’s figure looked incredibly dangerous when he was next to Yoon Hoo just now and she was scared that something would happen.

*Beep beep*

Manager Moon pressed his car keys. It wasn’t the same trash car as yesterday that had trouble turning on. Instead, it looked like a shiny, expensive car that had glittering headlights.


Is it possible that someone pushed their keys the same time he did?’ Shi Won thought as she looked around.

Manager Moon kept his hand on her waist and continued walking to the expensive looking car. He opened the passenger side door and he let go of her.

“Get in.” He gave her a soft smile.

Now that they were away from that awkward situation, she suddenly realized the changes in Manager Moon and couldn’t adapt to it quickly enough.

“Ah… yes.”

Shi Won saw Yoon Hoo who was glaring at her with angry eyes and Yeh Na who looked like she just ate shit.

And a little farther off from those two were her fellow friends and alumni whose eyes sparkled as they saw all the drama going on around them.


Manager Moon closed the passenger door and went into the driver’s seat. He tried to fasten Shi Won’s belt but his body suddenly got too close for comfort.

“Woah! Woah!”

Shi Won stopped Manager Moon by pushing him with her two hands.

“I can do it!”

‘Please don’t treat me with that kind of awkward manner.’

Manager Moon fastened his own seat belt.

“Let’s hurry and leave.”

Because there were so many eyes watching, Shi Won wanted to leave quickly.

They drove in silence in the car for five minutes.

Shi Won was replaying the events that just occurred and tried to comprehend what just happened.

It was obvious that Manager Moon saved her by suddenly showing up and giving that hateful couple a taste of their own medicine.

But the preparation to give them a taste of their own medicine was quite awkward.

Shi Won’s body temperature slowly rose higher and higher and she remembered when Manager Moon kissed her on her forehead.

“What are you thinking about?”


Upon suddenly hearing Manager Moon’s voice, Shi Won was startled and quickly turned her head towards him.

He smiled softly at Shi Won. Upon seeing his face, she couldn’t adapt to that face he was giving her and she went back to facing forward.

Shi Won, who was pressing her lips tightly, finally opened them.



“What kind of man does that?”


Manager Moon was surprised at what she said and turned his head towards her with a confused expression because she just randomly started scolding him.

“What kind of man does that? Why did you act like that in that situation that you know nothing about? We’re lucky that it wasn’t that much of a dangerous situation, but what are you going to do if something bad happened?!”

“Didn’t you need help?”

“That’s right! I didn’t need help…”

“Then what’s the problem?”

He frowned as he looked at Shi Won.

“Manager Moon. Are you good at fighting? Why did you go up to him? You didn’t even think about the consequences and acted. Did you know how worried I was? Did you even see how many of my friends were there? I really hate men who are quick to get angry!”


Manager Moon had no words to say. Shi Won even cursed at them too. ‘I saw it all…’

He saved someone from drowning and the person asked him where their bag was[1]. And the person also demanded him to pay for mental damages as well as the bag. That was what Manager Moon felt.

“No. Earlier you…”

“But what were you going to do if you started fighting and got hurt!”


“From now on, even if you get angry or frustrated, don’t act rashly!”

After Shi Won’s long barrage of scolding ended, Manager Moon stayed silent and didn’t say anything.

Shi Won was frightened because she had seen times when men just started swinging their fists over such trivial matters and didn’t want Manager Moon to do that because she didn’t want Manager Moon to be accidentally hurt.

Shi Won believed that she overreacted and scolded him too much so she met his eyes.

“I understand.” He answered after a short moment of silence.

“Yes. I really appreciate that you understand…”

“But I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep that promise 100%.”

Shi Won frowned at his answer.


“I don’t know if I can hold myself back if I see you with that expression like back then.”


‘Just stop. Don’t act so childish.’ She remembered the words that he said to her in his horrible voice.

Her confidence dropped to the ground and someone else came to step on it during that time. The expression on her face must’ve been terrible and he must have seen it… which is why he said that…

Shi Won realized that she messed up the order. She should have thanked him first…

She acted like that without thinking of the consequences, not because he was angry, but because she herself was the center of the situation.

“Thank you.”


“I’m sorry. Because of me… I scolded you for no reason.”

“I’m okay. Also, don’t date retar-… don’t date trash like men again.”


She answered him meekly and looked down at her hands.

Shi Won felt that the situation was sorted out and she felt like the atmosphere in the car became pink all of a sudden.

He acted like her real boyfriend earlier; now he was speaking to her like a real boyfriend and she answered like a girlfriend. This situation was very ironic.

Shi Won turned to his clean-shaven face and took a look at his luxurious-looking suit. Then she began looking at the interior of his car. It looked better than the car that one of the rich men that she went on a date with once.

“But… what is this car? Did you rent it?”

“It’s mine.”

“Then what about your clothes? You usually don’t wear that type of clothing.”

“I wear them.”

“Really? Where did you glasses go? Don’t you have bad eyesight? Are you wearing contact lenses? I doubt you’re wearing them for fashion purposes. Those were in style when I was in middle school; that style is kind of outdated.”


Manager Moon gave a short chuckle in response to her words.

“What? You’re strange. Honestly, in the beginning I couldn’t recognize you at all. Why don’t you dress like that at work?”

At her question, he turned his head and looked at Shi Won’s face.

“I almost couldn’t recognize you also.”


“You are a completely different person from what I see at the office.”

“What? I’m not that great looking in the office.”

‘I don’t understand why Manager Moon is telling me this. If Manager Park and Assistant Kim heard this conversation, then they would joke about this for ten years.’

“Is that so?”

He shrugged his shoulders and pouted his lips. She really hated his expression.


She calmed down and looked forward again.

“No! But am I really that strange at the office?” Shi Won asked.

Shi Won’s voice went up by several octaves; she who was usually scared of Manager Moon was no longer afraid. Manager Moon was surprised by her outburst and looked at her as she was staring at him with an intense gaze.

“No… it’s not strange… You usually wear jeans or trousers, so you look comfortable.”

It was fascinating to see Manager Moon stutter to give an answer, although he was usually cold and collected whenever he spoke.

“Exactly. Have I always looked strange to you?”

‘Does he think that he’s normal?’ Shi Won mumbled to herself and pouted. She leaned her head on the window and Manager Moon came up to her ear and whispered,

“You’re pretty!”


“Today… You look pretty today, Assistant Manager Han.”


Translator’s Notes:

[1] A Korean saying that basically means that she’s an ungrateful person.


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