SMM Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Screw Off!

TL: pineapple

Editor: Isalee


As they walked past her, she turned around, about to open her mouth and say something back at them when suddenly she heard a voice.

“Han Shi Won-ssi[1]!”

She suddenly froze.

Shi Won totally forgot about the fact that Manager Moon was coming to meet her.

As Shi Won heard his voice calling her name, she closed her eyes.

‘Oh no, I’m screwed.’

Shi Won didn’t know that he would show up in this situation.

As this couple laughed at Shi Won and walked passed her, Shi Won thought that they were going to laugh at her even more.

Shi Won opened her eyes and refused to look at Manager Moon who came up next to her.

Shi Won sneaked up her eyelids slowly and looked at the couple who was laughing at her.

‘What happened…..?’

Obviously, they were looking behind Shi Won.

But their expressions were contrary to what she had expected.

They opened their mouths as if they saw something that they should not have seen…

Their eyes turned towards Shi Won and looked behind Shi Won to Manager Moon again.

‘What’s so surprising?’

Shi Won thought, ‘Is Manager Moon’s appearance really that shocking enough to make them that surprised?’

Shi Won turned her eyes to Manager Moon who was behind her.

Slowly, Shi Won slid her eyes down to the bottom of Manager Moon’s feet, scared to see what she would find.


His shoes were shining bright in her eyes.

They were shiny, fashionable shoes, instead of those old, worn-out sneakers that Shi Won so desperately wanted to clean every time she saw them.

Shi Won’s eyes widened.

Shi Won was shocked to see Manager Moon’s new appearance.

Shi Won couldn’t see his favorite shorts and white socks with his trousers. Shi Won’s eyes went up and realized that his legs seemed longer than before and his shoulder seemed much broader than before.

Shi Won could tell that he had a really nice upper body without even touching it.

“There’s no way…”

Looking at his body that could be considered a work of fine art, Shi Won looked at Manager Moon’s face.


‘Is this man a swindler?’

An image of a swindler came up in her mind from a movie that she watched because he was able to change his appearance so drastically.

She couldn’t find those black, plastic glasses that she always wanted to throw away. There were no double eyelids that were hidden beneath those thick glasses, but instead there were long and sexy eyelashes.

A neat forehead and an aquiline nose. Underneath, there were plump, red lips that slightly curved upward in a smile.

For a moment, Shi Won thought that she was hallucinating.

She was stunned.

It was like her imagination had come into reality and appeared in front of her. What she always wanted to change in Manager Moon had actually changed as he was standing in front of her.

Shi Won slowly closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Han Shi Won-ssi?”

That voice alerted her and she quickly opened her eyes. This was definitely not a dream nor an imagination but reality.

*Tap tap tap*

She could clearly hear the sound him walking in those shiny dress shoes.

Shi Won slowly raised her head and looked at Manager Moon who was walking towards her.

“Man… Manager… Moon?”

‘It’s really him.’

He stopped right in front of her.

He suddenly brought his hand to the side of his face and her eyes widened in shock at his movement.

He gracefully moved a strand of her hair that was in front of her head and moved it behind her ear with a soft smile on his face.

“Why haven’t you been answering your phone?”

Manager Moon spoke in a really soft voice as if he was talking to a lover and reached over to hold onto her waist.

“Wha… what are… you doing…?”



Suddenly, she felt his hot lips on her forehead and her shoulders immediately tensed up.

“What.. what are you…!”



She was perplexed by his actions and her face was completely red. She kept on stuttering as she tried to speak. Shi Won tried to put distance in between them because they were too close but he wouldn’t loosen his grip and instead pulled her in closer.

Manager Moon slowly turned her body to the other couple that was still staring at them with a dumbfounded expression. When he saw their faces, his lips curved into a small smile.

“Hello. I’m Moon Suk Han. Were you guys talking about something funny?”

“Ah… ah… I’m Lee Yoon Hoo. The conversation wasn’t that important.”

Yoon Hoo who couldn’t comprehend nor believe what was happening as he was stuttering when he tried to reply. And Shi Won’s face was still red as she was looking at Yoon Hoo.

Yoon Hoo avoided Shi Won’s sharp gaze that was directed at him.

“But… what relationship do you have with Shi Won sunbae[2]?” Yeh Na asked.

Why in the world did this cool and handsome-looking man have his hand around her waist? Why did he kiss her on her forehead? Is what she was thinking correct? She was insanely curious.

“I’m Han Shi Won’s lover.”


“Why? Is there something wrong?”

Looking at Yoon Hoo’s face of disbelief that they were actually dating, Manager Moon gave a small smirk and spoke to him in a condescending voice.

“How long have you guys been together?”

Seeing Yoon Hoo keep on asking questions to Manager Moon with a displeased expression, she became angry because he was asking questions about his ex-girlfriend. But Yoon Hoo either didn’t care or didn’t seem to notice her expression.

“Yesterday was our one-year anniversary.”

“What? One year? Not one day?”

Shi Won gave a really perplexed expression to Manager Moon and Manager Moon gave her a loving smile.


A disbelieving snort came out of his mouth.

“Is there something wrong?” Manager Moon asked.


Manager Moon asked, “What’s wrong?” twice at his responses and as Yoon Hoo angrily breathed out, his hair flew upwards.

“Hey! Han Shi Won? What? Pieces of trash? Who are you to call us pieces of trash?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Yoon Hoo while he erupted out at Shi Won.

“One year? Are you kidding me? You only dated me for six months… but… one year?!”

“Is there something wrong?”


Again Manager Moon asked what was wrong with a calm voice while Yoon Hoo answered furiously.

“Who in the world are you? Have you really been dating her for one year?”

“Please don’t address me so casually. I don’t feel good when you get so friendly.”

Manager Moon didn’t like it when Yoon Hoo rudely addressed Shi Won and his smiling face suddenly changed into a deep frown.

“Oppa[3]. Let’s stop.”

“Let go. You stay still.”

Yeh Na held his arm and tried to stop him from making a bigger commotion, but Yoon Hoo didn’t care and continued to look at Manager Moon with an enraged look.

“Let’s stop now. Don’t you have any manners? Acting like this in front of your lover?” Manager Moon said.

Manager Moon pulled Shi Won closer to him and looked down at her.

“Let’s go. There’s nothing more to see here.”

Shi Won nodded and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Hey! Han Shi Won! You really…”

Yoon Hoo yelled at her while the couple was turning around attempting to leave, but as he said that, Manager Moon turned his head and glared at him.

“She what…?”


Manager Moon, who was holding onto Shi Won’s waist, let go and walked over to Yoon Hoo and looked down at him.

“She what…? What are you trying to say next?”

“What?… No…”

As if he was about to grab his collar, Manager Moon had a dangerous look in his eyes and his tone of voice screamed that he was not to be messed with. Yoon Hoo stepped back in fright because Manager Moon’s intimidating figure.

Manager Moon opened his mouth and raised his lips upward.

“Don’t you understand Korean?”


“Did you not understand?”

“Wha… what?”

“Screw off.”


“Screw off in front of my girlfriend!”

Yoon Hoo, who couldn’t stand in front of Manager Moon’s intimidating words and figure, pressed his lips tightly and quickly left the scene.

Shi Won who was watching from behind, was afraid of Manager Moon’s demeanor.

She quickly went over to him and grabbed him with both hands and as she did that Manager Moon demeanor did a complete 180 and he looked at her with soft eyes.

“Manager Moon. Stop it. Let’s… go.”

Manager Moon nodded with a soft expression, gave a slight smile and held her waist again.

“My car is over there. Let’s go.”


Translator’s Notes:

[1] “ssi” is pronounced ‘shi’ and means ‘miss’ in Korean.

[2] Sunbae is a Korean term that means upperclassman.

[3] Oppa is what younger girls call older boys in Korean. It is usually used by siblings but can also be used as terms of endearment.


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