SMM Chapter 6

Chapter 6: You Pieces of Trash

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Editor: Isalee


The morning sun was bright.

Shi Won, who was still in bed, twisted her dull body around and slowly opened her eyes.

She neither slept nor stayed awake.

She contemplated all of the actions she made yesterday all night and blamed herself for the predicament she was in.

She acted without putting any thought into her actions.

‘Manager Moon. Oh my god.’

She was reminded of his figure in front of her eyes and his voice that was usually cold. Whenever she heard him, her body froze up. Imagining that voice and figure gave her body the chills.

‘This is all because of Manager Park and Assistant Manager Kim.

They spoke nonsense to me about Manager Moon and I hooking up and so they managed to brainwash me.

But I cannot go to them to take responsibility for starting a relationship with him.

There is only one solution.

We date casually for a while and then I break up with him.

Anyway, we don’t talk too much in the company and he annoyed me the first moment I met him. Even if we break up, it’ll still be the same.

Yeah. That’s what I’ll do.’

It was a perfect plan but her heart felt lighter.

She got up and took a shower, then began putting on makeup.

She did her hair more seriously than usual and put on makeup that she didn’t usually put on.

Shi Won put on glitter eye shadow which complimented her white skin and touched it up with a baby pink color.


She was satisfied with how her makeup turned out.

She opened her closet and took out a pink one-piece dress that she had never worn once after buying.

Shi Won’s straight and skinny legs went into the one-piece dress. She pulled up her zipper and it complimented her curves nicely. It accentuated her bust and made her waist seem slimmer.

She was done with her preparations.

Today’s events were all because of that bastard.

Lee Yoon Hoo. Two months ago, he dumped her to the curb and went on living well by himself.

She had to look pretty and she had to have confidence.

She took out a designer bag which she put in the corner of her closet a year ago after she came back from traveling abroad.

A woman’s pride are her heels.

The 169 centimeter height along with the eight centimeter heel made her legs look more beautiful and it made her body look more desirable.

That bastard Lee Yoon Hoo was only 174 centimeters.

While she was dating him, she never wore those heels because it made him feel insecure about his height.

‘How dare you, you who’s so short, dump me? I’ll look down on you today.’

“Waah˜˜ Han Shi Won. Look at you. Did something good happen? Are you dating someone?”

She was determined to be beautiful today and the responses from her friends today were great.

“What are you talking about, I just put on a little make up…”

Her fellow alumni were all grouped together in one spot.

Everybody was catching up with each other by talking about their jobs and love life.

Shi Won spoke with her friends but she kept on looking around her surroundings.

‘Is he not coming?’

Actually, she was very curious about him. Two months ago, after the day they broke up, she hadn’t seen him since.

Now, she finally thought that she had gotten over their breakup, but whenever it rained or was really sunny, she always thought of him.

Since she didn’t see the Lee Yoon Hoo’s figure, she felt depressed for no reason.

Nothing would change even if they met, but she couldn’t help but wait for him.

“Shi Won, are you still working at that company?”

Upon hearing her name, she came back to her senses and gave a bright smile.

“Huh? Yeah.”

“Your company is doing really well these days. I heard that your company is now one of the major players in the industry.”

“Yeah. Recently, our company’s business has been getting better.”

“Are there any good guys there where you work? I recently broke up with my boyfriend so you should introduce me to someone from your work.”

Upon hearing her friend’s lighthearted joke, Manager Moon’s face appeared in her mind.


“Hey! Why are you laughing?”

Shi Won’s friend frowned as she randomly started laughing and glared at her.

“No. It’s because there aren’t any good men. There aren’t any men to introduce to you. I’ll never lie to you.”

“Really? Come on. Can’t you look harder? I don’t care about their appearance. I only care if they have the ability to make enough money.”

“Wow! You should have told me that a day before.”


“Ah… nothing…”

Shi Won closed her mouth and began laughing again.

For some reason, she began thinking about Manager Moon and also reminisced about the events from yesterday.

As she thought about it, she thought it was a very interesting turn of events.

How in the world did she become involved with that guy?

‘I wonder what my friend’s faces will be like if I tell them I’m dating that kind of man?

If the day ever comes where I introduce Manager Moon to my friends that might be the day when I lower my standards on life.’


[I will contact you around five o’clock at the wedding place.]

After checking the time on her phone, she saw that there was an hour left.


The wedding ceremony was finished they began taking pictures and then went to the wedding banquet.

They kept on talking even though they were eating.

“Everybody is going to drink after the ceremony right? Is there someone who can’t go?”

“Ah! I can’t go.”

Shi Won raised her hand slowly.

“Hey! Han Shi Won, why can’t you go? It’s so hard to meet you these days.”

“Uh. Sorry, I have a previous arrangement.”

“Is there anyone else who can’t go?”

Suddenly one of her friends opened his mouth.

“Yoon Hoo is coming right now. Something happened in his company.”

Shi Won’s attention was directed to the friend that said that.

“Lee Yoon Hoo? Then is he coming with Yeh Na?”


Upon hearing a familiar name, she was shocked, and her eyes widened.

Kang Yeh Na. 3 year underclassman.

She was short and had a cute face that looked much younger than her age, with a sexy body and attractive voice that mesmerized males.

“I think so, they’re always around each other. They act like high school lovers. They also uploaded on their 200-day anniversary on their SNS.”

It was like someone hit Shi Won in the back of her head.

‘My friends didn’t know that Yoon Hoo and I were dating. Yoon Hoo didn’t want them to know.

Yoon Hoo asked me to tell our friends about our relationship later because it would’ve been uncomfortable.’

Well, Shi Won thought that if people knew about their relationship, they might’ve gotten into trouble because Yoon Hoo used to date Yeh Na before, so Shi Won agreed.

‘200-day anniversary?

We only dated for six months. It’s only been two months since we broke up….’

That means Yoon Hoo had been seeing Yeh Na before he hooked up with Shi Won.

Shi Won never doubted him.

He said he didn’t answer the phone because he was sleeping at night…

He said he didn’t answer the phone because the battery died…

He also said that his company went on a lot of picnics…

Shi Won never doubted him.

Shi Won thought that the reason that they broke up was because they had bad chemistry together, not because he was already with someone else.


She laughed in disbelief. She wanted to throw away those painful feelings she had because of their break up now that she knew he had betrayed her from the beginning.

“You guys done eating? Let’s go out.”

She walked out along with her friends.

The men went outside of the wedding hall and began smoking while the women began discussing on where to go next.

Shi Won just stared on the ground and stood without any saying.

“Hey. Lee Yoon Hoo. Over here.”

Shi Won slowly lifted her face.


More laughter.

Lee Yoon Hoo smiled and waved his hand. Park Yeh Na was holding onto Yoon Hoo’s arm.

Yoon Hoo saw his friends waving, and as soon as he saw Shi Won, he lowered his hands and lips.

Shi Won walked toward them without thinking.

They both froze in place at the same time because they saw Shi Won coming toward them with a really cold face.

“Oh… Shi Won sunbae… long time… no see.”

Yeh Na gave an awkward greeting to Si Won.


‘Yes. It’s not your fault.’

Shi Won gave a short answer and looked at Yoon Hoo with cold eyes.

“Uh…Han Shi Won…It’s been a long time…”

It was disgusting the way he gave such a friendly greeting to her as if they were just friends who hadn’t met each other in a long time.

“Yes. Two months. Isn’t this the first time we’ve met since we broke up?”


Slowly he turned his head toward Yeh Na who was standing next to him with an embarrassed look and turned toward Shi Won again.

“Say something to me. No. Explain. Lee Yoon Hoo.”

His eyes slightly moved to what Shi Won said.

“What…What are you talking about?”


‘I’m getting a lot of laughs today.’

“Do you want me to speak?”

Yoon Hoo’s eyes showed slight embarrassment and irritation.

‘It was those eyes that I saw that day.

The day he told me to break up with me.’

The bad glare he gave her rather than sorrow and regret.

“Hey! Shi Won. What are you doing?”

“Her. What is she to you?”

Shi Won used her pointer finger to point at Yeh Na.

“What?” said Yoon Hoo.

“If you guys were dating for 200 days then you started dating her while you were dating me.”

“Shi Won… that… is…” Yeh Na stuttered.

Shi Won looked at Yeh Na with her eyes wide open .

“Park Yeh Na!…You… right now…?”

“No… it’s just…”

“You… were meeting up with him even though you knew that I was dating him?”

“No… That… is…”

“This crazy bitch,” said Shi Won.

“What? Han Shi Won! Are you crazy? Why are you cursing her?”

When the harsh words came through Shi Won’s mouth, Yoon Hoo came up and confronted her.

Shi Won stared straight back at his face.

“Why? This doesn’t even count as a curse. Why? Is this unfair? Even you act like garbage! You think it’s unfair that I cursed her?”

As he heard Shi Won’s voice get louder, Yoon Hoo’s face became cold and snickered at her words.

“Hmph. Hey! Han Shi Won, Don’t you think you’re mistaken? Do you think we broke up because of Yeh Na?”

“What? What?”

“I think you are misunderstanding something. I broke with you because of you.”


“Do you think that you’re that amazing? Don’t fool yourself. You have no redeeming qualities at all.”


“Whenever I met with you, you were so boring! Do you know how bored I was? You are so cold and you don’t have any attractiveness! Why are you blaming her? I dumped you because you were dumb!”


‘That’s not how it was from my perspective.’

Obviously, it was Shi Won who went up to them first and planned on humiliating them but the situation did not play out in her mind as expected.

In the end, he turned the situation around and blamed everything on her.

Shi Won looked like she was wronged and her expression was filled with anger. Her fingernails dug deep into the skin of her palm because of her anger.

Shi Won wanted to find something to retort back but her brain wouldn’t work properly and her lips couldn’t move the way she wanted them to.

“Just stop. Don’t act so childish.”

His voice sounded so brutal in her ears.

“Yeh Na, let’s go.”

The tone of his voice sounded completely different when he spoke to Yeh Na, like the voice of an angel.

Yeh Na gave her a pitiable expression but if you looked into her eyes you could see that she was extremely happy.

“You pieces of trash…”

If she let them go like this, her confidence would soon fall into a deep pit which she would never be able to crawl out of.

The two people walked along like a happy couple as if nothing just happened.

There was no way in hell she was going to let them off just like this.

As they walked past her, she turned around, about to open her mouth and say something back at them when suddenly she heard a voice.

“Han Shi Won-ssi!”


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