SMM Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Neighborhood Cousin

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“Aren’t you coming?”

“Ah… yes… yes.. I’m coming…”

Shi Won, whose mind was not completely been organized, grabbed her bag and followed after him.

After Shi Won came out of her daze, her eyes and head began to adapt to the reality of the situation.

She could hear Manager Moon’s footsteps as he was walking in front of her.

A wrinkled and worn-out t-shirt, along with a leather bag that was beginning to peel from many unknown amount of years of use, white socks and old shoes came into Shi Won’s field of vision.

‘Han Shi Won, have you gone crazy…’

She had no idea what on earth she just did. Why was she suddenly attracted to him? She must’ve been possessed. Maybe she had a screw loose in her head.

‘No but seriously. Who is this guy? What does he even know about me that he so easily agreed to date me? Also, take responsibility? Responsibility of what? Ah…

I think that he meant if I had the guts to say that this fashion terrorist is my boyfriend. Also, he knows where he belongs on the social ladder so he must not be completely crazy.’

They both entered the elevator and didn’t say anything while they stared away from each other.

It was very uncomfortable.

“Manager Moon… I’ll just take the bus.”

“What are you talking about? A boyfriend must take his girlfriend home.”

Shi Won’s face suddenly turned white like a ghost and had no way to respond. Manager Moon turned his head.

“Is there something wrong? Do you want me to walk you home?”

“No! No!”

Shi Won’s voice filled the inside of the elevator.

‘If someone sees us together walking back to my home, I don’t even want to think about it….’ Erasing that image in her mind, she eventually chose to go to his car.

Shi Won arrived at the parking lot and stopped walking.

Reality seemed to be getting harsher.

‘Exactly how many years has he been driving it?’ That question popped up in her mind as she saw the car door opening and Manager Moon gestured at her to hurry.

‘What is that trash car…

Will this car even work? Where does he get the confidence that he will be able to take me home in that? As expected, with his fashion sense, he wouldn’t care about materialistic things and so you couldn’t expect his car to be any better.

He isn’t an unscratched lottery. I’m sure somebody already scratched it and threw it away and I picked up the ticket.’

She sighed in her heart and she thought that she was a bad person who focused too much on outward appearances and didn’t care about their insides. But this was too much for her.

But even his personality wasn’t good as well.

She was angry so she glared angrily at Manager Moon and opened the side door.

Contrary to her expectations, this trash car worked fine.

“Put in your address.”

The trash car had the newest navigation system. After she input her address, she looked at Manager Moon who was staring at the navigation to her home.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“Ah! Nothing.”

His driving skills weren’t that bad.

She did not know why she was in his car. Why was she sitting next to him? Anyway, she just wanted to go home soon.

Fortunately, Manager Moon did not talk to her, so she was comfortable throughout the drive.

The trash car arrived the apartment where she lives.

“You can drop me off over there.”

Si Won pointed at the entrance of the apartment.

He passed the place she pointed out, and drove around the building. She looked at him with a surprised expression.

“Manager Moon, where are you going?”

The car entered the parking lot and Manager Moon did not answer the question. She looked at the front windshield with perplexed eyes.

“You don’t need to go in the parking lot…”

She had no idea why he entered the parking lot. She didn’t even bother to ask him because she knew he wouldn’t answer him.

Manager Moon didn’t drop her off at the front door, he just parked in the one of the empty parking spaces.

“Thank you, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Shi Won bowed and took off.

She saw him open the door and get out of the car also.

“Manager! You just can leave. I can go by myself.”

She refused his polite manners.

“I’m going home right now.”

“What? Where?”


‘Is this man really that open-minded?’

She was speechless and stared at this absurd man who wanted to go into her house.

“Why are you going to my house?”


“Aren’t you being a little rude?”


Manager Moon smirked.

‘Ah…he smiled again

If I post the title with ‘I saw Manager Moon’s smile’ on the notice board of the company website, it would be really a big issue. I saw him smile twice today.’ Shi Won stared at him with interest.

“Assistant Manager Han, do you always speak right away without thinking?”

“What? What… do you mean…?”

“Why do you think that I’m going to your house?”

“What? It’s because…this is… my …apartment.”

She felt something wrong and did not finish her words.

“Do you think that only you live here?”

“Ah… you…?”

“Yes. I live here.”

‘Oh my goodness, I didn’t know that.’

“Here? This apartment? Are you talking about this building where I live?”

Manager Moon nodded.


Shi Won turned her body towards the elevator without a word.

She sighed from his presence behind her.

‘Why does he live here. Seoul is so large…there are so many buildings… Why he is my neighbor!…’

The elevator door opened and she pushed the 12th floor button, while Manager Moon pushed the 13th floor.

‘13th floor? He lives upstairs?’

Shi Won turned her head and looked at him.

“How long have you lived here?”

“Since 3 months ago.”

“Ah… When you came our company…”

Manager Moon nodded.

When the elevator reached the 7th floor, Manager Moon opened his mouth.

“It’s Saturday tomorrow, do you have any plans?”

She was embarrassed with his abrupt question, but she answered like she didn’t care.

“Yes. I need to go my friend’s wedding ceremony.”

“What time is it?”

“Time? …. 3pm? Why?”

She was curious as to why he was asking such detailed questions.

“Then it should be over by five correct? So, I’ll pick you up then.”


That was probably the loudest she had ever answered someone. Her voice echoed throughout the elevator.

“Ah… my ear hurts.”

Manager Moon rubbed his ear that was on the same side as Shi Won and looked at her.

“If we decided to be in a relationship, then shouldn’t we go on a date? Let’s meet tomorrow.”

When they reached the 12th floor, the elevator doors opened and Manager Moon pushed his hand on Shi Won’s shoulder to exit the elevator.


She heard the elevator door close and move up to the 13th floor. She was standing in a daze until she finally walked to her apartment and opened the door.

Today she had done many ridiculous and nonsensical acts. ‘Even if someone hit me because of my actions I wouldn’t be able to refute it and cannot blame anyone else but myself.’

“Aiyoo!! Han Shi Won!! Die! Die!”

Shi Won laid down on her bed and kept on kicking the air but nothing changed.

She stopped kicking around.

‘I’ll pick you up tomorrow in front of the wedding.’

That was the worst scenario possible.

Tomorrow, around ten of her alumni along with her ex-boyfriend, would be there as well.

Shi Won was very upset because Manager Moon drove that type of trash car and he had that horrible fashion sense. In addition, he would be waiting for her in front of the wedding.

“That’s right. Tomorrow after the wedding ends I must quickly get out and move to a different spot so that no one can see me with him.”


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