SMM Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Girl who Successfully Confessed

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Inside the office, after everyone left to go home, a fluorescent light that shined brightly.

*Tak tak tak tak tak*

You could hear Manager Moon continuously typing at his keyboard throughout the silent office.

Shi Won was also typing along mindlessly on her computer.

No matter how much she thought about it and wracked her brains, it was impossible to wrap everything up today.

She didn’t even have all of the files that were supposed to be sent from the other departments since they all had already left, which Manager Moon definitely was aware about.

9 o’clock.


Shi Won’s stomach, which didn’t have anything other than the hangover soup from lunch let out a loud rumbling noise.

You could suddenly hear Manager Moon stop typing.

‘What the hell… did he hear that? Aish…’

Her face changed into a bitter expression.

The monitor’s screen popped up with a message

[If you’re finished you can submit it and go home. You seem hungry…]

She couldn’t take it anymore.

Shi Won abruptly got up from her seat.

Manager Moon who noticed that swift sound stopped typing on his keyboard for a moment.

“Manager Moon. Let’s talk for a bit.”

Manager Moon took his hands away from the keyboard and slowly pushed himself away from his desk. As soon as he turned around and she saw his frightening appearance, she instantly regretted speaking like that to him.

He slowly turned his chair and you could see him direct his eyes at her from beneath his plastic framed glasses.

Shi Won’s body visibly shrank.

Underneath that sharp stare, Shi Won’s body became petrified.

‘This man. What in the world is he…?’

Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t understand why she acted like this whenever she was in his presence.

What she said to him when she was drunk wasn’t such a big deal. Maybe he didn’t know that his attitude towards others made them feel scared of him.

‘Who does he think he is… really…?’

Shi Won gave a light snort.

“Why are you laughing?”

She suddenly became nervous when she heard his stiff and businesslike tone.

“Me? When?”

She tried to sneakily stray from that topic and put his attention elsewhere.

“Um. Manager. The truth is, this project plan. You know that it’s impossible to finish by today right?”

“Yes, I do know that.”

‘Wow… this man really…’ He acknowledged that he gave her an assignment that he knew was impossible to finish by today. Her anger from before slowly began to rise up again.

“The reason you gave me this work today, I clearly know why. You’re definitely angry at me. But even though that happened last night, you vented your anger out on me by giving me more work. I’m really disappointed in you.”


Suk Han’s eyes suddenly turned sharp and stared at her intensely. When she saw him staring at her, she gulped.

“Are you always like that?”


Shi Won didn’t understand why he used the word ‘always’ in this situation.

“Are you always like that when you drink?”

“No! I’ve never… this was my first time saying that!”

‘My alcohol tolerance isn’t that strong so I don’t drink that heavily that often; unless something drastic happens, like yesterday.

Also, during the days I drink a lot, I’ve never complained about somebody else before while heavily drunk.’

“Your first time..? Are you sure?”


The ends of his mouth smirked upwards and she had a bad feeling upon hearing his sarcastic voice. That’s why she hesitated and answered in a drawn out manner.

Shi Won was really surprised when Manager Moon suddenly got up from his chair; her butt leaned back onto her desk.

“Why are you surprised?”

“Me? When?”

His sudden actions turned Shi Won into a frightened little mouse.

“No.. why.. are you coming so close…?”

“Don’t you have anything to say to me? I think that you should at least have a reason or an excuse…”

There was only a half-step’s distance between the two of them before Manager Moon stopped. She could smell a mixture of cool lotion and a male’s natural body scent. She’d never been this close to him before so she’d never smelled him before.

“Ah. That… I drank too much yesterday… I’m sorry!”

If she bowed her head too much her head would have hit his chest so she only bowed her head slightly and apologized.

“Is that all?”

Even though she only slightly bowed her head, she felt his breath on her forehead which surprised her and she quickly lifted it back up.

He looked down at her and they were face to face.


She could see the softly raised ends of his mouth and his eyes that were slightly bent downward behind those plastic framed glasses. Shi Won saw his face and thought that it wasn’t wrong to think that he was kind of good-looking. It was completely different from the usual expression that she usually saw from him. His expression was very soft.

Suddenly, Shi Won was very perplexed. Her nervousness and anger slowly went away unknowingly.

‘What is this…’

This wasn’t nervousness, as Shi Won’s heart began to beat very quickly. Suddenly experiencing this type of warmth from this usually cold man made her heart be fast.

It was very interesting to feel this type of thing for the first time since knowing this man.

Shi Won didn’t look away from his gaze but instead moved her eyelids up and down. She looked at him as if he was a fascinating new specimen.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Those dry lips that she wanted to buy lip balm for suddenly looked very plump and luscious. His voice that was normally low, stern, and annoying to hear now sounded nice and very sexy.

‘I… have I gone crazy?”

“Miss… Han Shi Won…?”

Calling her without using her title made Shi Won direct her eyes towards his lips. Their eyes suddenly met.

“I like you.”

Shi Won’s trembling voice filled the close space in between them.

“I like you Manager Moon. Will you go out with me?”

She filled the space again with her shaking voice.

‘This has nothing to do with the earlier promise where I said that if he dumps me then I will be single for the rest of my life. Also, I think that there’s a possibility that he might be an unscratched lottery ticket.’ She didn’t have any time to think about those things and just abruptly confessed to him without putting any thought into it.

His body’s smell tickled her nose and those warm eyes of his felt like they would melt her body. His voice sounded like an angel’s. She felt drunk from all of the euphoria she was receiving from her senses.

He suddenly stepped back and the distance between them widened.

“Right now… do you have any idea what you just said to me?”

If she said yes, that would seem like a lie so she just stared at him.

‘Even I think that this is a ridiculous confession.’

Manager Moon redirected his gaze towards the floor for about ten seconds.

Shi Won thought that this was a joke in this tense atmosphere, but Manager Moon said, “Yes.”


“But… do you think you can handle me?”


“Then let’s do it.”

Shi Won came out of her daze and didn’t understand what he meant by ‘Can you handle me?’.


Her voice was an octave higher than normal. Manager Moon turned back around and gave her a smile.

He answered without hesitation like he was waiting for her confession. Shi Won was very surprised at seeing him smile for the first time and her mouth was wide open.

Manager Moon turned his head and looked inside the office.

Shi Won still had her mouth open and she didn’t know where to look.

“Anyway, you can’t finish it by today. Let’s go home.”


“Assistant Manager Han, did you hear me?”

“Ah… yes??”

“For a person who just successfully confessed and was accepted, your expression doesn’t seem too happy.”

This is the first time she realized that he was an actual human being that could talk a lot.

“Do you regret it already?”

‘Regret…’ She hadn’t yet accepted this situation, so she didn’t have time to think that far.

“Because you’re not saying anything, I’ll take it that you don’t regret it. I’ll take you home.”

She stared at the figure who turned around, turned off the computer, grabbed his bag and began walking out of the office.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“Ah… yes… yes… I’m coming…”

She was still in a daze but was still able to grab her things and followed him out.


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