SMM Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Unscratched Lottery Ticket

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Editor: Isalee


“Ahh… my head hurts….”

She looked at the light coming through between the curtains and grabbed her head before getting up.

“Where… am I?”

She was home.

“How did I get here? Ahh… my stomach hurts. How much did I drink last night?”

She felt like her head had been hit by a hammer; she felt nauseous and had no memories of the night before.

“What.. time is it!!”

It was already past eight o’clock. She was definitely late.

She splashed her face with water and hastily put on her clothes and went off to work.


Luckily, she was able to grab an empty taxi that was passing by and got in.

‘Wow, I must be lucky today.’


Shi Won believed that she would make it to work on time and took out her cell phone that was ringing.

“Who’s calling me so early?”

[Assistant Manager Han. Did you wake up? You caused a huge mistake yesterday.]


[Are you coming to work today? Don’t come, just say that you are sick and take the day off.]


[Manager Moon has already arrived. Where are you?]

‘Why does it matter that Manager Moon came?’

[Unni, Manager Moon looks really terrible.]

‘Terrible? Why?’

Shi Won suddenly became really nervous because her co-workers kept on texting her and she didn’t know what was going on.

[What in the world happened yesterday?]


She swallowed her saliva and looked down at her phone with both hands.

[Do you not remember what you said to him yesterday?]

[No. Not at all.]

[Whew. It’s better that you don’t remember.]

“Huh? What’s going on?”

Shi Won put on a confused expression and began typing rapidly with her fingers.

[What is it? What’s so serious? Did I curse him yesterday?]




Shi Won dropped her phone on her knees.

‘Oh my god.

What exactly did I do yesterday? Did I cuss him out?’

She picked up her cell phone and began tapping furiously.

[Really? Are you sure? No way. Did I really cuss at him?]



‘It must be true.’ Suddenly, a headache came upon her and she felt pain in the back of her neck.

[Yesterday, you pointed your finger at Manager Moon and said, ‘Are you the bastard?’]


Shi Won hit her head against the taxi window.

‘Should I go back home? Or do I need to take time off and apply for a vacation?’

Panicked thoughts raced across her mind.

“Kill yourself! Kill yourself! Han Shi Won, kill yourself!”

“What? What did you say?”

The taxi driver looked at her with a baffled expression and looked at Shi Won who was shouting and hitting herself against the taxi window.

“Lady! You’re gonna break the window!”

“Kill myself! Kill myself!”

“Hey. Miss!”

Shi Won, who was sitting in the back seat, suddenly grabbed the taxi driver’s seat and bent her face forward to the driver’s face.

“Ahjussi! I take me to Han River.”

“What? Han River?”

“Ha… nevermind.”

“Lady, what are you doing?”

“… I’m sorry.”

He looked at Shi Won’s expression who looked like she was about to cry but the taxi driver didn’t say anything and dropped her off in front of the company building.


The company’s doors looked like the gates of hell.

‘If I go through these doors today, can I come back out with my life?’ She was so terrified she couldn’t move.

‘Okay. I can just say that I don’t remember anything. Let’s go!’

It had already been ten minutes since she was supposed to be at work. If she hesitated here, they would say something that she didn’t wanna listen to, so she walked inside.

It was a quiet office.

It looked the same as usual but Shi Won couldn’t breathe in this silent atmosphere.

She entered the office silently. She received stares from everyone she passed by and her nervousness increased by the second.

‘I did something horribly wrong yesterday…’

Manager Moon’s figure seemed more dark today than usual.

She carefully walked to her desk and slowly pulled out her chair.

“Did you come?”


She jumped up in surprise as she heard the low voice speak behind her and turned her head.

This is the first time Manager Moon ever spoke to her in three months.

Shi Won’s heart was beating a million miles per hour because of his strange behavior.

Manager Moon was still staring at his computer monitor without turning his head.

“Ah… yes… good morning Manager Moon.”

“Let’s work hard today too.”

Shi Won shuddered as she heard his dark and somber voice.

She thought, ‘I need to move to another office or I need to quit the job.’

She quietly pulled out her chair, turned on the computer, and looked at the monitor without any thoughts in her brain.

She looked at the brightly shining messenger window.

Only one person sent her a message.

Her trembling hand grabbed the mouse and clicked on the pop-up.

[You should turn in the new project program by today.]

‘Oh my god…

I’m pretty sure that I have to turn in this program by the end of the week instead of today.

This must be an abuse of power, with bad intentions.’

She became angry because her cussing accident with him happened yesterday and he brought up that incident by giving her more work to do.

No matter what she did, she wouldn’t be able to finish that project even if she was given the entire week to finish it.

Shi Won’s expression became furious. She was deciding what to do and began pressing the keyboard really hard with her fingers.

[Yes, Manager Moon. I can do it by today.]


Isn’t this going overboard?

You are so mean. You’re doing this to me because I cussed at you during the team dinner.

I didn’t think you were like that. I definitely misjudged you.’

She sent her answer politely which differed from her true thoughts.

It was automatically decided that she would be working the night shift.

‘I wanna quit but I can’t because I have too much debt to pay off from last month.’

All of the things that she had to pay off went through her mind.

‘My mom’s birthday is next month and four of my friend’s marriages also.’

Next month’s rent was also due, and she might get into big trouble if the owner were to increase the rent.

She needed to endure.

‘I am a Korean salary woman.

I have no choice but to endure no matter how difficult and humiliating it is.’

One minute felt like an hour and soon it became time for lunch.

Manager Moon got up first and went off somewhere by himself again.


She could finally take a breather.

“Assistant Manager Han, you’re still alive? I thought you were gonna die from suffocation…”

said a half joking, half worried voice to Shi Won.

“Assistant Manager Han, let’s go eat hangover soup, okay?”


She had a stomach ache but she went to the restaurant in front of the company building.

“What did Manager Moon say?”

Manager Park and Assistant Manager Kim asked Shi Won with curious eyes.

“He ordered me to turn in the project files that are due by the end of the week by today.”

“Are you serious? I didn’t think Manager Moon would be the type to hold grudges…”

“I know right? He gave me work because he held a grudge from last night. Isn’t he completely small-minded?”

“What? I kind of understand what he went through because you kind of humiliated him yesterday…”

“Did I really go that far?”

Shi Won’s eyes went completely wide with a perplexed expression and looked at the two people as she didn’t remember anything from last night.

“Did you even apologize to him?”


“You didn’t apologize?”


‘For some reason, whenever I look at his figure I get scary vibes from him and the thought of apologizing didn’t even occur to me.’

“Why did you do that to Manager Moon?… Assistant Manager Han, you’re really unlucky.”

“I know… whew…”

Manager Kim picked up some side dishes with chopsticks, brought them up to her mouth, and slowly opened her eyes.

“But seriously, what kind of person is Manager Moon?”

“What do you mean, what kind of person? He’s obviously just full of himself.”

“Did you know? There’s a rumor that Manager Moon is the president’s son, or he’s really rich. Also, apparently someone saw him holding hands with a really beautiful woman.”


The two women’s eyes became really bright with curiosity.

“Isn’t he really suspicious?”

Assistant Manager Han and Manager Kim nodded their heads at the same time.

“Shi Won. Try doing what we spoke about yesterday. Assistant Manager Han, you.”

“Me? What?”

“Confess. Ask him out!”


“What if he’s really rich? It’ll be really good for you if he’s actually the president’s son.”

Shi Won frowned and shook her head.

“Unni, you’re right! If he asks why you did that yesterday you can just say, ‘Because, I like you!’”

“Hey! Why do you say stuff without thinking? Because it’s none of your business?!”

“Did you know? Manager Moon is like an unscratched lottery ticket. How do you know whether or not he is the jackpot?”

“If I scratch him then it’ll turn out to be nothing. Can’t you tell just by looking at him? I can’t imagine him being rich at all.”

“Is that so? Do you think so?”

The table in front of the three women was filled with hangover soup.

“You two. Stop talking and just eat.”

Shi Won took a spoonful and ate it.

‘I guess I should apologize to him, but I don’t know how to go about it.


She sighed and continued to eat her hangover soup.


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