SMM Chapter 24

Chapter 24: We Can Do it a lot if you’d like

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

Shi Won could see his chest heaving up and down as he breathed heavily after they parted from their kiss.

Shi Won was bothered by the fact that her arms were wrapped around his neck.

As Shi Won tried to pull back her arms, Manager Moon dragged her back to him.


“Where are you going?”

Shi Won was surprised by his sudden action so she automatically retracted her neck away and couldn’t look at him.

Shi Won stared at those glittering, swollen red lips of his which appeared as a result of their kissing.

She wondered if her own lips were like that so she wiped her lips with her hand.



“Stop tempting me so much.”

“T-tempt you?”

She felt her heart beating rapidly because they were extremely close and just had their first kiss. She wasn’t in a proper state of mind and was embarrassed.

She was going to bite her lower lip but didn’t because she was worried that he might say something like ‘she was tempting him’ again, so she just awkwardly stared at him.

His long finger moved a strand of hair from her face and caressed her cheek.


She swallowed saliva down her throat and wondered if someone had ever fainted at the company picnic.

Manager Moon laughed once again as he saw Shi Won staring at him awkwardly, unable to do anything because he stopped her from taking her arms that were wrapped around his neck.

“Are you that embarrassed?”

“Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“We have to get used to these things.”

“But I can’t get used to it today.”


“It’s nonsense, because we can’t get used to it so quickly after our first kiss.”

“Mm… then do you wanna do it again?”


He asked her teasingly and gave a devilish smirk. Shi Won laughed at his teasing.

“Why are you laughing?”

“No, this situation is just…”

“Answer me. Do you wanna do it again?”


‘Why does this man keep on asking me…’
Shi Won felt like he was playing around with her so she felt a bit annoyed.

But she was still anticipating another kiss from him.

“Why are you asking me this!”

Shi Won mumbled shyly.

“Really? Then can I kiss you whenever I want without asking?”

She just stayed silent and blinked at him because she couldn’t answer yes. That would be too embarrassing to admit and she couldn’t say no either because she wanted to kiss him.

She wondered why she was so concerned about small stuff like kissing and laughed to herself.

Manager Moon smiled slightly after noticing Shi Won smile.

“I understand.”

Manager Moon’s arms loosened a little bit, but he still held onto her waist firmly and their bodies got closer.

“Because you didn’t say anything…”

Shi Won already knew what was going to happen next so she tightened her arms around his neck.

Shi Won’s bright eyes met with Manager Moon’s. She smiled at him and slowly said,

“That means yes…”

Manager Moon didn’t expect that answer from her, so his face stopped right in front of hers. But Shi Won carefully moved up and kissed him softly.


A pretty sound came from their lips as they separated.

She opened her eyes and looked at Manager Moon.

She didn’t know if he was embarrassed or if he liked it so she stared at him.

Manager Moon touched his forehead with hers and laughed aloud. Shi Won smiled and laughed too.

Shi Won’s laughter was cut short as Manager Moon did a surprise attack on her and she was forced to swallow her laughter.

It was only a short while after their first kiss, but they kissed once again.

As their lips were touching each other, they matched their breathing and could feel each other’s heartbeats. Their lips began playing a game of tug of war.

It wasn’t a one way kiss… they kissed for a long time with both sides enthusiastically participating in the event.


Manager Moon laughed at the sight of Shi Won looking at her lips in the mirror of the car.

How long did they make out… She touched her swollen red lips with her hand and sighed.

“Stop laughing!”

Shi Won scolded.

“Then why were stimulating me so much?”

“Huh!… If someone accidentally heard us, then they would misunderstand and think that I seduced you!”

“Well, it’s not that you seduced me, it’s that I fell for your charms.”

“Fell for me?! Stop lying. I had to first seduce you to make you fall for me but I never tried seducing you.”

“Well… whatever. So you dislike it?”

No matter how you looked at it, this man spoke really well.

Shi Won didn’t reply and just glared at him.

They wasted half of their four hours making out and now their lips were in this condition.

“Answer me, do you dislike it?”

‘He knows the answer but keeps asking me to hear it from my own mouth.’

“No! I like it! Aigoo!”

“Heh, I like your answer.”

“Wow… seriously…”


“Were you always this sleazy?”

“Me? That’s the first time I’m hearing that…”

“Of course. Who would say that to you? Have any of our co-workers seen you like this?”

Hearing this, Manager Moon could only laugh.

“But what are you going to say if our co-workers ask about what we did?”

‘Anyway, they’re all probably going to be drunk when we get back but they’re going to ask questions tomorrow morning.’

She began to feel anxious because she didn’t know what to say.

It would be a huge problem if both their faces turned red.

“Manager! Don’t act so familiar with me during the picnic! We just had a little chat at the caf

and looked at our phones the entire time. Do you understand?”


“Answer me! Do you understand?”

“I can’t be with you during the picnic so don’t worry about that.”


She turned her head to him and blinked confusedly.

“I have to leave immediately after I drop you off because I have some unfinished work that I left behind.”

“What?! You’re going back? Where? Yeosoo city?”


“Then why did you even come here?!!”
She looked at him in surprise and he smiled at her.

“Do you really not know why I came here?”


“If you know then that’s good. We’re almost here. After I drop you off I have to go right away.”

He didn’t expect to get free time with Shi Won. He just came to see her so Shi Won felt really happy that he traveled all this way for her.

She was really happy, so she wanted to confirm something and smiled.

“So, you came here just to see me?”


“Even though there was a huge chance that we wouldn’t have become a couple?”
“Yes, I told you. I came here to kidnap you.”

“What? Are you serious? You came here for that?”

“Yes. How many times do I have to say it?”

Manager Moon looked at her briefly because she kept asking him and looked back to the road.

“Okay. I just wanted to confirm.”

‘We just did something thrilling and I wanted to enjoy this moment.’

Noticing her jubilant expression, Manager Moon couldn’t help but give out a laugh.

“I’m laughing a lot today because of you.”

“Me too! It’s so fascinating. I used to be so scared of you. I never imagined that this would happen one day.”

They both eventually arrived back at the picnic site.

They looked outside of the car and they saw their drunk co-workers still drinking.

Shi Won quickly opened the mirror, checked her lips once more, and quickly looked back at Manager Moon.


Manager Moon was surprised that she suddenly moved toward him and looked at her.

“Ah… my lips are more swollen. What do I do?”


“Stop laughing. I’m seriously worried. It’s clearly swollen right?”

“No? Where? Let me get a closer look.”

Manager Moon leaned over and softly touched her lips with his hands.

“It’s not bleeding right? Is it swollen a lot?”

“Wait for a minute. I’m checking.”

He tried really hard to hold back his laughter and kept on softly touching her lips.

He leaned over, softly kissing and biting her bottom lip.

“Aigoo! Seriously! I asked you to check and you kiss me again!”
“It’s fine. It looks completely normal.”

“You can’t notice anything right? I’m not being overdramatic right?”
After he told her it looked fine, she began to slowly calm down.

“Yup. From the looks of it, we can keep on kissing for at least three more minutes. Do you wanna try?”

“Aigoo! Seriously!”

She said as she lightly punched his chest.

If someone were to see this, they would see a couple teasingly playing with each other.

“You should go, I have to go back to work.”

She followed after Manager Moon exited the car.

“I’m gonna go now. Can you give the car keys to the team leader?”

“When are you coming back?”

It was already past 12 AM so if he went back work now, then she probably wouldn’t be able to see him the coming Monday.

“There’s a lot of work so I’ll probably be back around Monday night.”

“Wait! Why are they making you work so much? They’re paying you overtime right?”

She thought it was a waste that they weren’t able to spend the weekend together.

“There’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll try to finish as quickly as possible.”

He got into his car and rolled down the window.

“You should go, I’ll head inside soon.”

She waved him goodbye and went towards the remaining co-workers that were still drinking.

“Assistant Manager Han, you’re back? Was it fun?”
‘Yes. Very much.’

“No. There weren’t many places to go so we just had some coffee at a caf


“Really? Then why were you so late?”

‘I wanted to stay longer… I came back here quickly alright?!’

“Ah. We were just looking for places with a good view and lost track of time. Why are there no good sightseeing places here?”

She flat out lied to them and tried to hold back her laughter.

“Did you guys talk a lot? Well, I guess Manager Moon is the silent type. It must’ve been boring for you.”

‘Yeah. We didn’t really talk much, but we did something else a lot…’

Shi Won chuckled to herself.

“The girls are all inside, you must be tired. You should go and get some rest.”

“Okay. Then I’ll head in first.”

Shi Won slowly got up and went over to the female lodging.

She looked over one last time where Manager Moon’s car was parked.

“Han Shi Won.”

The quietness was broken as she heard her name from behind her.

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