SMM Chapter 23

Chapter 23: I’ll do it together with you

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

Manager Moon bent slightly towards Shi Won over the table and made eye contact with her.

“What did you do while I was gone?”

“Did you eat well?”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Did you have a hard time at work?”

“How many times did you think about me? And… did you miss me?”

Shi Won blushed furiously. She was very nervous because Manager Moon was caressing her hands and their fingers were interlinked.

Due to his barrage of questions, she didn’t know what to say and her face got even redder.

“Aren’t you going to answer me? I answered for you..”

“Ah… nothing.. Ah! I’ll also tell you slowly.”


“You didn’t answer all of my questions. So I’ll take my time answering them.”

Shi Won avoided his gaze.

‘I told you that I missed you yesterday but why are you asking me again…’

She could hear her heart beating furiously inside her chest and she made eye contact with him again to see if he could hear her loud heartbeats.

Manager Moon acted as if he knew everything and pulled her up.

“Let’s go.”

“Huh? Already?”

“There are lot of pretty cafés near here so let’s go look around.”

She got up and slowly followed him.

Manager Moon waited until she was fully up. As soon as she was next to him, he pulled her close and looked down at her.

Shi Won’s face was about to return to its normal color but because his face was so close to hers, it turned beet red once again and she turned her face away from him.

“Where? Where are the pretty cafés? Let’s go!”
He was still holding onto her hand, but Shi Won was in a hurry to move so he just followed her.

“Wow! This café is so pretty! What’s its’ name?”
As soon as they left the café, there were beautiful flowers lining the road underneath the soft lamplight.

The beautiful stars in the warm spring night made the atmosphere really romantic.

Shi Won smiled at the pretty flowers along the road in front of them.

Shi Won began to move faster so their hands got separated.

“Manager Moon, look at this! It’s so pretty.”

Shi Won bent over and gazed at the flowers. Manager Moon, who was watching her, laughed because of her good mood.

Manager Moon put his hands in his pockets and just followed Shi Won around.

“Wow! This color is so pretty. I’ve never seen a flower with this shade of dark purple before.”
Shi Won touched the dark purple flower’s leaves with her finger and bent her knees as she sat down in front of it to admire the flowers.

This scene of Shi Won kneeling on the ground looking at the flowers with her bright red lips and glittering eyes seemed to attract all the light from the world in Manager Moon’s eyes.

In his eyes, Shi Won was more beautiful and adorable than the flowers.

“Come here…”


“Huh? Manager Moon, what are you doing?”

Upon hearing the camera noise, Shi Won turned her head to Manager Moon while he quickly put his phone away in his pocket.

“Manager Moon! What did you just take?”
“The flower.”

“What flower?”
Manager Moon put on a suspicious expression as Shi Won gave him a face full of doubt.

“This world’s most beautiful flower.”


Shi Won turned her head back to the flowers.

“Uh! This is the flower of love!”

Shi Won quickly moved over to where the flower was with Manager Moon right behind her.

“I bet it would be really pretty if I could see it during the day…”

Shi Won mumbled and sounded really disappointed. Manager Moon, who was kneeling next to her, stared at her.

“Because it’s nighttime, the flowers aren’t in full bloom… They’ll bloom in the morning.”

Manager Moon couldn’t keep his eyes off Shi Won. She in turn couldn’t keep her eyes off the flowers.

“Do you like flowers?”

“Yes. I love them.”

“Then do you know the meaning of this flower?”
“The flower of love?”

“I heard about it a long time ago… what was it? I don’t remember. Manager Moon do you know?”

Shi Won looked at Manager Moon curiously.

“I will be with you forever.”

They sat in silence and stared at each other.

The romantic atmosphere blossomed in this silence and Shi Won stared at Manager Moon’s face as he smiled at her softly.

“This flower’s meaning is pretty right? Just like the name.”

Manager Moon’s voice got her out of her daze.

“Let’s go over there.”

Manager Moon pointed to the end of the road and Shi Won followed him.

They reached the end of the street and Shi Won could hear the sound of waves. She looked ahead.

“Wow… I can’t believe there’s a place like this…”

They exited the narrow road and they were able to see a large lake that glittered in the moonlight.

It wasn’t a perfect full moon, but it was still beautiful. The stars that they aren’t usually able to see in the city were shining brightly in the night sky.

Deep in the night, they could only hear the sounds of the lake’s waves and crickets chirping.

It felt like it had been a long time since they had been on a vacation like this.

Shi Won approached the railing that normally prevented people from accidentally falling in beside the lake and leaned her body over it. Manager Moon moved closer to her and and also viewed the scenery.

“I feel like I should be serious?”


“Is my expression weird?”

Manager Moon turned his head from Shi Won to bench.

“Would you like to sit over there?”


The surroundings were silent which made the atmosphere between them awkward.

So she unknowingly put on an awkward expression.

Shi Won stared at Manager Moon, but Manager Moon looked as if he didn’t feel like it was awkward.

Manager Moon saw her staring at him and asked,



“What? Tell me what’s wrong.”
“I said it’s nothing.”

“What, are you mad?”

She tried to answer softly but it came out as aggressive.

“If you’re not mad, then what’s with your expression?”

Manager Moon looked ahead in front of them. Then he turned his head and moved closer to her face.

Shi Won bit her bottom lip and he laughed at her reaction as he touched her lips with his finger.


His soft hands brushed over her warm lips and Shi Won pulled back her body in surprise. Her body trembled all over.

“You won’t have much of your bottom lip left if you keep on doing that.”

Shi Won lowered her eyes and looked at his hand.

“Your hand’s cold.”

“Why? Are you going to hold it for me? You can hold it whenever you like.”

Manager Moon laughed playfully and held out his palm towards her.

Shi Won also laughed at his playfulness.

She smiled and covered his hands.

Manager Moon held her hands tightly and looked back to the scenery as if nothing happened.

“But are you seriously not going to answer me?”

She asked him suddenly out of the blue.

“Answer what?”

“The question that I asked you earlier.”


Shi Won laughed.

“What are we, kids? We spoke on the phone yesterday.”

“Hearing it on the phone and hearing it in person are two completely different things…”

“So are you telling me to say it again right now?”

Manager Moon laughed playfully and nodded his head like a child.



“I didn’t say anything yet! Be patient!”

“Then hurry up.”

She said she would say it. She already told him on the phone but she was embarrassed to say it in person.

She thought that at this age she wouldn’t think much of situations like this but for some reason she was extremely embarrassed.

“But why am I the only one doing it?”


“You didn’t say it either.”


“You go first.”

Manager Moon took his hands off her legs and held both her shoulders to look at her.

“I missed you a lot. Really.”


“Are you happy now?”


Manager Moon, who was in a daze, came to his senses.


Manager Moon embarrassingly tightened his hand around hers and stared at her intensely.

“Hmm.. nothing. Why did you ask if I was happy?”


“I feel like I tried so hard to get you to say that.”

“Huh? That’s not it…”

Shi Won stopped laughing at his embarrassed expression and looked at him seriously.

“Whatever. Let’s just say that you missed me and I missed you! That’s enough right?”

“Ah.. seriously… you don’t believe me.”

“I do! It’s okay.”

She patted his shoulder and he turned to look at her.

Manager Moon smiled as he removed her hand from his shoulder.

“It seems like you don’t believe me, so I guess I’ll have to prove it.”

“I said I believe you!”

Manager Moon’s eyes seemed mischievous but Shi Won didn’t notice his glint and smiled back at him.

“Our co-workers helped us come here.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“We need to do something at least.”


It was too fast for her to react.

She didn’t have time to defend herself from his surprise attack. She had thought beforehand that she wouldn’t reject if he ever decided to kiss her — but he suddenly just did.

Manager Moon pulled her in and softly grabbed her waist.

He felt her soft breasts touching his body and he trembled.

Shi Won’s body felt limp and nervous because his hands were wrapped around her waist and his hard chest was next to hers.

She slowly closed her eyes and as soon as she did that, he softly bit her bottom lip, let go, and repeated that kissing motion.

At first, she was cautious about it, but she got used to it and it felt good.

He let go of her lips and tilted his head to look down at her as he parted her hair. He kissed her again more forcefully this time.

She felt his hot breath on her mouth as they kissed, so Shi Won cautiously bit back at his lips also.

Because of her small movement, Manager Moon seemed to get turned on. He hugged her harder so that their bodies were pressing against each other and they could feel each others’ breaths.

They both started making out more passionately and Shi Won began letting out moans.

Manager Moon’s tongue invaded her mouth and his tongue touched her own. She held onto his neck with her arms; she felt really sweet and was in a state of euphoria.

She was really embarrassed. But he didn’t give her time to be embarrassed with his assault because she was too busy enjoying his kissing techniques.

It was beyond her to think that he was also good at kissing.

Shi Won thought that if she told her friends about this at work they would really be surprised.

But this thought disappeared quickly because his lips were constantly pressing on hers.


Exactly how long were they kissing for?

They had been kissing for so long that their lips went numb.

When they finally separated, Shi Won took a deep breath and looked down.

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