SMM Chapter 22

Chapter 22: What are you so curious about?

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

“I choose Manager Moon.”

Everyone stared at her suspiciously because she answered without any hesitation as if she had determined who she was going to choose beforehand.

The people who were the most perplexed were Manager Moon and Assistant Manager Kim.

They were both surprised by her answer but Manager Moon quickly adjusted while Do Hoon seemed slightly embarrassed.

Do Hoon was 90% confident that Shi Won would choose him. Do Hoon slowly turned his gaze away from Shi Won and stared at Manager Moon. Manager Moon was staring at Shi Won expressionlessly, but for some reason Do Hoon felt something strange when the two of them were looking at each other.

“Hahaha! Of course, the direct superior is definitely scary!”

“I know right? After that little stunt she pulled during the company dinner last time, she must be terrified of him.”

‘Ah. Is that how you guys see it?’

Shi Won was worried that her co-workers would get suspicious if she chose him, but turned out that she was worried for nothing.

What will they do if someone finds out that they’re dating?

But so what? Shi Won decided that she would just go with the flow, no matter the outcome.

“Alright! Congratulations to the winning couple! Manager Moon Suk Han and Assistant Manager Han Shi Won!”

As soon as Ms. Park finished speaking, the employees cheered and “awwed” at the outcome.

“Manager Moon and Assistant Manager Han, please come forward.”

Manager Moon stood up and walked to the front alongside Shi Won who was standing awkwardly in front of everyone.

The team leader reached into his back pocket, took out four 50,000 won bills from his wallet, and handed it over to Shi Won.

“Here! I’m giving you big bucks, so go and have yourselves a good time!”

Shi Won put on a perplexed expression and reluctantly received the money from the team leader with both hands.

“Kyakk! Team leader! Really? 200,000 won?! [1] Wow! You didn’t do this last year! We’ll spend it well!”

Shi Won cheered and everyone laughed at her acting. She seemed more happy about earning the money than getting the four hours of free time with Manager Moon.

Manager Moon asked the team leader quietly,

“Team leader, can we borrow the company car?”

“The car? Manager Moon, you didn’t drink right?”


“How well do you guys plan on playing? Here. Drive carefully.”

The team leader took the car keys out of his pocket and gave it to Manager Moon.

“Let’s go.”

Shi Won nodded to Manager Moon.

As soon as the two people left the auditorium, they heard yells coming from their co-workers.

“You have to come back by 12 o’clock!”

“Where are you guys gonna go?”

“Manager Moon! Don’t scold our Shi Won too much!”

“Manager Moon is so lucky!”

“Shi Won unni! Have fun!”

Shi Won followed Manager Moon who was looking for the car.

They were walking side by side at an even pace and he turned his head to look at Shi Won.

“Manager Moon. Isn’t this awesome!”

Shi Won looked at Manager Moon with a really happy face.

“Are you that happy?”

“Of course! They didn’t have this last year. Did they say they’ll do this from now on? They should have told us beforehand so that I wouldn’t have chosen a random person. Anyway, this money is mine!”


Manager Moon felt happy and patted her head because of her good mood.

Shi Won felt a soft sensation on her head.

She watched him with loving eyes.

They both smiled at each other.

He patted her head once more and Shi Won became embarrassed.

Come to think of it, her wish of wanting to be with him from last night had come true.

He slowly put his hand down from her head and smiled.

“Get in the car. We have to make good use of our time.”

Watching Manager Moon get in the car, she looked down at her hands.

“Hurry up!”

“Ah.. okay!”

Shi Won got out of her daze after hearing his voice and promptly entered the car.

“Manager Moon, you didn’t drink any alcohol?”


“Ah. Really? Why? It’s been a while since the last company trip and it’s fun to drink with everyone.”

He didn’t say anything and slightly smiled.

“But why did you want to borrow the car? Where are we going?”

“Yeah. While I was coming here, I saw a place that I wanted to go to.”


“You’ll know when we get there. But don’t get too excited.”

When someone says not to get excited, that normally had the opposite effect. Her anticipation grew as she wondered about what was was going to happen. So she tried to suppress her excitement and looked out the window.

The drive was starting to get bumpy because of the unpaved roads.

‘So that’s why he didn’t bring his trash car… But seriously… where are we going? Is he sure that he saw it on the way to the picnic?’

She wasn’t feeling uneasy, but on her way there she didn’t see anything that was worth sightseeing.

After five minutes of driving, Manager Moon looked across the horizon and laughed at something in the distance.

“It’s over there!”

Shi Won saw the small shop that was emitting a small light.

“Ah… a café…”

Shi Won thought that it must not have been easy finding this café, so he must have looked for it on his way here.

“Let’s go together.”

Shi Won got closer to him and gave him a smile.


Shi Won smiled at him as he stammered.

“It’s nothing! Let’s go! It’s really pretty here!”

She saw flowers that she’d never seen before and she felt like she was in the forest due to the color of the shop and the wooden furniture.

They sat on opposite sides of each other on the table.

Shi Won looked happier than usual and that made Manager Moon happy.

“But why did you choose me?”

“Huh?… Ah…”

Because she chose him so quickly, Manager Moon looked at her with a confused expression.

Shi Won’s happy expression faded away.


Manager Moon looked at Shi Won with a confused expression.

“What were you going to do if I didn’t choose you?”


“Back there, what would you have done if I chose Do Hoon oppa instead of you and gone somewhere else with him?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Hmph… weren’t you pretty popular today with all the female staff? Hehehe…”


“I didn’t like them being around you. That’s why I chose you. I just get annoyed thinking about it.”

She crossed her arms. Seeing her expression, he laughed aloud.

“Hahaha. Is that really why you chose me?”

“Yes. Ah.. I’m still annoyed just thinking about it.”

Manager Moon couldn’t stop laughing at Shi Won who looked dissatisfied in her recollection.

“But why didn’t you wear your glasses today?”

Manager Moon answered with bright eyes that were no longer covered by his thick glasses.

“At the business trip I bumped into someone and broke my glasses. But don’t worry, I have another pair at home.”

Shi Won’s eyes widened and asked.

“You didn’t get hurt?”

“Yes. I’m fine.”

Shi Won was worried because she wondered how hard he had to have bumped into someone to make his glasses fall off and break.

“Anyway, from now on, don’t come to work without your glasses!”

Shi Won exclaimed in a pouty manner.

“Why? Do I look weird?”

No way.

“No. That’s not it. Just make sure to wear your glasses from now on!”


Manager Moon sensed that it was something frustrating to talk about for Shi Won so he let it go and took a deep breath.

“Because of that, all the female workers keep… whew… anyway, just never do that again!”

She wasn’t able to say, “Only I can see you like that!” to him so she just pouted.

“Are you pouting right now?”

“Hmph! Think whatever you want.”

Shi Won turned her head sideways and Manager Moon laughed.

Their coffee finally arrived and with the rich coffee smell invading the air, Shi Won couldn’t help but bring it up to her nose to give it a nice whiff.

Shi Won’s pouting expression changed and she gave out a laugh.

“It smells so good.”

“Yeah. The coffee here is famous for being good.”



Shi Won stopped smelling the coffee, put it down, and asked him a question.

“Did you anticipate us becoming a couple so you decided where to come beforehand?”


“What? Then if you won the couple game with another woman then would you have come with them also?”

Upon seeing her expression as if she couldn’t believe that he would do that, Manager Moon slightly smiled.

“Even if we didn’t win the game, I would have kidnapped you and taken you here.”


‘This man is doing it again.’

Shi Won’s cheeks felt really hot and so she began blinking furiously to calm down.

“I have a lot of things I want to ask you today!”

Shi Won said as she looked at him with determination in her eyes.

Manager Moon nodded with a smile.

“Ask away. What are you curious about?”

He looked as if he was ready to answer any and every question as he looked at her with arms crossed and Shi Won began firing away.

“First of all, why you dress like that in the company! Second, why you don’t interact with anyone in the company?

Also, during lunch why you go off alone! Mmm… and what your parents do… and… mmm… Do you have siblings? What college did you go to? Mm… and…”

Manager Moon gave out a short laugh because it seemed like Shi Won could go on all night if no one stopped her.

“Why are you laughing? Stop laughing and answer my questions.”

“Hm, hm…”

Manager Moon nodded and slowly opened his mouth.

“Well, first off my mother passed away when I was young. My father is in America running a company. As for siblings, I have one older brother. And for education, during middle school, I went to the states to study there and stayed until college.”

“Wait! The most important question that I asked hasn’t been answered!”

Shi Won glared at him venomously because he kept on laughing whenever she asked questions.

“During lunch I go out to exercise at the gym in front of the company. There are a lot of employees who go there during lunch. Didn’t you know? That’s the only time I have left to exercise. As for lunch… I eat just a little bit.”

Manager Moon stopped talking and looked at Shi Won.

“Why did you stop?”

Shi Won’s eyes told him to keep on going.

“Also, the reason why I dress like that in the company… mm… This is my personal taste.”

“Stop lying!”

“Keke. Is it that obvious?”

“Of course! What person in the world dresses so terribly like that? Do I look stupid to you?”

Manager Moon rolled his eyes and stared at the ceiling lost in thought.

He looked back down and made eye contact with Shi Won, slowly opening his mouth.

“That reason…”


Shi Won stared intently at Manager Moon because for some reason she felt like this was a very big secret.

“I’ll tell you sooner or later.”


“There’s a special circumstance.”

“What circumstance?! Can’t you see that I’m dying right now?”

“I really have a special circumstance. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. I just can’t right now. I’ll make sure that when the time comes, you’ll be the first person that I’ll tell. Can you wait for me?”

She felt like no matter how much she asked, he wouldn’t tell her.

“Wow… seriously..”

Shi Won folded her arms and stared at him curiously while leaning back on the chair.



“It isn’t something illegal right?”


“Like if you get caught… then you’ll go to jail type of thing?”

“What are you talking about?! Of course not!”


Ha… she failed in getting the answer to the question that she was most curious about.

“But do you really have to keep it a secret from me? How long do I have to wait?”

Shi Won couldn’t understand the reason why he was keeping it a secret from her.

Shi Won put both hands on the table and Manager Moon placed his hands over hers.

She felt the warmth from his hands and was surprised by his sudden action.

Shi Won thought that her heart would burst.

“You’ll definitely be the first person that I tell. Please wait just a bit longer.”

Under his soft gaze and hands, she felt really warm and cuddly inside. Shi Won thought to herself that she needed to come back to her senses but her heart wouldn’t stop beating wildly.


Shi Won said yes without any thought and she kept on looking back to his handsome face that was close to her own.
Shi Won thought that the way that his lips were raised were incredibly sexy. That’s why she diverted her gaze downwards or else she might have gotten a heart attack.

“Then is it my turn to ask questions now? I have a lot of questions for you…”

“Ah! Yes.. what are you curious about?”

Shi Won just nodded because she thought that he would ask the same questions that she had asked him.

Manager Moon looked at Shi Won as he opened up her hands and interlocked their fingers together.

She felt nice holding his hands and stared at their hands that were interlocked.

Manager Moon slightly bent forward to look down at Shi Won and make eye contact with her.

“What did you do while I was gone?”

“Did you eat well?”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Was there a lot of work?”

“How many times did you think of me? Also… Did you miss me?”


Translator’s Notes:

[1] 200,000 won is about 200 bucks.

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