SMM Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Who Will Be Picked?

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

Manager Moon looked like a sportswear model that would appear on a magazine cover. Shi Won was so shocked she had to consciously make an effort to close her mouth.

“Since when was Manager Moon’s body ratio so good? He looks like a basketball player.”

“Where did his glasses go? I thought he was a completely different person.”

“I think he looks better in those clothes than the ones he usually wears to work.”

Upon hearing her co-workers talking, she quickened her steps.


Shi Won frowned and looked at Manager Moon who was surrounded by all the female co-workers.

“Manager Moon! I almost couldn’t tell that it was you. You took off your glasses?”

“Ah. Yes.”

‘What does it matter to you guys?’

“Manager Moon, I think that this look suits you better.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

‘You guys haven’t seen him wearing a suit right?’

“Omo. Manager Moon, you look so cool.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

‘So what if he looks cool? What are you going to do about it?’

Manager Moon seemed flustered by all the attention he was receiving as he had an embarrassed expression and gave out an awkward laugh.

‘Ara? You’re laughing? Manager Moon, right now you’re… laughing?’“Huh…!”

‘Since when did they start showing so much interest in Manager Moon? Ara? Shin Soo Ah… look at her. Just a short while ago she was cursing him for making her do so much work. Wow… I really can’t stand these people…’

Shi Won crossed her arms and glared at the women next to Manager Moon.

‘No, why is he doing this? Why did he take off his glasses?!’

Shi Won stared at him for a long time before turning away angrily and walked away.

Shi Won walked towards where they were making dinner to help, but she just stood there in a daze.

“Shi Won, come here for a bit.”

Hearing Do Hoon’s voice, she turned her head and looked at him.

“Let’s go wash these together. But where did all the women go?”

“I guess they’ll be here soon.”

Shi Won answered in an annoyed tone and went to the sink with Do Hoon to wash the vegetables.

While they were walking towards the sink, she saw Manager Moon coming towards them with hoards of female co-workers surrounding him.

“Good morning Manager. Wow. I couldn’t recognize you.”

“Yes. Good morning.”

Upon seeing Manager Moon Do Hoon surprised at his appearance, he and greeted him while Shi Won slightly bowed to him and went on her way.

“Oppa! Hurry up!”


Manager Moon’s eyes moved a little as he looked at Shi Won who left her spot to get away from them.

“Manager Moon! You came! Hurry and come here!”

The team leader found Manager Moon and he greeted him enthusiastically.


He took one last look at Shi Won who was walking away before he turned towards the voice that called him.


“Uh… Shi Won ah… if you do it that roughly all the lettuce is gonna rip…”

“Huh?? Ah…”

Without herself knowing, she was scrubbing the lettuce too hard.

Shi Won finished washing the vegetables angrily and went to where everyone was gathered. They had already begun grilling the meat and drinking alcohol.

Shi Won found Assistant Manager Kim who was waving at her to come to her and saw Manager Moon sitting at another table.

And the person who was sticking right next to him was Assistant Manager Shin Soo Ah.

‘That bitch…’

Assistant Manager Shin Soo Ah looked different from Shi Won. She was two years older than Shi Won but she had large eyes and nose, so she looked younger than she actually was.

She never really liked her nasally voice in the beginning, but now she had a special hatred for her.

‘What is she doing… does she have sinus issues? It’s annoying…’

She turned her head away and walked alongside Assistant Manager Kim Na Rae. Like a puppy, Assistant Manager Kim Do Hoon followed along behind them.

“Is it alright if I eat here also?”

“Omo! Omo! Of course! Sit down!”

Assistant Manager Kim Do Hoon came here on his own accord and many female coworkers smiled at him while the other male co-workers began drinking alcohol.

The team leader told them not to excessively drink alcohol like the company dinner last time and to just enjoy the dinner.

Shi Won, who was scared of getting drunk and acting like she did that night drank very little.

“You aren’t drinking a lot,”said Do Hoon who was sitting next to her. Shi Won didn’t have to explain, as the others around her excitedly told him about what happened that night.

“Ah. Seriously? To Manager Moon?”

Do Hoon clapped his hands together and laughed at what she said.

They all laughed together but Assistant Manager Kim Na Rae couldn’t help but take a look at Manager Moon before returning her head back to the table.

“No! When did Manager Moon get so popular? Since when did those girls have so much interest in him? We can’t even get close to him.”

‘That’s what I’m saying…’

“His image today is completely different.”

Shi Won downed the beer in front of her in one shot.

Soon, dinner ended and Vice Team Leader Park gathered everyone together by clapping his hands.

“Okay!! Everyone, let’s gather at the auditorium!”


“Finally, it’s time for us to have a chance at gaining freedom. Stand up everyone!”

Vice Team Leader Park said while pointing at the table where the managers and directors were sitting.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to participate in this game because you might get hurt. Participating is up to you.”

Many people laughed at what he said.

“But we still have to watch!”

The employees began to move to the auditorium.

“Manager Moon, let’s go.”

Shi Won slowly walked over there in a bad mood as she heard a female voice calling out Manager Moon’s name.

Everyone sat in a big circle inside of the auditorium.

You could see looks of expectation on several of the employee’s faces, while you could see nervousness on the others. Currently, to Shi Won, everything was just annoying because she wasn’t in a good mood.

“Okay. I’ll explain for people who don’t know the rules. We are going to draw names through a lottery. Following the numbers, one person will choose another person and the first couple will get their freedom. In the case that there is no couple, the person who was chosen the most will have to choose.”

Vice Team Leader Park gave people their numbers but the number was uneven so he had no choice but to bring in an extra person, so he chose Deputy Manager Lee who had won the first couple game. Now there was a total of 22 people in the game.

Shi Won wasn’t really paying any attention to Vice Team Leader’s directions and was just staring at Manager Moon who was across from her in the circle.

Their eyes met briefly but Shi Won turned away and avoided eye contact with him.

Vice Team Leader Park walked around the circle with a box and each person picked a piece of paper with a number on it.


This was her number. She crumbled up the paper and put it in her pocket and sat there in a daze.

“Alright! Let’s get started. Who’s number 1?”

*Raises hand*

Assistant Manager Shin raised her hand.

“Okay! Now choose someone.”

Assistant Manager Shin smiled and raised her hand slowly.

“Huh? Assistant Manager Shin Soo Ah. You choose Manager Moon?”


“I didn’t expect that!”

Laughter erupted from people around them again.

“Who’s number 2?”

A co-worker who Shi Won didn’t even know the name of raised her hand.

Her hand pointed at Assistant Manager Kim Do Hoon.

Everybody nodded as if they expected it.

It was now Shi Won’s turn. Two people stared at her expectantly but Shi Won didn’t notice and she pointed to a man who she never even talked to before.

“Uh… he pointed at another female. Are you sure about this, Assistant Manager Han?”

Shi Won nodded with an annoyed expression.

Assistant Manager Kim Do Hoon’s number came up.

Many females chose him so they looked at him with high expectations.

“I choose Assistant Manager Han.”

He said as he pointed at her and his eyes seemed to be smiling. No one seemed to understand why he chose her even though she pointed at another man. Everyone was staring at him curiously, but he just smiled at her.

“Uh… uh… if this happens… anyway next is Manager Moon Suk Han!”

As soon as he finished talking, Manager Moon pointed at Han Shi Won.

“I also choose Assistant Manager Han.”

‘What is this.’ Shi Won took a deep breath.

Vice Team Leader Park looked perplexed at this situation but he didn’t stop and kept going.

Everyone finished choosing who they wanted.

In the end no one became a couple. Usually there were a lot of couples at the end of the game and they would arm wrestle or chicken fight to decide the number one couple.

“Hmm… this is really difficult. We’ve never had this situation before. Anyway, who was chosen the most?”

It was a tie between Manager Moon and Assistant Manager Kim Do Hoon who both had four points. But they both chose Han Shi Won.

The team leader who was leaning on the wall in the sidelines moved over and yelled,

“We can just have Assistant Manager Han choose.”

‘Huh? Why me? Don’t you know that I already chose a different man?’

Shi Won frowned and stared at the Team Leader.

“Ah, is that okay to do?”

Manager Moon and Assistant Manager Kim had the same amount of points but they both chose Assistant Manager Han so they were making her make the final decision.

Shi Won didn’t want to choose but Vice Team Leader Park was someone with a very high status in the company so she couldn’t refuse him. She had no choice but to choose someone.



Everyone nodded and agreed with him. All the employees looked at Shi Won.

“Assistant Manager Han, you heard that right? Anyway, Assistant Manager Han, you already have four hours of freedom, now choose who you want to spend that time with. You can’t give up and not choose.”

Shi Won blinked her eyes and looked at both Manager Moon and Assistant Manager Kim.

The two men looked at her seriously as if they were trying to convey their feelings toward her with their eyes. They both looked nervous and expectant at the same time.

“Okay, Assistant Manager Han. Make your choice!”

As soon as Vice Team Leader Park finished talking, Shi Won pointed.

‘What’s there to decide?’

This was a no brainer.

“I choose Manager Moon.”

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