SMM Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Are you that bastard?

TL: pineapple

Editor: Isalee


“Assistant Manager Han. Manager Moon! How do you feel about Manager Moon Suk Han?!”

‘Aish… You’re really too much. How can you say that?’

“Hey! Are you gonna keep spouting nonsense with that loose mouth of yours?!”

“Look at that. I told you I was right!”

Shi Won expressed that she wanted to bury her head in sand and picked up another pickle to eat it.

*munch munch*

“Wow… to think it was Manager Moon… amazing…”

Manager Park Eun Hye covered her mouth and began giggling. “Keuk keuk.”

“Assistant Manager Han, if you start dating Manager Moon, that’ll be really incredible. Would he start talking if you guys began dating?”

“Ahh! That’s enough! Why do you keep pairing me up with that man? He just annoys me by sitting behind me all day. What’s the point of having a mouth if he isn’t even going to speak? Are you going to send all the office work through messenger? You have such a God-given talent for speaking, yet you’re going to waste it?”

Han Shi Won’s face became bright red in anger as she thought of all the work piled up and the stress that she got from Manager Moon.

“Assistant Manager Kim. I guess Manager Moon isn’t the one for her.”

“Right? I didn’t know she hated him that much. Let’s leave.”

Those two left Han Shi Won behind who kept on drinking ice cold water in anger.

“The two of you never speak of this again!!”

She immediately got up from her seat and followed after her two co-workers.


‘Ah… I have a headache because of him for no reason.’

As she was returning to my seat she saw the back of his head that she really didn’t want to see.

‘I should really just…’

She made a fist and pretended to hit him on the back of his head and he suddenly turned around.

“Haaa…˜˜˜I’m really sleepy after eating. Manager Moon, did you eat lunch?”

She raised both her hands and made a stretching motion as she yawned.


She sighed as she saw him go back to the same position to go to work.

‘What a surprise.’

As soon as Shi Won sat down in her seat the pent-up stress she had built up immediately began coming back up.

The messenger on her phone began blinking.

[I checked your paperwork and I revised it. Don’t submit anything if you’re going to give me this kind of shabby work.]


I opened the file that he sent me.

I had no words to say. I couldn’t find any faults in his work.’

The reason why no one could talk to him was probably because this man was perfect.

[Yes. Thank you very much.]

Her annoyed fingers began typing and she turned back to look at his computer monitor.

‘I really don’t like him. When he saw my message, he pushed X and went back to work.

I slowly looked at the details on his back.

Our company does not have a strict dress code since we mostly have young people compared to other companies, but he used this loophole in the wrong way.

His clothes don’t look worn-out too much but it still looks worn out.

He always wears the same style, just different colored clothing.

I’m sure that he only has the same t-shirt with a lot of different colors.

His black, plastic eyeglasses that weren’t trending these days were pushed all the way down to the tip of his nose.

I don’t know what brand of shoes he wore and he was wearing really bright socks.

When I first saw him I immediately judged him to be a fashion terrorist.

That’s right. Even if my confidence went down the drain and I’ve been dumped multiple times, I won’t stoop so low as to date him.’

Shi Won turned her head back to her monitor while shaking her head.

Six o’clock at end of the day.

“Come on everyone! Let’s move!”

Today there is a team dinner.

The menu is always barbeque pork.

She stood up quickly and decided to drink her depression away.

“Team leader. I be there a little bit later.”

“Why? Manager Moon, you still have work to do? What’s going on? If it’s not that important let’s all go together.”

“I’ll be there a little bit later.”

“Okay, let’s go everyone.”

Even when speaking to the team leader, he spoke in such a blunt manner. She once saw Manager Moon sitting in his seat and speaking bluntly, ignoring the team leader’s suggestions; and Shi Won got angry.

‘He’s running the company by himself.’ The co-workers muttered sarcastically.

Shi Won grabbed her bag and followed her co-workers to the elevator.

“Why does Manager Moon have so much work?”

The team leader looked at the vice team leader and asked in an annoyed voice.

“Ah… I think he’s doing a new project. I don’t really know…”

The team leader looked at the vice team leader with a displeased expression.

“The company isn’t all about work. You need to take care of your subordinates.”

“Yes sir.”

Anyway, even the team leader couldn’t say anything back to Manager Moon. Shi Won snickered while listening in on their conversation.

“Okay! Everyone, you all worked hard today. Here’s a toast to everyone who gathered here for your health, happiness, and team improvement with our team leader. Today’s toast word is Aheeyoo![1] Let’s live our lives without regrets in this beautiful world! When I say ‘Aheeyoo’ you guys say ‘I love you’.”


“I love you!”

‘Let’s live without regrets…’ Shi Won cheered and drank soju.

‘You only live once. Why am I so upset over dating? Let’s die after drinking.’

Shi Won began drinking recklessly.

Gradually time passed by during the team dinner and the team’s voices became louder. Laughter resounded throughout the team dinner.

“Ah! Manager Moon you came, come here…”

Shi Won looked Manager Moon who arrived at the team dinner with a drunk expression.

“I hate him.”


A co-worker sitting next to her looked at her with a surprised expression.

“No. Just. I’m drunk…”

“Assistant Manager Han, are you drunk?”

“Drunk! What’s wrong if I’m drunk? I don’t know how to date!”

Her lips began moving on their own without any intention.

“Assistant Manager Han, I heard that you broke up a few days ago, is that why you said that? There are plenty of fish in the sea. Why are you like this?”

“Exactly! Where is that guy hiding?! Is it you? You? You? You?”

She pointed at the men surrounding her.

She raised her finger and she turned her head while her finger pointed in one direction.

“Hey! You! Moon Suk Han! Are you the one?!”

Suddenly, the loud environment quieted down.

It was dead silent.

“Ahahaha!! Assistant Manager Han. You drank a lot!! This isn’t going to do. Stand up. Stand up!!”

“Let go! Who are you? Hey! Manager Moon! Is it you!” *Hiccup*

“Stand up! Hurry! Manager! Hold her!”

Assistant Manager Kim and Manager Park rushed over to grab Shi Won’s arms and dragged her out of the restaurant.

“Haa… Ha… Manager Moon. I’m sorry about Assistant Manager Han. She’s really drunk.”

Shi Won was led by the hands by the two women.


Moon Suk Han let out a small laugh as he brought up the soju to his mouth to take a drink.

“Wow! Amazing! Assistant Manager Han must be crazy!”

“Hey, anyway, it’s our fault for saying those useless things this morning and causing her to be like this. Wow… my heart was beating so fast. Did you see Manager Moon’s expression?”

“No. Where would I have the time to see his face? I was seriously about to smack this unni[2].”

“You should have hit her. It would be best if she hurt her head and had to go to the hospital. She’s going to have a difficult time at work tomorrow…”

Han Shi Won who was currently sitting on the ground not knowing what she did was completely wasted and trying to keep her eyes open.

“Are… you the one? Is it you? Huh? Moon Suk Han?”

“Hey! This won’t do. Assistant Manager Kim, go inside and explain the situation. We’re going to leave.”


Translator’s Notes:

[1] ‘Aheeyoo’ is something Koreans say when they cheer for a toast.

[2] ‘Unni’ is something a younger sister calls an older sister. But friends that are close use it too.


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