SMM Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Love Is A Picnic

TL: pineapple

Editor: Isalee


Manager Moon grabbed Shi Won’s hand and tried to leave, but Shi Won suddenly took her hand from him and shouted.


Both men were surprised at her sudden outburst.

Shi Won grabbed the money that Manager Moon gave to Yoon Hoo and began counting it.

“One… two.. three… six…”

She put the money back on the table next to Yoon Hoo and went back to link arms with Manager Moon.

“Let’s go, Manager Moon.”

Shi Won made sure to keep her expression calm and gently held onto his arm.

With her touching his arm, he slightly turned his head in surprise and said, “Yes.”

Since they weren’t on good terms, they didn’t say goodbye to Yoon Hoo before leaving the café.

As soon as they exited the café, Shi Won quickly went inside the trash car.


As soon as she got in the car, Shi Won held tightly onto her burnt hand and Manager Moon laughed lightly at her action.

“Hurry and go.”

Shi Won looked out the car window and stared at Yoon Hoo who was still sitting at the table.

Today, she was in the trash car that ran surprisingly well.

The car started and soon the view of the café disappeared. Shi Won turned to Manager Moon.

“But seriously, why did you come today?”

“I told you earlier. I was worried about you.”

Hearing her nagging at him, Manager Moon looked at her and laughed. “Hmph. Am I kid? You said that you didn’t listen in during my phone call?! You heard everything…”

“I just didn’t want you to have that same expression as that day so I came. Also, I felt that he would be the type of guy who would act like this in anger.”


“Thank you, Manager.”

Little by little, the things that she thanked him for were increasing.

Shi Won stared at Manager Moon’s face and lips for a while before sitting back properly in her seat.

“Ah… the money? Ah. But why did you check the money earlier?”

“Just in case you gave him more money than was needed.”

‘If you gave more money than needed, I probably would have done something unwomanly.’ Seeing her expression, Manager Moon chuckled.

“Earlier, I couldn’t remember whether it was 1,200,000 won or 1,300,000 won so… I just brought 600,000 won.”

“You did well. You can disregard the 50,000 won.”

Manager Moon laughed because Shi Won told him to disregard 50,000 won.

“Hahaha. No, there aren’t many people who would disregard 50,000 won like you. If I gave him 700,000 won, what would you have done?”

“I would have immediately taken 50,000 won from him. If he said that he didn’t have any change, I would have told him to go to the ATM. I don’t want to give him a single cent extra.”

“I helped Yoon Hoo because I brought less money. Otherwise, if I gave him more money, he would have been in danger because of you.”

Shi Won released her angry expression after hearing Manager Moon’s words and stared at him.

“Anyway, why did you bring the money! I wasn’t short on money… anyway… I’ll pay you back tomorrow.

“I thought it would be best to quickly settle the money problem. Also, I don’t want you to be around him.”

Normally his voice is soft, but when he spoke to her just now about Yoon Hoo, he sounded very manly, which made her heart race.

“Where are we going? Did you eat dinner? Are you going somewhere to eat? I’ll buy. I just got 50,000 won!”

She said in a cheerful voice. Manager Moon couldn’t help but smile and lay back in the car seat.

“Why? Did you already eat?”


“Then I’ll buy. You can get something expensive! What should we eat?”

“Umm… Assistant Manager Han. I’m sorry..”

‘Sorry?’ Shi Won turned her head sideways in confusion because of his sudden apology.

“I’m sorry, right now we are just having a short break from the meeting and I came to see you.”

“Ack! Ack!”

“Ah! You surprised me!”

At her sudden screaming, Manager Moon’s shoulders tensed up.

“Stop! Stop the car! There! Over there! Hurry!”


Manager Moon stopped his car in the spot that Shi Won pointed at.

“Wait! Then you should have told me! No. Then you shouldn’t have come! What’s so important about this?!”

“It’s important to me. Also, are you okay?…”

Manager Moon mumbled because Shi Won surprised him by talking to him in a loud voice.

“I’m not okay! You should have told me! I wouldn’t have gotten in the car!”

‘She got in by herself and she didn’t give me time to explain…’

*opens door*

“I’m going! Hurry and go! Hurry!”

*Kwang* (close door)

“Ah, she surprised me. She’s gonna break the car door.”

Regardless of what he said, Shi Won ignored it and motioned for him to hurry up.

Manager Moon nodded, turned, and drove the car.

As he was driving, he stared at Shi Won’s figure from the rear view mirror.


Laughter slowly came out from his mouth.

“Ah. Seriously, I don’t wanna go.”

Manager Moon smiled and stopped at the red light. He looked at his rear mirror and saw Shi Won walking home.

Shi Won walked along the sidewalk that led to the bus stop and looked back.

“What’s going on? You said the meeting was important today. Why are you here? Seriously…”

She said to herself before she turned her head and kept on walking.

‘Like that day, you gave me an expression like that. That’s why I came for you.’

‘It’s important to me.’

Shi Won remembered the words that he spoke to her and her cheeks began to flush.

“What’s going on… what did he do to me? He makes me so nervous.”

Shi Won was increasingly grateful for the things he did for her and at the same time, her heart beated faster.


“It’s a good morning.”

Shi Won said to a coworker after arriving at the company.

The coworkers were gathered together in the morning and were talking about something. Shi Won went over to them.

“What are you talking about?”

She smiled and asked them.

“Oh yeah, the picnic.”


They were speaking about the company picnic this Friday. This was an annual company picnic that occurred ever since the company was founded.

It’s one night and two days. The co-workers all had various opinions about it.

“No. Who is going to take care of my kids? Why is it always one night and two days? My husband is working too. Do I have to ask my mother-in-law? Aihoo…”

“Where are we going this time? I want to go with Choongmo’s team this time. I saw a new face there.”

Shi Won smiled and went to her seat.

‘Uh. He didn’t arrive yet. Was he drunk yesterday?’

She didn’t see Manager Moon who usually arrived early.

“Manager Moon you’ve arrived!”

“Yes. Hello.”

Shi Won, who was thinking about him, turned around and saw him enter the office.

“Ah! Manager Moon you’ve never been to the picnic right? We’re talking about it right now.”

“Ah. Picnic?”

“It’ll be really fun. Ah! That’s right! Are we doing it this time too? Love picnic?”

“Of course! We must! It’s a tradition.”

‘Love picnic?’

This game is always played during picnic time and a person points out someone that they are interested in. They then become a couple during the picnic and that couple can have four hours of free time.

In the beginning, this game was only to get away from drinking and getting drunk, but it changed and now everyone had to play; even unmarried men and women had to play to connect their love bridges.

“Which couple can get the freebie this time?”

“Ms. Lee and Manager Park were the couple last year? But they enjoyed for four hours of free time apart from each other before coming back.”

“It doesn’t matter. It was free time, they didn’t need to enjoy it together.”

“I must pick the new man.”

Everybody talked about the love picnic game and got excited.

“This game should be erased!”

Director Lee, who came into the office didn’t greet anyone and frowned.

Everybody giggled.

“If I had not played the game…..My life is pitiful!

Director Lee who was in the first couple for this game… After that he married his wife who was his partner at that time and now he was the father of two kids.

“You guys need to be careful!!! If you make a mistake, you will live like me!!”

Hearing Director Lee’s loud voice, Assistant Manager Kim Na Rae laughed and said,

“Director, can I tell Manager Kim what you just said?”

“Assistant Manager Kim Na Rae, I didn’t know you were that kind of person! You’re not supposed to do those kinds of things. If you tell her I’ll make you work overtime for the next three months!”

“Three months is too much!”

All the coworkers were laughing.

Manager Moon, who heard their conversation, just went to his seat.

“Good morning Manager Moon.”


Manager Moon bowed his head slightly to Shi Won and turned to his desk.

“But Manager Moon, don’t you have to go to a business trip? Are you supposed to leave today by five o’clock?”

“Yes. You’re correct.”

Manager Moon replied as if he was talking to a normal coworker.

‘Business trip?’

Shi Won had no idea about the business trip.

She tilted her head slightly at Manager Moon’s response.

“Ah… then you won’t be able to go with us? What’s your schedule on that day? Do you end late? I just have to check who’s going,” asked one of the co-workers.


Manager Moon thought about the question, deciding on an answer while Shi Won stared at his back.

Shi Won was a little upset that she was the only one that didn’t know about the business trip that he had to go to.

Of course, they didn’t have time to talk about it. But after they decided to date, he didn’t send any messages or calls to her at all. So Shi Won felt that their relationship was weird.

“I think it will be difficult for you to go to the picnic. Aren’t you going to Yuhsoo city?”

The person who asked Manager Moon looked at him. Manager Moon, who was still thinking about it, began speaking.

“I’ll try my best to go to the picnic.”


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