SMM Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Strong-willed Woman

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Editor: Isalee


Shi Won entered the office without a word or thought continued on with her work.

She thought it was a huge waste of time thinking of Yoon Hoo.

“Assistant Manager Han. Conference!”

Shi Won followed her team leader who dragged her to the conference room and wasn’t able to get out for two hours.

She listened to the Deputy Manager’s nagging until she blanked out and finally it was time to go home.

‘It’s already 7…’

Slowly, people began to leave the office until there were only a few people left. She stared at the time.

“Yeah… time is really valuable.”

Shi Won usually goes home at 6 but Yoon Hoo wanted to meet at 7. She grumbled in annoyance.

When it turned 7 o’clock, Shi Won grabbed her bag and left the office.

She had made an appointment with Yoon Hoo so she made her way to the café where she saw his figure behind the window.

Shi Won was worried about getting wrinkles on her forehead so she tried to be expressionless, but when she saw him she automatically frowned.

“That bastard. Why did I love someone like him?”

Without caring about anyone else, Shi Won slammed the café

door open and stood in front of him.

“You came?”

Yoon Hoo snorted when he saw her.

“Hurry and tell me. I have to go.”

“Take a seat. You aren’t going to stand the entire time are you?”

After staring at him angrily for a long time, Shi Won sat down.


Yoon Hoo took out the bank book from his jacket and placed it on the table.

“Did you really ask me to come here for this? I can just send you the money from the bank. Just tell me the real reason why you came here.”

It hadn’t even been one minute but Shi Won angrily asked him to spit out whatever he was going to say quickly and acted impatient to leave.

“Who is that man?”

She was wondering why he wasn’t asking.

“What’s your relationship with him? My girlfriend wants to know.”

“Have you really been dating him for a year? Were you meeting him while we were dating?”


I totally forgot. Manager Moon said that we’d been dating for one year…’ She thought about that and just smiled.

Shi Won slowly made sure there was no expression on her face and just stared at Yoon Hoo.

“What exactly do you want to hear? You had a 200 day anniversary but you’re jealous that I’ve been with him for a year?”

“Hey! Han Shi Won!”

“That’s what I’m saying. Tell me what you want and go!”


With a gloomy face, Yoon Hoo let out a small sigh and he lowered his head. Shi Won gently frowned as she suddenly felt that the small sigh was filled with regret for what he did to her.

“Did you break up with your girlfriend?”

‘People like you guys always fight over the most trivial things…’


“Then you must have gotten into a fight. Is that why you’re here to take your anger out on me? You think that if you say some sweet words to me that I’ll come running back into your arms?”

“Shi Won-ah[1]… I’m really sorry.”

“You didn’t just come here after you fought with your girlfriend to do something weird with me right? I would be seriously embarrassed if the Lee Yoon Hoo that I dated actually turned out to be this kind of person… Also, I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear you apologize to me. I’m disgusted that you actually said sorry to me. Just think of it as me never accepting your apology. I won’t try to understand nor forgive you for what you did.”

“Shi Won. I understand why you’re angry and why you’re pushing me away. Honestly, while we were dating, Yeh Na was the first one who came up to me. I didn’t even like her. But one day I got drunk and… But you also met that man. I’ll also understand and forgive you for that.”

‘Wow… this piece of trash…’

What in the world was he thinking? A while back, Shi Won didn’t have an interest in this one guy, but later on he began dating a really pretty girl and then she began to have interest in him. This must be what Yoon Hoo was feeling.

That’s what she remembered, and that’s what happened.

‘If that’s what you think, then I’ll definitely end it today!’

Shi Won’s gazed at Yoon Hoo coldly.

“Really? You can understand? The fact that I met with another guy? You’re so cool…”



Shi Won took out her cell phone and began punching in numbers. Her lips slowly curved upward and Yoon Hoo’s eyes began to show worry.

“Park Yeh Na? Oh, I’m Han Shi Won. You don’t need to greet me. When I was dating Yoon Hoo, he told me that you were the one that came on to him first, is that true?”


At Shi Won’s words, Yoon Hoo abruptly got up and snatched her phone from her hand and looked at the screen.


Shi Won saw Yoon Hoo’s overreaction and laughed at him.

“I didn’t call. I don’t even have the number. Why were you suddenly so nervous?”

“Hey! Han Shi Won!!”

“What?! Lee Yoon Hoo! Why are you so angry over a fake prank call? And you even lied! Are you really only worth this much as a person?”

“Han Shi Won. What do you think you’re doing? Are you mocking me?”

“Then what are you doing to me?”


“Are you done? I can’t be as cool as you. So don’t say any useless words.”

She didn’t really like being around him, so she turned her head to the window to look outside.


Outside, everyone was staring at the trash car that was parked in front of the cafe.

Sure enough, the owner of that trash car came out of it.

“I knew he would do this! You heard right?! You heard! What do you mean ‘I didn’t hear anything.’! Why are you even here?”

She saw Manager Moon’s who exited his car.

Yoon Hoo looked at Shi Won strangely who was staring at the poorly dressed man.


The cafe door opened and she saw Manager Moon walking towards them.

Shi Won watched and concentrated on one point and Yoon Hoo glanced to where Shi Won was staring at.

The man walked toward them. He was wearing a t-shirt, pants, and ugly glasses.

Manager Moon stopped in front of their table and turned towards them.

Yoon Hoo’s eyes twitched upon seeing the man who stood in front of their table and looked at Shi Won.

“You came?”


Upon hearing Shi Won speak to the man and hearing his reply, Yoon Hoo looked at them curiously.

“We meet again, Lee Yoon Hoo-ssi.”

Yoon Hoo’s eyes widened in shock as the unfamiliar man spoke his name with a familiar sounding voice.

Manager Moon stood there confidently as if nothing was wrong next to Shi Won.

“Hey… this… what in the world…”

Seeing this weird situation, Shi Won couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

Yoon Hoo examined Manager Moon from head to toe and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“What?! What are you looking at?!”

‘Even I can’t adapt to him. Of course, you can’t.’

“Come at me. It’s your first time seeing this type of horrible fashion right?”

‘Don’t even think about why he came. I don’t know either…’

“You… that time… that bastard…”

“What’s up with your mouth!”

Upon hearing Yoon Hoo say ‘that bastard’, Shi Won lashed out at him.

“Yes. I’m that bastard that you met that day.”

Yoon Hoo still couldn’t believe that he was the same guy and Shi Won turned to look at Manager Moon.

“Why did you come here?”

Shi Won asked him really softly in front of Yoon Hoo for no reason.

“Because I was worried.”

It felt like they were comparing who could speak more softly to the other.

Whew… She thought that this was a lucky situation because he didn’t see how Shi Won had acted terribly in front of Yoon Hoo.

“Let’s go. We’re done talking.”

She picked up her phone from the table and put it in her bag before holding Manager Moon’s arm.


Of course, upon her touching him, he smirked and she knew he was going to say something.

“Wait. I have something to say to Mr. Lee Yoon Hoo here.”

Yoon Hoo looked at Manager Moon and finally he came to his senses and looked at him.

“Truth is, Shi Won-ssi and I haven’t been dating for that long.”


Hearing what he said, Shi Won cried out in surprise.

“How was she? Lee Yoon Hoo-ssi?”

Shi Won looked at Manager Moon who spoke to Yoon Hoo with no expression.

Yoon Hoo didn’t respond to Manager Moon’s question and tightly pressed his lips together.

‘You never knew how bad it felt because you were the one cheating right?’

“Huh… what are you saying?”

Yoon Hoo was really perplexed and his face began redden as he laughed at Manager Moon’s words.

“So now, don’t do those trash-like actions. Lee Yoon Hoo-ssi, it’s because of people like you that men get bad reputations.”

Before Manager Moon arrived, Shi Won was the first to attack and Manager Moon attacked second, so Yoon Hoo was really angry and ashamed, but he couldn’t vent his anger.

“Ah. Also… here.”

Manager Moon gently took Shi Won’s hand off his arm and brought out his wallet.

Manager Moon opened his wallet and he took out stacks of new, crisp bills and put them on the table for Yoon Hoo.

‘Ah! Money!’

Shi Won’s eyes widened upon seeing him taking out such a large amount of money and giving it away.

“I heard that you were able to meet with Shi Won-ssi because of money…”

Shi Won couldn’t help but laugh at this situation even though she knew she wasn’t supposed to.

‘What do you mean you heard it from me… you eavesdropped…’

Shi Won contained her urge to laugh and looked up.

“From now on, please don’t force Shi Won-ssi to meet you using these kinds of methods. If you do, I won’t be this nice. Shi Won, let’s go.”

They both got up from their seats and Shi Won and made eye contact with Manager Moon as he grabbed her hand.

Shi Won’s eyes turned back to the table.

As soon as they were about to leave, Shi Won took her hand back from Manager Moon and screamed out.



Translator’s Notes:

[1] Adding ‘ah’ after someone’s name is sort of a term of endearment in Korean.


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