SMM Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Did You Hear?

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Editor: Isalee


Shi Won annoyedly took a deep breath and exhaled.

‘Who in the world does he think he is to have the nerve to call me?!’

*Buzz buzz*

Because of the constant vibrating, Shi Won ultimately turned off her phone.

With an angry expression on her face, Shi Won practically pounded her keyboard while typing.

Lunch time soon arrived and she once again went to eat lunch with Manager Park Eun Hye and Assistant Manager Kim Na Rae at a Budae Jjigae[1] restaurant.

While the stew was cooking, Shi Won turned on her phone and looked at it intently. Manager Park Eun Hye noticed her expression and asked,

“Why are you looking at your phone like that? Is there something wrong?”

“Yeah. He keeps on being annoying and keeps calling me.”

“Who?” asked Assistant Manager Kim Na Rae curiously, as she was munching on the side dishes.

“My ex.”

“Oh! Seriously?”

“What do you mean ‘Oh!’? I feel bad. Why would he suddenly call me?…”

As she was chewing her food, Assistant Manager Kim looked at her curiously.

“You’re right. Why would he suddenly call? You haven’t been keeping in touch right?”

“I haven’t. But… I recently met him at a friend’s wedding.”

“Omo. Really? Did you guys talk? What did he say?”

Hmm… they did talk but… she felt it best she didn’t tell them what actually went down.

She really wanted to tell them what happened, like how he suddenly appeared like magic by wearing a luxurious suit, driving a fancy car and making her ex-boyfriend so angry he might have puked blood.

“We didn’t really talk much. But when I saw the bastard, he already had another woman in his arms! But guess who she was? She’s my hoobae[2]. Isn’t that ridiculous? I couldn’t believe it…. Whew…”

“What? So what did you do? Did you just do nothing?”

“Unni! You must have at least gone and pulled on her hair!”

Because of Shi Won’s angry expression, the two girls became more apoplectic.

“Wow! Daebak! That son of a bitch. Why are you stressing over that kind of man? Just forget about him and move on!”

“Uh huh. Dont worry. I completely forgot about him. But! Why does he keep on calling me?!”


All three women stared at Shi Won’s phone vibrating on the table.

She picked up the phone and saw that it was Lee Yoon Hoo calling her again.

Shi Won turned off her phone again and helped herself to a serving of boiling budae jjigae in her bowl.

“Wow.. is it that man again? Why does he keep on calling you? He can just meet another girl..”

“That’s what I’m saying. Does he regret breaking up? They he should be good for her…”

Shi Won just quietly ate her food and listened to the other two women speak.

“Unni! If he calls you, just tell him that you’re already dating someone else!”

‘Uh… when did this girl…’

“Also, tell him that the guy you’re dating now is really handsome and filthy rich!”

‘Uh… she’s not that far off…’

“And also… ah… nevermind! You have to finish it cleanly. Just tell him that you guys are getting married!”

‘What? Marriage?’

“That’s right! Tell him not to call you again because you’re getting married! Okay?”

Whenever Assistant Manager Kim got excited, she always had to have the last word. So Shi Won just looked at her and ate her food.

They ate till they were full and because the weather was good they decided to walk around a bit before they went back inside the company.

She saw the familiar figure of Manager Moon sitting in front of his desk.

Shi Won looked at him as usual and sat back in her seat.

Shi Won stared at the phone that was turned off and set it on her desk.

*Rrrrrr… Rrrrrr*

The phone that just rang was the office telephone on her desk.

She saw the caller number and found that it was him.

‘Wow! Daebak! Did you seriously just call me on my work phone?’

Shi Won felt both perplexed and annoyed at the same time.

*Rrrrr… Rr…*


As soon as she was about to pick up the phone, it suddenly stopped ringing and she was confused.

Then she heard Manager Moon’s voice.

“Hello, I’m Manager Moon, how may I help you…”




“Manager!! That’s my phone call! My phone call! Hello?”

Shi Won sprang up from her chair with unbelievable speed, dashed over to Manager Moon’s desk, and grabbed the phone from him.

“Hello? Yes it’s me. I’ll call you back. Never! Don’t call my office phone. Ah… I will! So get off the phone.”


She used one hand to grab the desk and took a deep breath.


Suddenly she felt an ache on her elbow.

‘Omo! What do I do!?’

Shi Won rushed over so quickly that she accidentally elbowed Manager Moon on the back of his head and pushed him over.

She grabbed the desk with one hand as she put down her head and sighed.

”Manager Moon!! I’m so sorry!! What do I do?! Why aren’t you saying anything? Can you talk?”

He grabbed the back of his head with one hand and Shi Won was really scared of the way he was looking at her.

“Are you okay? Did you get hit hard? It wasn’t on purpose. Omo! Here! What do I do? It’s so red. Is your head hurt?”


Shi Won was panicked and frightened in contrast to Manager Moon who was really calm as he didn’t say anything. Shi Won stopped waving about because of his expression.


She came to her senses and put her head down to see that Manager Moon’s face was really close to her breasts.

So that’s why he was trying to move back from her. Shi Won stretched her head and moved back. In the end, she saw that Manager Moon’s face and ears were really red.

“I-I’m sorry…”

Shi Won didn’t know what to do in this type of situation so she gave an apologetic face and looked down.


Manager Moon gently touched the back of his head of his hand and saw Shi Won with that expression.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt. Go do your work.”

He acted like he didn’t care, but his ears were still red.

“I’m really… sorry…”

Shi Won apologized once again, bowed her head, and apologized.

‘Ah… Han Shi Won. Seriously…”

Shi Won sat at her seat berating herself for what she did and dazedly stared at the monitor.

‘Ah! Lee Yoon Hoo!’

He was the cause of the mess that had just occurred.

Shi Won tightly gripped her phone, got up from her seat, and went outside.

“Hello! Hey! Lee Yoon Hoo!”

Shi Won called him in a furious voice.

[Why aren’t you picking up your phone? Are you avoiding me?]

Hmph! Shi Won snorted because of his nonsense.

“Of course I’m avoiding you! Am I still in love with you? Why are you calling me? Simply say it!”

[I need to see you.]

“I don’t want to.”

[I have something to say to you.]

“I don’t have anything to say to you.”

She didn’t even want to hear his voice or reply back to him, but she couldn’t have him call the office again while she was working.

[We have to figure out our problem.]

“I already finished solving mine. So solve your own problems.”

[What are you going to do about the money?]

‘Huh? Money? What money?’

At the sudden mention of money, Shi Won’s eyes went wide open.

“Ah… the bank book?”

‘When I was dating him, we wanted to everything that all the other couples were doing, so we made a bank account together to go on trips and we put in money every month in the bank.’

[Yes. I have it with me.]

“I gave you the bank book and stamp[3]. You already know the password, so you can only take out your money; I’ll take out my money later.”

‘How dare you try to meet me because of the money.’

[I lost my stamp.]

Shi Won put on an annoyed expression and scratched the back of her neck with her hand.

“Then I’ll go and send the money to you. 130,000 won right? I think that was the amount.”

[Anyway, let’s just meet.]

“No! I said I’ll send you the money. So why do we have to meet?”

[Hand the money to me in person. I have something to say.]

“I don’t want to. Send me your bank account number. I don’t have time today, so I’ll go to the bank tomorrow and send it to you.”

[Let’s meet today at 7. I’ll be outside your company.]

“No! Why would I meet you?!”

[Then should I personally go inside your office?]

‘Did he go crazy… Why is he suddenly latching on to me like a leech.

She had to end it. Shi Won rolled her eyes and began talking.

“Whew… alright. Come to the café in front of the company at 7. I’m telling you this ahead of time. I’m only giving you exactly five minutes! That’s all the time I’m giving you, got that?”

[Okay. I’ll see you later.]

Yoon Hoo ended the phone call.

“Did this guy finally go crazy? Why would he come to the office? Hmph!!”

Come to think of it, the way he spoke was really nonsensical. She snorted and turned around.


As soon as she opened the door, Manager Moon’s face appeared in front of her.

“What!! What are you doing?!!”

“What do you mean?”

He looked as if nothing happened and left.

She squinted her eyes and looked at his back.

“Manager Moon?!”

After taking about five steps, he turned around and looked at her.

“Manager Moon! Did you hear me?!”


“You heard right?”

Now Manager Moon completely turned his body and faced Shi Won directly.

“What am I supposed to hear?”

‘Wow… this man was standing so close and he asks that?’

“So you’re saying you didn’t listen in to my phone call?”

“You had a phone call?”

He shrugged his shoulders and put on an ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ expression.

He was really close to her ears but he said that he didn’t know anything

“You’re not lying?”

“Ah! That’s why I’m asking what’s real?”

“If that’s the case, then whatever. Go inside.”

After Shi Won stopped talking, Manager Moon turned around and went back to the office.

Shi Won worried about Manager Moon for no reason. If he actually heard what she was talking about, he might’ve felt bad because she was meeting with her ex.

‘Whatever the case, shouldn’t I have just refused to meet him?’

She agreed to meet him but she was reluctant and was worried about meeting him.

She just wanted to live like they never dated and as if he didn’t exist.

‘I have to definitely meet him and end everything today.’

Shi Won made the firm decision in her mind and went back into the office.


Translator’s Notes:

[1] Budae Jjigae is a type of stew that could have various ingredients such as kimchi, tofu, noodles, meat, cheese, etc.

[2] Hoobae – Korean for underclassman.

[3] In Korea, you need a stamp to prove your identity at the bank.

[4] “Ommaya!!!” – Korean for OH MY GOD!!


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