SMM Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The People Around That Man

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Editor: Isalee


She kept thinking about him.

Shi Won was rolling around in her bed holding her phone debating on whether she should message him or not.

She kept on thinking about how they were supposed to go home together but they couldn’t because of Kim Na Rae.

‘Send? Or no?’

Shi Won laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling, brought up her phone over her head, and stared at it for a long time.

She had never received a phone call or text message from him.

‘It won’t be strange or rude if I send a text this late right?’

She was thinking of a reason to send him a text and put her phone over her chest.

‘He did come home right?’

There were a lot of things that she wanted to ask him that she wasn’t able to today.

What do his parents do, how many siblings does he have, what university he went to, why did he leave his previous company, why did he wear those clothes every day…

Shi Won was frustrated because she didn’t know the answers to any of those questions about him.

She practically stayed up all night and couldn’t get that much sleep because her mind was going through a rollercoaster of emotions and questions.

Today, she also carefully deliberated on what to wear. She chose something that she didn’t usually wear to work and took out a one-piece from her closet.

A black A-Line one piece that nicely accentuated her figure.


Shi Won was satisfied with how she looked and touched up by putting on some makeup.


“Good morning.”

“Oh… Assistant Manager Han. Are you dating now? You wear new clothes every day.”

“Omo! You look so pretty today! Did you buy new clothes?”

“Unni, do you have a blind date today?”

Today Shi Won also received compliments from everyone as she embarrassedly went to her desk.

“Good morning, Manager Moon.”


Manager Moon gave her a short look before turning back to do work.

‘Of course, he’s like this…’

She carefully folded her one-piece and sat in her chair. She then turned on the computer and drank the vanilla latte that was always on her desk in the morning.

As soon as her computer turned on, a bright notification popped up. ‘It’s definitely Manager Moon…

Sigh… I bet he’s giving me more work…’

She gave an unhappy expression and opened up the message with her computer mouse.


Shi Won’s hand suddenly stopped and looked at her screen in surprise.

Without knowing, she tried to hide her smile under her hand.

[You look pretty today.]

No matter how much she thought about it, this man definitely had gone to some sort of school where they taught how to flirt and compliment women.

She brought her hand over her heart where it once again started to beat faster and harder.

It was troublesome if he said these things to her in the morning…

‘Wait… but this man really isn’t a player right?’

Once again, Shi Won was lost in her wild imaginations about him. She opened up her messenger and messaged Manager Moon.

[Manager Moon. Let’s definitely go home together today.]

[I have an appointment today.]

[What kind of appointment?]

[I have to go to a meeting so…]


She remembered that the managers were meeting to discuss the new project that was soon coming up.

[What time will you finish?]

[I don’t know. After the meeting, we will probably go grab some drinks so it’s hard to say.]

[I understand. I guess we can’t go home together today.]

[But why are you suddenly like this?]

[It’s nothing. Go do your work.]

She took off her hands from her keyboard and stared at the screen. She smelled the scent of failure today also.

“Manager Moon. Are you busy?”

Shi Won turned to the direction of where the person said his name.

It was a man who had come to bring Manager Moon to the office.

“Deputy Manager Shin. Hello. Why are you here so early in our office?”

“Good morning Deputy Manager Shin.”

“Good morning.”

Deputy Manager Shin Jung Woo walked towards Manager Moon while the other employees greeted him.

“Good morning.”

Shi Won also got up from her seat and greeted him.

“Assistant Manager Han. Hi. Are you going somewhere today?”

Upon seeing her one-piece when she stood up, Deputy Manager Shin’s eyes went wide and began ogling her.

“Ah.. no.”

Shi Won felt uncomfortable from his gaze and went back to her seat.

“Manager Moon. Come see me for a bit.”


Shi Won looked Manager Moon who got up from his seat and turned her head because she felt like someone was staring at her.

Deputy Manager Shin smiled at Shi Won for no reason and as soon as he made eye contact with her, he quickly turned his body and went to the exit.

‘What’s going on…’

He had an expression that something was wrong.

Come to think of it, Deputy Manager Shin was the only one in upper management that had a good relationship with Manager Moon.

He was the only person that she saw around him.

She was told that Mr. Shin had really big role in scouting out Manager Moon for this company.

Come to think of it, she saw them eat lunch or drink coffee together at the company cafe once in a while.

‘What’s their relationship ?’

Another question that she wanted to ask him came up.


“What do you want to drink?”

“I just want an iced americano.”

After they ordered their drinks at the first floor in the company cafe, Deputy Manager Shin and Manager Moon sat together at a table.

“Is it because of today’s meeting?”


“I’m thinking of acting together with the director later. Who are you coming with from your department?”

“I’m going by myself. They all have other schedules. Later, we can go together in my car.”

“Yes. We might as well.”

After their coffees were finished, an employee called out the order and Manager Moon returned to the table with them in hand.



“No, it’s nothing… ke ke ke….”

Deputy Manager Shin, who tried to cover up his laughter with his hand, made Manager Moon curious.

“Ah! What?!”

“What do you mean. Don’t you see my face every morning and laugh? Ke ke ke.”

“What? I’m used to your face now.”

Manager Moon got his iced americano and drank it all in one go through the straw. Deputy Manager Shin didn’t stop laughing.

“You feel like killing yourself?”

“No. But it’s fun.”

“Endure for a bit longer. Is there any word from the president?”

Manager Moon shook his head.

“But seriously, I can’t recognize you. Fashion is definitely important. It’s like I’m looking at a different person.”

“Ah! Stop it. It’s not that bad.”

“It is! Right now you look very… anyway… yeah… kekeke…”

“I told you to stop!”

After Manager Moon yelled at him, Deputy Manager Shin finally managed to control his laughter.

“But… is it going well?”


“What do you think I’m talking about? Your love life.”

Manager Moon widened his eyes slightly and looked at Deputy Manager Shin and gave him a sly smile.

“Uh! Uh!… What’s going on. Your expression.”

“Stop it. What do you mean. Love life? I keep telling you. You are so talkative.”

“Ah you definitely are thinking about something. What is it?!”

“What are you talking about? There’s nothing going on.”

Manager Moon was annoyed, so he scratched the back of his neck but didn’t wipe that sly grin off of his face.

“Heol… Look at that expression. Are you happy?”


Deputy Manager Shin squinted his eyes and stared at Manager Moon who took less than 0.1 seconds to reply.

“What in the world is so great about her? Anyway, she was quite pretty now that I saw her today.”

“Everything. I like everything about her.”

“Crazy bastard.”

Manager Moon turned his head and laughed at Deputy Manager Shin’s response.

“You definitely have to marry that girl. I won’t say anything else… a girl’s true nature comes out once you marry them…”


“That’s just a saying! Only married men know…”

Deputy Manager Shin said in a joyful tone. He then thought of something and stopped laughing as he looked at Manager Moon.

“Anyway, make sure you’re careful while working in the company so that she doesn’t notice you. If rumors spread, then you will get in trouble.”

“Yes. I at least know that much. Let’s go. I have a lot of work to do.”

Deputy Manager Shin grabbed his coffee with one hand and got up from his seat.

After he parted ways with Deputy Manager Shin, Manager Moon went back up to the office and saw the pretty Shi Won who was staring intently at the monitor screen doing work.

She was wearing a beautiful one-piece and had her hair elegantly tied up behind her head and once he saw her he couldn’t help but be happy.

He slowly walked to his spot, sat down, and turned once more to look at Shi Won.

She saw a strange reflection in her monitor and turned around to see Manager Moon staring at her.

“Why are you looking at me? Do you need me to do something? I already sent the new project files and sent the other necessary things to the director. I’m going to call the other companies after lunch time.”

Shi Won talked about her work today because he usually pointed what she did wrong so she just kept on talking about what she did.

“You did well.”


“Nevermind. Just keep working.”

‘What’s that for? Did I just get complimented?’

Shi Won stared at the back figure of Manager Moon for a long time, smiling before she turned back to her monitor to finish her work.


Shi Won’s phone that was on her desk began vibrating.


Shi Won let that sound out unconsciously and immediately caught herself. She covered her mouth and looked backwards at Manager Moon.

She sighed in relief as she saw that Manager Moon either didn’t hear her or just didn’t care.

Shi Won quickly picked up her phone, silenced it, and put it back on her desk.

*Buzz… Buzz…*

Her phone vibrated once again.

With an annoyed expression, Shi Won once again grabbed her phone and put it on silence.

She erased the number but she noticed who was calling her.

Lee Yoon Hoo.

She took a deep breath and exhaled.

‘Who does he think he is to call me?!’


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