SMM Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Man Stuck in Her Head

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Shi Won felt like she was going to have a heart attack from her heart beating so fast. So she held her arms over her chest.

Manager Moon gave a smile and returned Shi Won’s chair back to its original spot.

“You should go back first. I have some stuff to do.”

“I-I’ll wait for you…”

Upon hearing her response, his eyes widened and he gave a genuine smile.

“Then I’ll send you the files that I finished. You can take a look at those.”


Seeing Manager Moon turn his body back to face his monitor, Shi Won did the same.

Shi Won finally removed her hand above her rapidly beating heart and took a deep breath.

Once in the morning, and once in the evening. Shi Won’s heart wouldn’t be able to take it. She’d die because of Manager Moon’s “attacks”.

She opened the file that he sent.

There were no more words needed to be said.

This is why all of the team leaders praised him.

She once more looked at his back before turning back to her monitor.

The familiar sound of him typing his keyboard furiously rang in her ears.

‘Isn’t he gonna get hospitalized from working this hard? He should work in moderation.’

She slowly turned her head back and looked at Manager Moon with concerned eyes.

This man, who only knew how to work and not have any fun somehow managed to worm his way into Shi Won’s heart.

Even Shi Won was confused about how she felt and why she felt this way about him, but she decided to keep it to herself.

Shi Won once again turned back to her screen and leaned on the desk.

‘Han Shi Won-ssi… Han Shi Won-ssi…

Han Shi Won-ssi… Wake up…’

*Wakes up*

“Yes! Yes!”

She quickly raised her head from the desk to turn to where the sound was coming from and saw Manager Moon’s face.

She clapped her cheeks with her hands and came to her senses.

‘Ah… I must’ve fallen asleep.’

She was staring in space so she must have been mesmerized by the sound of his typing and unknowingly fell asleep.

She felt bad that she fell asleep so she carefully turned off the computer and began packing her bag.

“I told you to go home first if you were tired.”

“I’m not! I’m not tired.”


Hearing him laugh, Shi Won’s face slowly turned red.

“D-did you finish?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

Manager Moon began walking towards the exit of the office and Shi Won followed behind him.

Shi Won felt something strange in her right eye, so she stopped moving.

Either it was some of her makeup or a stray eyelash that entered her eye, and tears slowly began to stream from her right eye.

She grabbed a tissue and pressed it on her eye.

Manager Moon, who was walking in front of her, noticed that she stopped and asked,

“What’s wrong?”

He saw Shi Won whose head was down with a tissue pressed up against her eye.

“Ah. It’s nothing. I think something went in my eye.”

“Your eye?”


“Let me see.”

“N-No it’s okay.”

Shi Won tried to stop him with one hand, but to no avail as he walked up to her body and grabbed her wrist and removed it from her eye as he took a closer look at her.

“Try opening your eye wider.”

Even without him saying that, her eyes would have been wide open because of the close proximity and the smell of his cologne invading her nose.

“What went inside?”

Shi Won felt Manager Moon’s breath on her face, so Shi Won closed her eyes unintentionally.

“Huh? Open your eye again.”

Manager Moon frowned and grabbed her wrist because she kept on moving backwards. hE pulled her towards him.

Shi Won gently opened her eyes and carefully made sure that nothing touched it.

Both of her cheeks turned red and she didn’t know what to do. Shi Won moved her eyes and was jittery compared to Manager Moon who was calm. They were extremely close and he stared deep into her eyes.

“Try closing your eyes.”



Shi Won quickly closed her eyes, albeit confused.

“Okay, now slowly open it.”

She slightly opened her eyes.

She saw his face right in front of hers when she opened her eyes. She saw that his pupils were really dark behind his glasses.

Shi Won’s wrist was being held by Manager Moon and so she used her other hand to close her chest.

Manager Moon’s hand that was holding her wrist let it go and moved up to her shoulder. he got even closer.

Shi Won stopped breathing because he was in such close proximity that she felt like she could feel his breath on her. Shi Won pushed out her hand up against his chest in an attempt to put some distance between them, but it was to no avail.

A little bit later, Manager Moon’s finger passed by her eyelashes and she shuddered.


Manager Moon put on a satisfied expression as he showed Shi Won her eyelash that was stuck in her eye.


Manager Moon took a close look at Shi Won’s face. Shi Won’s cheek looked really pretty along with her red, glossy lips. She blinked her eyes and suddenly an awkward air emerged between them.


Shi Won’s hand on his chest could feel his heart beating faster.

“Th-thank you.”

Shi Won looked down because of the awkward atmosphere as Manager Moon took her hand tightly from his chest and slowly brought it down.

Inside the empty office, you could only hear the breathing of these two people.

At this age, they knew what to expect from this type of romantic atmosphere. So Manager Moon gracefully put his hand behind her waist and Shi Won’ slowly closed her eyes. Shi Won began breathing short breaths which mixed with Manager Moon’s own breathing and he moved closer to her lips.

“Is there someone here?”


Outside of the office hallway, you could hear the sounds of a woman’s heels.


She quickly slapped his hand and body away before moving to another part of the room.

“Huh! Unni, you didn’t go home yet?”

Assistant Manager Kim Na Rae looked pleasantly surprised to see Shi Won still there.

“Huh? Oh, I was just about to leave… wh-what about you? Why are you still here?”

“I had one of the company planning meetings today. I’m gonna leave now. I just needed to get something. What are you doing alon-Ack! Mana-Manager Moon?? What are you doing here?!”

At Assistant Manager Kim’s surprised exclamation, Manager Moon looked at her with a displeased expression and stood up from his chair.

“Ah! Who threw away a tissue here?”

He used one hand to pick up the tissue and threw it away in the trashcan.

“You scared me!”

“I was scared more than you. Your high pitched voice…”

“But… what are you two doing?”

Assistant Manager Kim’s eyes passed over Manager Moon and turned to Shi Won.

“What do you think we’re doing?! Work! Right? Manager Moon.”

“Of course. What else would we be doing?”

‘Since when were these two so friendly with each other?’ Assistant Manager Kim Na Rae thought as she looked at them with suspicious eyes.

“Oh, planning meeting! You told me about that. You were… there…”

Hearing Shi Won’s nervous and stuttering voice, Assistant Manager Kim knew that something was going on and gave a slight smirk.

“Unni, are you done?”

“Yes! I’m going to leave now.”

Shi Won grabbed her bag and Assistant Manager Kim bowed to Manager Moon[1].

“I’ll head out first. Unni, let’s go.”

“..Yes. Manager Moon, we’ll be leaving first. Good night.”

“Yeah. I’ll just organize some things before I go.”

Shi Won looked at the back figure of Manager Moon who actually had nothing left to do as she was dragged out by Assistant Manager Kim who linked arms with her.

Now that they were away from him, Assistant Manager Kim gave Shi Won a suspicious look.


Her tone of voice made Shi Won gulp.

“Unni, today…”


Kim Na Rae was a very observant person. She saw that Manager Moon had a strange expression when he bent down to pick up that tissue and she began to have suspicions.

“Manager Moon is…”


Shi Won slowly moved her eyes and put all her attention to her lips.

“Did you really reconcile with each other?”


“Unni, it just looked like you finally apologized to him and he forgave you.”


Shi Won inwardly gave a sigh of relief and opened her mouth.

“What else could I do but apologize?”

Shi Won was nervous for nothing and calmed her heart as she answered in an obvious tone.

“Let’s go. Unni. Wanna go grab a quick bite and get some spicy rice cakes[2]?”

Shi Won looked happy Assistant Manager Kim’s figure walking in front of her and looked back up at the company building.

‘We were going to go home together…’

For some reason Shi Won felt very regretful and stared at the building for a long time before catching up with Kim Na Rae.

After they ate their fill together, Shi Won and Assistant Manager Kim parted ways and went home.

She stopped in front of the apartment and thought that maybe… Manager Moon was there but no one was there so she went inside.

She stood in front of the elevator and stared at the number 13 button.

‘Is he already home?’

She entered the elevator and pressed the 12th floor button.

She remembered when she was held by his chest and she felt like she could smell his cologne.


Shi Won exited on the 12th floor but didn’t move and stayed in front of the elevator. She looked at the stairs leading up to the 13th floor.


She took a shower after she got home and dried her hair before laying down on her bed to stare at the ceiling.

Shi Won blankly stared at the ceiling and remembered him pulling her chair really close to him along with his smile as he held her hand and pulled her body closer.

Shi Won turned her body and buried her face into her pillow. She furiously started beating up her bed.


She stopped moving and turned back around to let out a deep breath. She felt like laughing, but she was out of breath. She felt happy but also annoyed. She was currently going through a roller coaster of emotions.

“Ah! I keep on thinking about him! That man!”


Translator’s Notes:

[1] In Korea people bow to their elders/seniors/upper management when they greet and say goodbye.

[2] Spicy Rice Cakes – Tteokboki


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