SS: Chapter 34 and an Announcement

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Hey guys.

After an enlightening talk with Yoni, I’ve decided to forego translating in favor of trying to write my own novel. I am extremely thankful to myoniyoni translations and the team for being so awesome, shoutout to my editor Isleidir for being a champ, and for being so understanding about my decision.

This place gave me my start in the field of online literature. Writing my own work has always been my dream. Thank you for your support up till now, I appreciated every comment and like.

Here’s one last chapter before I go, Chapter 34.


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  1. … I have this urge to scream “Nooooo!!” as everyone else but since you’ve been translating an awesome novel such as this I thank you for translating until now and…
    Please link for your novel, I’m missing interesting english novels.

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