Spirit Sword

Novel: Spirit Sword (스피릿 소드)

Author: Kim Jungryul (김정률)

Translator: Warriormonk

Editor: Isleidir

Status: Dropped

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Author Synopsis:

Two men explosively conquer a continent!!

Luke Esteban, while on his way to retirement after serving in the military for five years, is ambushed by Orcs and taken prisoner.

The Orc warrior Kurotan reveals the secret of the Orcs to the imprisoned Luke and beseeches him for help.

The secret? A god has bestowed a ‘spirit sword’ that can absorb souls unto his endangered tribe.

A sword that can transfer an Orc’s soul into the body of a human.

“Help me become human, and I will lift my axe for you for the rest of my days…”

Table of Contents:

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[WL: Chapter 1]

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  1. I dunno if I should start reading this… does anyone have any suggestions? The synopsis kinda makes me shake my head because if I were the mc I wouldn’t want to help the orcs.

    1. Hard to say, its weird, the mc doesnt want to help them either, he still had his reservations untill he sees how stupid are the orcs in a good way, like how they always say stuff without hidden meanings or when the otc helps the mc to become stronger without hiding even the most important secrets, i want to explain it in more depth but its too compicated and hard to do without saying any spoilers. I would recomend you to give it a shot!

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